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  1. I definitely agree on the view that it's best that the game is hard. I never enjoy playing against a dumb opponent, but quite the contrary. The more you are forced to think of strategies, the tenser the game, and the most satisfaction once you beat a given scenario. I can't wait for this! I ordered my first on Amazon.uk (~£20), but knowing how they handle new releases, I have also ordered another copy from iguk (~£29).
  2. I got all the cd's along with the collector editions of the 3 movies years ago. And what can be more atmospheric than having the Uruk Hai's scimitar and the Legolas' knives hanging on your wall? A true LOTR collector.
  3. I've also stopped getting W:I battle packs. Waiting for the release of the new puppy!
  4. I'm the biggest fan of The Lord of the Rings (and hoard an extensive collection of books, coins, swords, etc.) and am looking forward to this game. The art looks beautiful, but there is something in the cards that grabs my attention... has anyone else noticed that most of the effects seem to be in the order of +1 or -1? Basically, adding or subtracting ones. I don't want the game to be an exercise in maths, what I'm looking forward is a game dripping with theme and flavour. If a character dies, I want to see why his/her death was heroic, rather than 'well, that was a -1 too many'. Just my thoughts. I'll wait and see.
  5. LEGAL. Why? Well, it was stated that everything released until 1-October would be legal, so this is a clear example of abiding by the rules. March of the Damned was released in the UK weeks ago, and anyway, for those complaining about not being able to create decks, I'm sorry, but the regulation above explicitly stated so. Unfortunate or not, the rules are the rules, IMO.
  6. I hope the Demon of the ancient world will be in the game. I can hear Gandalf the Grey's last words: 'Fly, you fools!'...
  7. Hi, what media did you use to paint it? PS I'm getting into drawing chibis (as an extra cultural dip for my Japanese studies).
  8. Mmm... FFG help us! <says I, retreating to the background> You are right, there's no allusion to choice whatsoever in that paragraph. Let's see what other people come up with.
  9. Let's suppose there is an attack, and 2 results of such: A) The defending unit is eliminated. B) The defending unit is still in play. Because the rules state '[...] the attacker determines whether his attack causes the target unit to retreat.' it's obvious that after any hits are applied, if there is no such unit left, there is no further choice, and thus the above sentence in the rulebook would be superfluous. In summary: Attacker attacks unit. Possible consequences: A) Defending unit is decimated. No further actions. B) After applying hits (if necessary) the defending unit is not destroyed. In this case, it's up to the attacker to decide whether or not the unit retreats. At least this is how I see it.
  10. Excerpt from the rulebook, page 21, top of the page: "Causing Retreats with Morale Results If the target was not eliminated when taking hits, the attacker determines whether his attack causes the target unit to retreat. An attack causes the target unit to retreat one hex for each result rolled (see “Retreating” on page 21 for more details)." I think it's obvious that this rule just demolishes all perceived/attributed 'issues' stated previously. The game is perfectly fine as it is, no need for house rules, but actually read the rulebook! PS Probably the fellows doing it wrong assumed the retreats worked exactly the same as they do in BattleLore, which is NOT the case.
  11. I will be there, as I was the first person to make a booking, months ago.
  12. mmm...the troll is out of town.... I was getting the mobs mobilised with the custom equipment: pitches and forks to thrash it out.
  13. Frank6 said: Thorin at Bilbo's home. Very nice. ... and Gandalf (Wand-Elf) just outside, maybe following regulations about smoking (pipe) in interior spaces.
  14. [...] " trying to fight the dragon will just get you fried". As it should.
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