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  1. Why is MWM a blue character? Because he clicked on this thread.
  2. I'm much in favor of multiplayer for the same reason I like it in my Thrones. Both are very "multiplayer" settings. Like, Star Wars is a two-player battle of light side versus dark side, and most of the games based on it, FFG-era and earlier, have reflected this in their designs. But Legend of the Five Rings is all about alliances and intrigues, an eternal war over the souls of mankind that most of said mankind thinks is mere myth and self-aggrandizement by the Crab Clan, while in the shadows you have the secret society known as the Kolat: an entirely human-based but no less dire threat to the Empire, who think the gods are tyrants and that humanity should be free to govern itself. Bottom line: What makes L5R such a compelling setting is how multifaceted it is, and restricting it to a two-player game (even as much as I agree that this should be the default tournament format) would be a great shame given the opportunity presented by the reboot.
  3. "There's no play experience here, unless you've brought it with you!"
  4. The back of the T-shirt reads, "Fulfill Your Destiny." In Palpatine's voice, no less!
  5. Sometimes I wonder where we would be today if the first CCG ever designed had been total crap.
  6. You don't have to be a baseball fan to like the Cubs. Tony Almeida's Cubs mug is one of the most popular characters on 24!
  7. Oddly enough I had the opposite reaction, which was that while I liked the mechanics of SWCCG, it felt too slow and methodical to bring out the feel of the Star Wars saga. But when they took a proprietary IP and rebranded the game with it, I was hooked. Then they got embezzled to within an inch of their life and had to pretty much close up everything they were doing. But WARS was fantastic for the five or six minutes we got to play it.
  8. A free-for-all mode might be fun. It wouldn't be very thematic, but neither is having Ren and Dooku team up, so I say the more the merrier!
  9. Heheh I see what you did there. It took me several times reading through to understand what the OP meant.Which is what, exactly? Kylo is whiny, sure. But I don't understand what is making him a princess.EDIT: Is he saying that he doesn't like Rey, thus because Kylo likes Rey (albeit in a disturbing dark-sided way), he doesn't want to play Kylo?
  10. Even so, it does seem like it will satisfy in the same way, but with actual strategy moreso than mindlessly blasting enemy characters.
  11. Not to mention there may or may not be a deeper meaning to the "There has been an awakening" line that goes beyond the events of TFA and into the saga as a whole. Speculation on this point is very much a thing, with fans believing Anakin may have also been an awakening of the Force. Hard to say for sure at this point, though.
  12. Kind of like how we see the Rebels win the Battle of Endor, and while we don't actually witness the occupation of Coruscant and liberation of the galaxy, we're able to assume pretty much what happens.
  13. And this is why dystopic forums with fascist mods are sometimes the better place to be for discussion.
  14. So one could argue that the OP is talking about themselves specifically, and not the community as a whole.
  15. Really hoping Beach Trooper isn't their official title.
  16. It's not until I saw him up close that I noticed: Luke looks a little terrified on his card. There's none of that solemn determination that marked his character's growth in Jedi. Still, phenomenal art all around. This game could easily replace the LCG among non-players who just love collecting Star Wars artwork.
  17. Also Millennium Falcon. Same art, same title.
  18. I understood that. I'm saying that regardless of what Disney decides to do with Legends content, FFG can't act on it until that information is either publically available, or shared privately with FFG.
  19. I've always thought a map of the galaxy far, far away would be fun for Star Wars gaming. Way more flavorful than a bunch of little dudes standing on Kylo Ren versus a bunch of little dudes standing on Yoda.
  20. While I do agree with you, none of that is FFG's call, and from my personal standpoint, if it's going to be strictly canon, I wouldn't want them to venture into uncharted territory with characters that might never reappear. A consistent approach is my bread and butter when it comes to this sort of thing.
  21. The larger ones are sized for X-Wing, JSYK. They're pretty massive.
  22. You can get "First Order" and "Kylo Ren" playmats through the webstore. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/fantasy-flight-supply/products/kylo-ren-gaming-mat/
  23. Well, of the material in the first set, it appears to be based on canon material, but with liberties taken in that some of the artwork depicts characters not seen in the movies but who might exist somewhere in the galaxy.
  24. TTS would be great to see here. Though theoretically you should be able to proxy this game almost as easily as any other CCG. Just keep a few generic six-sided dice around, maybe in a few different colors so that they're easy to tell apart.
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