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  1. I'm open-minded enough to continue to pursue it and see what becomes of the game. When I say i am not fond of rank and file I mostly mean I don't like the tactical inflexibility and the "look" of big blocks of soldiers on the table top. I am, however, willing to give any game a chance if it's good. I don't understand how dials and predetermining what a unit does is more strategic than not having something telling you what to do as the table changes and decisions need to be made. It doesn't seem all that flexible, but i have next to zero exposure (other than a demo at a con video) to explain it. I've always been a huge fan of skirmishy/coherency style games (40k, warzone, AoS), but if a game is really good, and the minis are nice, I will give it a shot. Hopefully, they come out with more interesting armies. I read in another thread they (meaning FFG) are not great at continued support of a game, so that worries me and gives me pause.
  2. The command dials, until i get more exposure to them and how they work, are a huge turn-off. It seems like you set your unit's command and you're stuck with that one or two things. What if the battlefield changes before that unit activates and you need to shift their purpose? I prefer as much flexibility as possible. I am not one for rank and file games, but Kings of War is another well-established system that works really well. I'm also not huge on the turning templates, but i (sort of) get it with a game of this type.
  3. Tuivel said: Hi all! I just discovered the MC universe and this fine game a few days ago and really liked it. It would be to bad if it went out of production this fast. With warzone long gone before i even knew it existed, there's not really an alternative for shoving cool MC Minis around at the moment... Did FFG develop this game, or do they only distribute it? I mean AT-43 got dropped by FFG too, and everyone said it's as good as dead. And now it's seems to be back to stay, with other distributors and sponsors. Is there a chance MC could pull of the same, or is it really dead and gone the instant FFG decides to stop it? I have followed this game since before release and was thrilled to hear about it, then i saw the sale and the style and was saddened. Not saying FFG hasn't tried to make a good game (I have'nt played it so i can't comment) BUT I am an old school Warzone player, and frankly I wish Thom would have had more time/money to put into Warzone (not really sure of the exact circumstances i just know Paradox pulled it form him). I know because of all the starts and stops of Warzone over the years that we will never see it in the format i so dearly love again, but i am still trying to rebuild my old Brotherhood army. Not to slam on FFG but speaking of brotherhood... The new Nikodemus fig..UGGH! I wish they could have just made a new version of the old Warzone fig... NO HELMET! He was one of the bessed figs (along with Blessed Vestal Laura). Oh and FIRST POST!
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