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  1. I still have most of the modules for sale as well as the core set. I've got them up on ebay too. The only ones I have sold and no longer own are the sigmar, bright magic, and dreadfleet captains PoD's and Witch's Song. I still have: Core Boxed Set GM Toolkit Omens of War Signs of Faith Blackfire Pass Winds of Magic Lure of Power Hero's Call Creature Vault Shipping from Vancouver Canada. PM me if interested or check out ebay (my stuff is listed under the seller hirumatogeru). And next time, you all should start your own threads if you want to sell your stuff. Not impressed with those hijacking mine.
  2. Just shipped Witch's Song and 3 PoD's to Finland for $17.30 canadian, so shipping isn't as bad as I thought. That begin said, the rest of the modules remain on sale.
  3. Just to be clear, my prices are in Canadian dollars. 1 CAD = 0.708239 EUR
  4. @Thorfred I have the complete Lure of Power accessory, minus the original box. All the books and cards are there though and in perfect condition. I checked shipping and the cheapest surface mail I could find was about $19.54. So including shipping you'd be looking at about $50 total. @PadreBoniface I have all of those modules and would be happy to sell them to you, however, I'm in Canada so you'd be looking at about $58.77 for shipping. I could sell you all those modules for $130 total, plus shipping costs. I'll even throw in the PoD for Sigmar and Bright Magic for free. And I will need to see if Thorfred still wants Lure of Power.
  5. Someone from the UK asked for 5 of the modules and shipping came out to around $70 Canadian. That would go up or down depending on the number of items you wanted.
  6. Yeah, I hate to do it, but honestly this game will not see play again in my house. Not with my group fully invested in D&D 5E now. I might throw some stuff onto ebay as well if I can figure out their site well enough.
  7. I've got all of the following for sale and I will cut you a deal if you want more than 1 item. Keep in mind I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, so shipping can get expensive if you want more than a couple modules. Core Set $100 GM Toolkit $15 Creature Vault $25 Witch's Song $25 Signs of Faith $30 Winds of Magic $25 Omens of War $25 Hero's Call $30 Black Fire Pass $30 Lure of Power $35 Bright Order Magic, Faith of Sigmar and Faith of Shallya PoD's $2 each Dreadfleet Captains $5 With the exception of the core set, the modules are only missing their original boxes, but aside from that they are complete and their components have been double checked against the lists provided by FFG. I've only used the stuff for a total of 3 sessions, and then my group didn't like it any more. All the items are in perfect condition. It's just gathering dust in my den so if you want a good deal on this stuff please message me.
  8. I'm willing to sell all of my 3E stuff. It's all been opened but never used. I literally had no players that wanted to try it more than 1 session. I have almost all of the 3E stuff and it's all been sorted and ready to go. I threw out the boxes it came in, but I have all the bits and pieces, cards, books, dice, etc. Let me know what you're interested in and we can work out a price and shipping etc. I'm on Paypal so payment is quite safe via that service and I've already sold the Adventurer's Toolkit to a guy in Florida successfully using it.
  9. I could sell you my core set if you want? I literally used it once, and none of my friends were into it, so now it's just sitting in my closet gathering dust. I can totally beat the Amazon price of $184 too. PM me if you're interested or are still looking for it.
  10. Kartigan said: Wouldn't all of those things point to the game's cancelation, not a new edition? Why would they want to make a new edition of a game that isn't selling well? +1. I don't foresee any new editions for this game in the near future. I expect a few more PoD's and that's about it.
  11. I guess to each their own. I don't use any landscapes or battle maps and we barely have any combats so far so one set works for us, Plus I have two players using tablets now with dice apps so we only have 4 players that need to use the core dice. It does take them some time to assemble their dice pools, but in the end, I try to minimize the rolls anyways and use them only for those really important checks.
  12. I am not sure why you guys need so many dice? I have 6 players sharing the Core Set dice and we can play just fine. Granted I use a tablet to roll my GM dice, but aside from that, I think the core set dice are enough.
  13. I wouldn't bother with more dice if that's what they said. In my group, as the GM I use the following web dice roller on my android tablet at the table: http://home.comcast.net/~dcvdg/WFRP_dice_roller/dice_roller.html#roll This lets me get up and walk around the table if i like to look at each player's characters (I have 6 players currently) while I'm narrating or doing NPC dialogue. My player's love it because they never know what I'm up to when I'm looking over their shoulder (usually it's nothing ) I give my players the full set of core dice to use amongst them in the middle of the table. This way I have all the dice I could ever want on my tablet handy, and I don't have to reach over my GM screen for the dice.
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