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  1. Around the 10 minute mark, there was a turn where archived cards were drawn. I don’t think all of the cards in the archive were picked up. “During step 2 of a player’s turn, after they select an active house, the active player is permitted to pick up all cards in their archives and add those cards to their hand.” Question: should all archived cards have been picked up, or can you pick and choose (saving some archived cards cards for a subsequent turn)?
  2. I’ve read on BGG that Bait and Switch is limited to one per deck. I tested that statement using the link on dperello’s post, and I couldn’t find any decks with 2 copies. Admittedly I’m prone to user error, so I could have searched incorrectly and there could be decks with more than one copy. I’d really hate to play against those if they exist...
  3. Sorry to mention a competitor or if this has already been addressed in another post. Is there a central website, similar to the WizKids Event System, where someone can easily find tournaments based on their location? This would be useful for more than just Destiny for me. I also (poorly) play the SW LCG and AGOT, and a central location for finding all FFG events would help tremendously. I am not good with hunting down info
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