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  1. I have the catacombs expansion as well and was looking for a list to split that out of the main game. I'll try on BGG.
  2. I have two copy's of the old GW game, these have been merged into one big set with regards to all the cards. Also some cards have been lost and so on. So i was hoping that some one might have a card list for the old game or that the new and old had the same card list and someone could tell me that. So i'm looking to have one complete set.
  3. I think that if they did all the WFB race's then alot of the flavour of these race's would be lost due to the fact that it's a card game. As a skaven fan I'd love a capital board but more over I'd love a WFB card game that work's. I'm sure the decision to use the six factions wasn't done without thought, it might even be based on the sales of the factions for WFB, but the game is still young and it might be something they do in the future.
  4. Just a quick question, what's a good break down of the different type of cards in a deck? I have been running with about 24-28 unit's, and 12-16 support and the rest tactic card's.
  5. After reading though quite a few decks and looking at others else where, I can see that Quest cards do not feature much. My group are getting to that stage where we are starting to build decks, and we used the Quest cards as development cards and also, as we put units in our Quest zone it made sense to give then something else to do. So my question is, do most people include Quest cards in their decks and if not why?
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