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  1. For me it depends on the size of the board. If it is a small board (3 ring) I don't like using them because they can have a big impact. If you hit some bad ones, the other players are close enough to capitalize on your bad situation. Or you could use them and filter out most of the nasty ones. With a larger board though, I prefer them. As BigKahuna mentioned, I really like the exploration and risk it adds, and if you hit a few real bad ones, hopefully your neighbors are far enough away you can recover without too much trouble.
  2. I'm going with Sigmazero13 on this one. Page one of FAQ defines combat roll as he stated. Therefore: Hylar V Assault Laser gives +1 for Destroyers and Carriers, so: Anti-Fighter Barrage would hit on 8's Automated Defense Turrets give +2 and an additional die only on AFB, so: Anti-Fighter Barrage would hit on 6's and roll 3 dice for each destroyer. After the AFB, they will only hit on 8s again.
  3. My basic solution is no drinks on the table with the game. I tried the no drinks within certain distance, but that got a little hectic trying to clear game pieces out of the way of a fast expanding spill. I usually play in an area with a lot of small tables or counters around so its usually not an issue. A friend of mine has small TV tray tables that a couple of people share for their drinks.
  4. Excellent, thanks for the replies. Looks like another game on my wish list now.
  5. I've seen Vermillion post a few times and I've tried to see where you guys play since I live in Columbus, but you don't seem to post that :-P I'd be willing to give sealed or draft a try though.
  6. I've read a few reviews on this game, and being a fan of cooperative games (Shadows over Camelot), I thought I might give this a try. However, does anyone have any feedback from players that haven't seen the show? Can a group of people that aren't fans still wish to play this game?
  7. Hello all, was hoping to get some feedback on a question I have. Is the UFS CCG good for sealed/draft play? I've always enjoyed CCGs except that, like most gamers, I have a bit of a obsessive compulsive tendency towards strategy games. With CCGs this is evidenced by my excessive purchasing of cards. I got back into CCGs with VS system during the Infinite Crisis and Heralds sets and what I liked most was both of those sets seemed great for sealed and draft play. I would say I got more enjoyment out of sealed than constructed. I tried out World of Warcraft sealed play, and it just didn't seem to work as well. It seemed constructed was where the game really shined. What are people's opinions about sealed play with UFS? Is there any prize support for sealed play? I'll be attending GenCon Indy and Origins and if sealed play works well, I might try a tourney or two. Thanks for any feedback.
  8. Just to clarify the point further, always remember the target of an action: is it a player or character? As stated earlier, the owner of an assassinated character acts as if he never picked a character that turn, hence they cannot be targeted by anything that targets a character (the example in the rules is the Thief being unable to steal from assassinated character) If the Warlord card stated, "You may pay to destroy one character's district of your choice." Then you could not target the assassinated character districts because they never got the chance to have a character. However, the Warlord character has no such restriction, he just targets districts. And since the Bishop was assassinated, the player who picked him cannot claim the Bishop's special ability because technically, he never got the chance to be the Bishop that turn. The exception on the King is in place to prevent someone from going first all the time. (i.e. always picking the Assassin and killing the King)
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