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  1. Mua-dib no longer needs weirding module.
  2. So I've heard there will be a team USA at ETC, and ffg euros. Do you know who?
  3. He's winning every third, so he'll loose Next one, and then win another.
  4. So, in Eindhoven sos, about 145 Players, 4 juke (actually, one with crack) phantoms won in the finals against kylo/hate, blackout trickshot and midnight..
  5. Red Xwings might be good, depending on how prominent TIE/ln or bomber swarms are. They all are In2, whilst rebel generic aces are at 3 (blade/red/green/gold). Still looking for decent arc list. My current pick is Sharra/Norra and Moldy Kyle. Also hull upgrade on low Ag ships seems like good pick in rebel squads. Better than the regen, at first look.
  6. Don't worry guys. We should get a new FAQ 2 weeks before worlds, to shake things up. Also, like you said. There are couple of guys performing well in this current meta, but they are isolated cases, like: Fenn Rau (Protectorate Starfighter) + Push the Limit + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters Guri (StarViper) + Intensity + StarViper Mk.II + Virago + Autothrusters + Advanced Sensors + Contraband Cybernetics Thweek (StarViper) + StarViper Mk.II + Autothrusters or Captain Nym (Scurrg H-6 Bomber) + Bomblet Generator + Twin Laser Turret + Veteran Instincts + Boba Fett + Extra Munitions + Harpoon Missiles + Guidance Chips Sol Sixxa (Scurrg H-6 Bomber) + Cluster Mines + Cluster Mines + Havoc + Twin Laser Turret + Debris Gambit + Accuracy Corrector + R4-E1 + Extra Munitions + Experimental Interface (100) or Fenn Rau (34) Push the Limit, Concord Dawn Protector, Autothrusters Thweek (35) Plasma Torpedoes, StarViper Mk. II, Autothrusters, Virago, Fire-Control System, Glitterstim Dalan Oberos (29) Veteran Instincts, Cruise Missiles, R5-TK, Guidance Chips
  7. Top 8 all rebels I think except for ghost fenn, every list had Miranda & tlt in it.
  8. Excerpt from a review from Warsaw regio: "13/18 ships from top8 had tlt, and 11 were capable of dropping bombs. There was one ship, that fires only in its standard front firing arc, and it was phantom docked at ghost" XD
  9. So there is a funny discussion on UK/EU X-wing group. Some highlights: Good Morning May I share with you recent Polish Community rule problem with the newest Tractor beam rules interpretation: According to the newest SoS Judge team (drawing attention of Vince Kingston) ruling, you cannot put ship on the obstacle with tractor beam barell roll, if the manevouer template overlaps this obstacle, because rule says explicitly that only ship can overlap, but template is not mentioned. So according to RAW tractor beam is terribly nerfed. Nobody thinks about RAI, which is commonly accepted atittude. So my friends......WHAT ABOUT DASH? Dash can ignore obstacles, but his manevuer template cannot!! -------------- The important argument bought up on Polish Group was "Stunned Pilot" and ruling about it in FAQ. It clearly indicates that when card says "you" it means "Ship" not the manouver. ------------------ So for now, we got few situation to settle, and i think without help from ffg itself we are a bit hopless here. 1. Tractor beam. 2 Dash. 3 Scum Nym and his bomb. 4. If 1 is true, then what about collision detector? Can we tractor beam ship with collision detector, throug the asteroid? 5. Anything else? ----------- Go!
  10. Another regio in Poland won by Imperials! Katowice, 54 people. Winner: Slaan SlaanFire (100) •"Quickdraw" (36) - TIE/SF Fighter Draw Their Fire (1), Fire Control System (2), Sensor Cluster (2), Special Ops Training (0), Lightweight Frame (2) •Test Pilot "Blackout" (37) - TIE Silencer Trick Shot (0), Fire Control System (2), •First Order Vanguard (2), Autothrusters (2) •"Deathfire" (27) - TIE Bomber Harpoon Missiles (4), Cluster Mines (4), Long-Range Scanners (0), Extra Munitions (2)
  11. Yorr, Omega Leader, Zeta Leader, Countdown and Wampaaa.
  12. Lowrick - Draw Their Fire, C3PO, Tactician (34) Nien Numb - VI, R3A2, Integrated Astromech, Primed Thrusters, Black One (34) Wedge Antiles - Crack Shot, Flight Assist Astromech, Integrated Astromech (31) If something lands before you - it probably gets double stressed, and then dies horribly. Lowrick keeps the other two guys alive.
  13. Rejoice! The latest mutation of the cancer has fenn with stressbot to counter the counter.
  14. Finals gonna be Howard aces vs ghost r3a2 fenn.
  15. Behold, this list won regio in poland (50 people) Dengar + Expertise + Maul + Counter-Measures + Punishing One Asajj Ventress + Lone Wolf + Latts Razzi + Glitterstim + Glitterstim (100) First you use Expertise, then reroll blanks with maul. If you rerolled to focus, and you have a spare token, you can use it. Plus it works on both shots if you hit with the first one. Not using K4 means, you have open dial, and you can turn right, and sloop and barrel roll etc.
  16. From what he told it is 60/40 maul vs k4. With Maul you can keep your dial open (sloop+barrel roll for example). You can mod both shots, and if you have focus, you can always spend that for dice rerolled by maul. Also if someone stresses you, you may drop that stress if you hit.
  17. Dengar + Expertise + Maul + Counter-Measures + Punishing One Asajj Ventress + Lone Wolf + Latts Razzi + Glitterstim + Glitterstim (100) This list won Regio in Poland (50 players). Maybe jumpmasters will save us for the third time?
  18. 5 1 8 854 4.52 Fenn Rau + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Concord Dawn Protector Torani Kulda + Contraband Cybernetics + Veteran Instincts + Guidance Chips + Cruise Missiles Thweek + Glitterstim + Autothrusters + Fire-Control System + StarViper Mk.II + Virago (98)
  19. Trandoshan Slaver YV-666 Dengar, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, Contraband Cybernetics 34 pts Karthakk Pirate #1Scurrg H-6 Bomber Extra Munitions, Harpoon Missiles, Autoblaster Turret, Boba Fett, Long Range Scanners 33 pts Karthakk Pirate #2 Scurrg H-6 Bomber Extra Munitions, Harpoon Missiles, Autoblaster Turret, Courier Droid, Long Range Scanners 32 pts
  20. No, unfortunately. Check out youtube - rey/poe or han/poe is fairly popular build, maybe there are some videos.
  21. Small regio in Tricity, Poland, 35 people http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3852 Winner - Expertise Rey + Regen Poe Runner Up - Dash/Nym
  22. Polish meta will save you. Also I think we will have a problem with Nymranda if they win 5 system opens, like paratannii last year.
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