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  1. I can't agree with Ktom interpretation. As naval enhancement are new there is a chance they aren't consistent with the rest of the mechanics of the game, but until we see a Faq, we have to interpret them with what we know. If some card effect would ask me to count the number of icons on my participating characters, I would count the icons currently active on the card, ie: as printed, but with the relevant effects aplied, as an example, if you use an icon removal effect during a challenge (useless, yeah), i would not count that icon. By Ktom's ruling, a card with the text: "Choose a participating character with 2 naval enhancements, that character gains renown." cannot be played. But I think it would be possible, the same if the card text asked about icons: Ie: Choose a participating character with a Mil and Int icon, that character gains renown. I guess as you cannot be participating at the same time in two challenges, asking for 2 different icons during a challenge would be impossible, but we know by Direct Assault that it is posible, indeed. Victarion effect is counting the number of characters with enhancements, not enhancements to the current challenge, not any other thing. I can't find any other effect in the game that cares about active or inactive things, and I have no doubt than Vic ability could be intended to work that way, but as printed, if you have a character with a Mil enhancement, another with Int and another with a power one, i'd rule you are participating with 3 characters with enhancements, regardless of the kind of challenge.
  2. I think limited to x blocks it's a great idea. It will shake the meta like no new cards, and even with the slight rebalancing that creates each new FAQ, it's hard not to admit deckbuilding is getting a bit stale. Anyway, I think the game can surely support more formats, I mean, other games manage to have as much as four formats coexisting. It currently supports a really poor one like Melee, talking from the competitive standpoint. I gladly choose to play a limited to 2 or 3 blocks instead of Melee at every big tournament (Regionals, Stahleck and the like), even without getting to design any cool champion card Being all the tournament scene community based as it already is (how many % of tournaments are organized by FFG?), I think if the format proves to be fun and balanced, which isn't clear yet, it may get popular real quick. So why don't we try it, at Stahleck for example?
  3. I don't think it's too dangerous for the KotHH to face FoW first turn, you wont get no one killed (don't play a char), you won't have no power removed, as you have 0 at the beginning, and you might lose 2 cards from hand, depending on the rival setup and your counters (Flame Kissed for Targ, Red Vengeance, Cyvasse, etc for Martell), so the rival is aiming at 3 unnopossed and little more. The worst part is you might have lost a good plot, and depending on more factors, you might be facing a T2 Rule By Decree, now that hurts . On the plus side, you might have less cards in hand and Rule (if you play it) might benefit you. On the other side, as KotHH usually wants to play lots of card in a single turn (events, ambush chars, martell draw after play chars, etc) FoW does a huge damage in any other round but the first.
  4. It should be noted those tournaments are from Madrid, so it's not exactly Spanish Meta. Anyway, thanks for collecting the data . Here you have other stats from more Spanish tourneys, in Spanish, tough. http://ciudadeladeantigua.blogspot.com.es/search/label/Análisis%20del%20Entorno
  5. Well, every deck you can show will have few attachtments and will try to be optimized for setup, that's a fact. But, I guess Zeller's deck wasn't aiming at a too short game, else he wouldn't play 3xBear Island and 2xHarrenhal, those being at the slow side of the curve. Further analysis show us he just played 7 characters at costs 0-1, while at the same time he runs 16 characters of cost 3 or more. He runs 10 events too, so while I think this is a perfectly fine deck, I think too it isn't a good example of a really strong deck at setup, note he isn't using any street, a staple at setup. He can make a good one and play the events, but he can make a slower one and work his way to the victory. If this is an example of how little interactive the game is beginning to be... then I think i don't get the point. Your Bara deck gets a similar analysis, 6 limited locations, only 6 locations al 0 cost, 10 events... The presence of See Who Is Stronger suggest you didn't expect to win by round 2, else you wouldn't be wasting slots on slow cost 1 limited reductors and events, while you could be playing non limited 0-cost reducers and having bay of ice instead of the See. Those choices, favoring a faster game, would argue your point, we gamers are increasing deck speed at all costs. But choices you made tell me you tought otherwise. So... what's the point, again? Aggro builds are built to endure the first turn, as they know they can't hope to win by turn 2 or 3 most of the time. Maybe Valar isn't what it was before Search&Detain, and aggro has become more popular as a consequence, but I'm not really seeing a 2-players solitaire game here.
  6. Thanks for the explanation . My comment was aimed at noticing this is not the usual outcome, you can include every cost 0 ans 1 available to you, still you won't average a five cards flop if you start using another powerful cards like Meera (yeah, I'm thinking Stark, as they have Hungry Mob, no quarter and crest to play Die by the Sword), northern cavalry flank, frozen solid, blackfish, etc. If you are not including those powerful cards, then you can't play Die nor Price, as there are no war crest at cost 0 or 1. Assuming you indeed are playing and paying those cards, then your setup cannot guarantee board advantage against a random deck. If you have into account the slots you use in events, the outlook start looking even worse. Then you start accounting for the high % of characters in deck to minimize the chance of not drawing a char in a 2 draw turn (the usual one with stark, or are you devoting deck space to draw too?) and the result is you can't reliably play 2 events on the first turn after winning a mil challenge while meeting the events restrictions (war or unique char). And we're not considering the rival, why can't he win the challenge? why can't he remove the crest char? why shall he has 2 good non-limited locations ready to his price? why hasn't he played a plot that can protect him? So my point is, those decks don't perform well so shouldn't have any weight while talking about competitive play, which is not dictated by those plays. Now, if you are talking about a well built Stark siege deck, with maybe 5 events, getting that strong play on a game, well, that happens, but not often enough to the point of warping the game.
  7. I see some incoherence in that analysis: If Aggro deck are winning cause they can play 2/3 powerful events in first round, how are they getting good setups? being setup the main phase of the game, as your post defends, WWDrakey. I don't think a deck can average good setups (5 cards or more) with icon variety and a good number of events, so that situation shouldn't be happening often enough. It would suck to have such environment, but we are not there. I think restricted list as is right now is working well. If Targ is a problem, having some ease to play Feast+Threat, then the simple solution should be to add one of those to the restricted list, if they still are a problem, restrict both, if Burn is still problematic then try restricting flame kissed, and so on. The restricted list has a deeper impact over the game that it seems. Let's pick Martell as an example. Martell has been getting restrictions with each faq during last year, to the point you know Martell will "never" run fury, val, fear, etc. Those restrictions actually limited the chance of having theme deck playing at high level. You could try, before restricted list, a Martell Aggro with Knights of the Realm, Fear, VBlade, Bannersmen, Narrow, etc. It was weaker than standard summer build, but it was still good. You remove Fear, Vblade, Bannersmen and narrow and you have now no chance of making a good deck with Dayne/Knights. Op suggest a downgrade in power affecting all the houses, this way, as the previous deck won't be facing hyper optimal builds, if can have a chance. But whatever the restrictions are, there will always be a hyper efficient build, and by having the general efficiency toned down I can only see the gap between decks widening, as some themes need too many cards in place to be viable and others don't, so we will be like at the start of the game, having Lannister winning just cause the other houses can't even try to draw, or another unfair, no fun, advantage, like being unable to discard location. This said, I can see how playing against an efficient control build, well piloted, isn't fun for a newbie. Competitive control decks (haven't seem a competitive rush tier 1 build in years) live on not allowing the opponent do nothing, so if the control get his lock there is usually no way back, but there is some space in deck designing to look for potencial problems and include disruption against those locks. Any aggro deck can run fear, hand's judgement, forgotten plans, etc. The same as control can run Loyalty, Shadows and spiders, etc. The tools are out there for all of us.
  8. General Questions: Which House or Houses got all the love? Targ, we got 4 cards way more efficient that any other one seen before in the house. Jorah, Daario, Meereen Tourney Grounds and Meraxes. Stark and Greyjoy got some cool toys to pley with. Which House or Houses got the shortest stick? Lannister and Baratheon, as usual. Did you like the two new keywords? (Joust and Melee) Yeah, they weren't used too much, but almost all jousters are good cards, and Melee is more powerful than it seems. Do you lke the direction that the game has develop in this CP set? The game hasn't changed a lot with this cycle, most of the cards works along past mechanics, but this is cool, no wasted cards in boring neutral themes, like Wildings, Brotherhood or Maesters. Card Awards and Medals [Optional - Feel free to nominate any/all/none]: Sansa Award (Worst card in the set) : Bara tourney grounds. Balerion Award (Best card in the set): Meereen Tourney Ground. Ned Award (Most thematic card in the set): Lyanna missed a Stark/Targ dual affiliation, so I pick The Red Viper. Shagga Award (Card with the most jaw-dropping effect in the set): Corpse Lake. Just wow! Renly Award (Card with the best art in the series): Lots of nice art in this cycle. Meraxes, Loras, Vendor of Venoms, Dragonstone Convert... Hot Pie Medal (Granted to an adorable but utterly useless card): Sorrowful men. Jaime Medal (Granted to a very efficient card that ends up ultimately being hated): Meereen Tourney Grounds, best Targ card ever. Kettleback Medal (Granted to a card that was greatly hyped, but ultimately had very little impact): I'd go with First Snow of Winter, but almost every card is hyped so I tend to ignore it all around. Tyene Medal (Granted to a seemingly innocent, but very deadly card): A house divided. Euron Medal (Most controversial card in the set) : Meera, man, how many rules questions has she started alone?
  9. As we can see, the house having problems is Baratheon. And I think the problem is on their yard, not Ghaston Grey. But they have the tools to fight, indeed. Asshai decks can run Confession and Pyre of the False Gods, even Altar of Fire if you feel like winning intrigue. That's not a silver bullet, that's a build wich have been deeply reinforced by the Lanni box (Shadows and Spiders, Terminal Schemes) and it wasn't that bad a build prior to LotR. Sallador is crazy in house location control, expensive as hell and ally, sure. But Martell can't discard him as easilly, their only way to do it before he activates is dissention, and well, martell can't run cyvasse, condemmed, HciT, Paper Shield and Dissention, or they can, but they are paying for it in many ways (setup, unconsistent draw, etc), to prevent VB killing him, Bara can run Fiery Kiss and dupes, to maximize his presence they can run King Bob's Hammer and Marya Seaworth. Even Rush Builds could run 3x Dragonstone Watchtower to get easy points out of GG. My point is, I feel location control is more than enough, after Fleeing to the Wall and Favorable Ground, if you can't fight locations then it is a build issue, not a card pool one. Another neutral addition to the list, stronger than Condemned, or easier to play than Price of War or Favorable, would make Location heavy builds even more risky than they are now. And GG isn't even a location heavy build, just a star location build.
  10. I disagree with the affirmation than Martell become good after BotS and brotherhood. Just before the release of The Return of the Others (the cp with Val, BotFM, Mance, BotS...) we had the Spanish regional. It was won by Lannister but the finalist was Stukov with Martell, abusing Viper's Bannermen and summer (he played without agenda, Northern Cavalry Flank are that influent here). So i'd say Martell was very good just from the release of their Core. I disagree too with the idea that Martell is not popular in Europe, in Spain at least they are very, very popular. They had a finalist in last year regional, a champion this year, Stukov won the Italian regional bak in June with them, they won another tourney in March with 72 players, they won too many local Madrid tournaments, they play every weekend, but they are at least 20 people reaching 30 sometimes... so they have been the dominant house here. And the reason I see for the decrease in Martell performance is the restriction of the Viper's Bannermen. Other reason some people in Spain see is the end of summer as a dominant strategy, due to the rise of Greyjoy over the last chapters. They had an excelent draw, now they rely too much on Samwell and Valyrian Steel Link.
  11. Eu Bracket for me, zuranjef(At)gmail(DOT)com
  12. I'd just toke to point out that Martell won two weeks ago the Spanish Regional, and a pretty similar deck made 6-0 at Stahleck, so yeah, they are not outrageous, but they are as strong as they should. TVB in restricted list has been a really strong hot to the power level of the house. But a bit of draw for them could put them over everyone again, so I don't like to dismiss them.
  13. Not only Nedly, but the designer is clearly in the R+L=J camp, reducing strength isn't Stark at all . (Shaggydog does it, sure)
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