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  1. Isn't the Onager class from The Rise of Skywalker? I heard the red blast hitting the planet surface is from the Onager. Then again I heard it's The Emperor's ship so still Imperial really.
  2. So next expansion then? Quick turn around for Armada.
  3. Super Star Destroyer is here and the upcoming Starhawk and Ohnager Class are very welcome. So is it reasonable to expect the Dreadnought from The Last Jedi to show up?
  4. How will they incorporate Resistance? First Order fine. They have First Order Stormtroopers. But Resistance? Crait Troopers? Funny Speeders? With Red Smoke trails.
  5. I'm waiting for Resistance and First Order so I can buy my Rose Tico Operative Expansion. Rose Tico, she save what she love, she work behind pipes all day. Rose Tico.
  6. I'm talking about my appearance in game.
  7. Trandoshan Hunters Like Bossk? Have a whole unit of Bossk people!
  8. This might be in the rulebook or in the cover thread but I will ask here anyway for simplicity. If you are in cover do you get the cover when being hit by an attack from a command card such as Leia or Veers?
  9. Rose Tico. Get her out of the potato sack she's nice. When she's in the First Order uniform she looks like one of the soldier girls from a Korean military might video.
  10. It's difficult to say as all of them are good and competently made but none are great. so, 1-2. Rogue One/The Last Jedi 3. The Force Awakens 4. Solo
  11. It's balanced enough. By the sheer fate of game design you don't have good cards, units or ships without there inherently being bad ones by comparison.
  12. I don't know if it's weird but 5 Victory Class-1 Star Destroyers with Motti.
  13. Sandtroopers. On dewbacks!
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