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  1. Stilgar said: You also need to remember the Natural bonus you gain each level. You get to choose one secondary skill in which you add the characteristic bonus. The pregen characters from the DM's toolkit factor this in. Note that in the new Core Exxet you receive two of these (one must be on a physical stat, one on a mental stat) per level, and also receive +10 to five secondary abilities of the player's choice each level.
  2. Is this still being worked on? It's a wonderful tool, would be a shame if not. Couple of things: It'd be great to have the Gaia skills added in Paladin's Social skills are listed at 2:1 when it should be 1:1
  3. Replying to my own post for any future comers.. After a fair bit of digging we bought the Light Starter Box with a few extra miniatures; with the aim to create a Church and Empire force. So we have incoming: Church Justina - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-justina (Dark, level 45) (Light Starter Set) Sister Evangeline - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-saint-evangeline (Light, level 50) Damien - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-damien (Neutral, 45) Empire Kronnen - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-kronen-roxxon (Light, level 40) (Light Starter Set) Janus - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-janus-faith (Light, 45) Wanderer Khaine D'elacreu- http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-khaine-d-lacreu (Light, 50) Tsubasa - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-tsubasa-kurokami (Neutral, 55) Faust - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-faust-orbatos (Neutral, 60) and if we were going to do Samael I guess we'd do something like: Samael Bael - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-bael (Dark, 45) (Dark Starter Set) Cheshire - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-dark-chesire (Dark, 50) (Dark Starter Set) Kairos - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-kairos (Dark, 45) Ophiel - http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-ophiel (Dark, 70) Feedback welcome as always
  4. Apologies for the small-necro, I didn't think it was worth starting a new thread Potentially looking to start playing with the wife and some other friends around here. Raith said: In the past I would have said grab the starter sets have a look over the rules and another figure based on its faction Light/Dark that looks cool to you and go from there but there are a few other options. A common suggestion seems to get a starter box + one more mini, to have a group of three for the first battles. However, I've seen it mentioned a few times that the balance between the Light & Dark starter sets isn't the best. Is this the case and, if so, what are the best alternatives to kick-off with? Examples: Light Starter Set + 1 mini 3 Dark Minis (any suggestions?) An Organization Starter Set + 1 mini Thanks in advance
  5. If you're comfy running Three Feathers with a new system then absolutely go for it I was suggesting 'A Day Late', or 'Eye for an eye' as you say, to get an adventure that doesn't need converting, shows the typical three-act structure and the like. The dice were definitely an issue aye, especially to begin with. Happily two of my players bought two sets of dice each - one set isn't really enough for one player it seems - and we're all set. For Enemy Within, there's a conversion thread on these forums you've probably seen. Should be good
  6. You sure didn't pick an easy adventure to start with Three Feathers is superb but notably hard to GM and, with a new system, you have the mechanics to worry about on top of that. If you're open to it, maybe consider starting with something that's very straighforward and acts as a mechanical tutorial - even if it's 'A Day Late'. Regarding the dice, I can only suggest you let your player's help with the narration (if you're comfy with that). Let them interpret the results and reward them when they do in a cool fashion. On pitfalls.. I expect you'll end-up with the same queries many GMs have hit; including social encounters, kiting etc. etc... Be ready to just wing it with what makes sense, have a think, then possibly take a look at some of the recurring discussions on here and finalise something for the future further down the line. Hope that's some help, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine. Your players are going to be in the same boat!
  7. If anyone's interested, we've been using a suggestion (from Nezzir) on firing into a melee engagement: No one likes accidentally hitting a friendly in combat. While accurate, it’s not a fun rule. But, you have to admit, it could be dangerous. Someone could lose an eye! One would assume that if one were firing into a melee that included friends, they would be very careful. Conservative [bB]: Firing into melee combat in a conservative state will cost one additional recharge to the action card used (due to the extra aiming time) and will incur a [bB] penalty. If the action has a zero recharge value, it will add 2 recharge tokens to the action card (essentially making it unusable for one turn as a recharge token is removed at the end of your turn). A miss is a miss unless the card states otherwise. Reckless [bB]: Firing into melee combat in a reckless state incurs a [bB] penalty to the shot. A miss is a miss unless the card states otherwise. Firing into a melee engagement in reckless stance will cause the party to gain 1 party tension It's been working well so far.
  8. Currently we have: Human Smuggler Dwarf Mercenary Human Zealot (more of a Witch Huntery type) Human Barber-Surgeon
  9. I reproduced the excellent rules Boris came up with on that thread at: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/ravensing/wikis/horses They may be in an easier format.
  10. I generally give 1xp/session, with a session being 3-5 hours. Eye for an eye took three sessions, and I gave them a bonus xp at the end, so they received 4 xp total for it.
  11. RumblebellySugarmedo said: A quick question about the advances box on the front of every career card. What does that mean? Are those: 1. The advances you must take if you are to complete your career and change to another? 2. The additional attributes you get when you advance to this particular career? 3. Suggestions on how to advance? I looked for clarification and couldn't find it. Thanks! So: - You need ten career Advances to 'finish' a career to the point where you cannot buy more Advances without switching career. - The Advances box are open advances, along with the Skills and Attributes, you can take to contribute towards completing a career. - For example, one (non-open) Advance is Wounds. If you had Wounds: 2 in your Advance box you could buy three wounds in the course of that career (1 compulsory, 2 open).
  12. I'll give a quick rundown of what my group is currently trying out. It's an extension of a quick system proposed by HedgeWizard some time ago. Bullet points: A single 'influence' is normally all that's required for a quick check/influence (e.g. does the barmaid like you?). A progress tracker, with multiple steps of influence, is required when changing an opponent's mind, or negotiating a lengthy topic (e.g. negotiating an audience with the King with his chamberlain, or persuading someone that it is worth him giving up his secrets this time). You must be clear what you are trying to 'get' from the conversation. If you are not trying to 'get' anything then a progress tracker is probably not needed. Only 'social' skills can normally change Influence. Supporting skills (e.g. education, lores) can aid social skills, but cannot influence themselves. The rules below attempt to make social action cards useful by usually being noticeably more effective than base skills. Only social actions can influence a target twice in one roll (e.g. Winning Smile). --- Social skills Roll modifiers: NPC is favourable to argument (e.g. matches motivation) = +1-3 fortune to current roll NPC is unfavourable to argument = +1-3 misfortune to current roll Use the following results for non-action card checks: 1 success = +1 fortune to next social check in encounter 2 successes = successfully influence target/encounter 2 boons = +1 fortune to next social check in encounter 2 banes = opponent gains +1 fortune to their next social check in encounter Chaos star = opponent gains 1 social defense (opponents add misfortune) for 1 full round. Non-social skills (/assists) Many non-socials skills – such as Education, Folklore, Nature Lore – can be used to ‘assist’ in a social action when they provide relevant information that can affect the argument. Non-social skills cannot normally in themselves influence a target. 1 success = +1 fortune to next social check in encounter 3 successes = +1 characteristic dice to next social check in encounter 2 boons = +1 fortune to next social check in encounter 2 banes = +1 misfortune to next social check in encounter, as the information delivered somewhat derails the conversation (”... Interesting, but anyway, as I was saying..”). So far, it's working ok, and feels relatively balanced with the social action cards.
  13. As an example of how it could play out, something like this? With the successful thwarting of the cultists plan, you venture up the old oaken staircase to see Lord Aschaffenberg one final time before departing. Hearing your footsteps along the creaking corridor he excitedly calls you in. Slightly dishevelled, he beams at you, and practically falls over himself showering you with compliments. Lord Aschaffenberg: Here is your payment as agreed. Oh, you can take this chest too. Party: Um, thanks. What's in it? Lord Aschaffenberg: No idea! The last noble left it here hidden in a corner. It''s actually gone slightly mouldy.. No idea what's in it, though it rattles a little when I shake it. Party: You haven't opened it? Lord Aschaffenberg: Well I'd need the key for that now wouldn't I! Party: So.. Any thoughts on how to open it? Lord Aschaffenberg: Hm. I did notice on the lock is some sort of locksmiths stamp, maybe you can track that down. By golly, it's a great big mystery isn't it. The stamp can easily be identified by one of the smiths in Ubersreik to be that of Alfricht Jaeger, based in Stromdorf. No-one knows too much about Alfricht but by all accounts he's a highly reclusive master locksmith, working on commission orders only - usually for the gold tier. Of course, this wouldn't have worked for my party who completely destroyed the lodge and fled with the screams of the dying behind them into the forest.. Bless 'em. Incidentally, in TGS there is a paragraph on transitioning from Eye For An Eye, which may be worth checking out.
  14. Is there any chance you could upload them somewhere else? I'd love to take a look but I'm registered on far too many forums already..
  15. Better late than never.. I just want to jump back to this thread and add that I used your system Bertolac and it worked wonderfully. Very much appreciated for the work and effort you put into this,
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