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  1. on a charge during square up they can automatically form up around the back flank of the unit they are charging....
  2. it may have become FFGs signature movement system, but I believe it was around quite a while before FFG started using it.
  3. unless your opponent dialed in a charge in which case it is to your advantage to close it.
  4. 8 bloodrage conduits with 8 2X1 berserker units..... lol I think it would be aweful but now I have to try it at least once.
  5. well, for example, the old runewars board game would not be compatible, it involves a few units that would not translate well into the miniature games army. a more compatable system might be something where instead of units, armies are represented on the board with a strength level, or tier. (maybe 1-5) and each tier could translate to 50 points in the miniature game.
  6. maybe wishful thinking but I am hoping for an announcement of a new edition of the runewars board game that is compatible with the miniature game. to be released next year of course.
  7. well I'm still hoping it will be released as a new edition of the runewars board game. I had so much fun with mighty empires back in the day I would love this.
  8. there hasn't been anything announced as far as I know. although I keep hoping that a year or two down the line we will see a new edition of the runewars board game that could be used as a campaign system. kinda like the old mighty empires was for WHFB. I would love to see it.
  9. All uniques are designed to be used with 1 unit so i doubt we will see a generic unique untill we get generic units.
  10. As a side note I would love love love to see a new edition of the runewars board game that was designed to integrate with the runewars board game. Would be so awesome. Almost like Warhammer fantasy and mighty empires back in the day
  11. You have to finish moving before squaring up. So if you can clear the friendly base and collide with the enemy before squaring up your fine. Hope that made sense
  12. With only undead upgrades the flesh rippers unique slot will be useless
  13. How has this worked for you? It seemed slightly too bendy to me but I admit I haven't tried it
  14. Oh no you don't. I was just in a hurry I don't mean to sound short. I didn't have the card or anything so you have more information than I do.
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