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  1. With the lack of renewal of FFG's license to use Games Workshop's stuff, it has been said that this forum will likely be closed down. Can we get confirmation and a date of this happening from the people who run/moderate this forum? It's a shame this much good stuff will be lost. Is there anyway to at least archive this, even if new discussions/posts cannot be created, after this forum is terminated? Thanks, -J
  2. I know this is an old thread. And, I know it takes time to write this stuff up. But, I'm really hoping you have a bunch of text files you can copy and paste to fill in what has happened since the group's introduction. I also admit that I will likely steal your idea of recording the exploits of my group via some underling of their head inquisitor. That is such a grand idea, as it allows you to give voice to the errors of everyone, including the inquisitor. Bravo on your work thus far. Hope there is more. -J
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