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  1. I have two questions one vague the other less so. What have Gamemasters found to be a good keel for a campaign, something that keeps a quite powerful group of individuals on the same path or same page so to speak? Obviously this is the job of the Game Master but what if any devices have worked that were not exactly a campaign or a goal, but a "40k widget that kept things going along a smooth line of privateering in a setting not particularly fond of pirates? I have an idea for a keel, I feel it may be very good or very bad or both. The idea is for the Captain to know that in the fine print of his warrant of trade, dynasties old is a small agreement of large size. It was a pact that said Dynasty would deliver a bride to a groom, it was pages long and not that vague but written by an adept skilled enough to make hundreds of pages mean that this could mean many things, but was quickly forgotten. But as the game begins this favor is called in, and breaking the oath of this call would mean a war between a now much more powerful Dynasty and a much weaker one. So the Captain can tell whom he wishes to tell and whom he does not, what is soon to be found out is that the bride is Xenos (possibly Eldar), it is also made clear that this bride is no rush to meet her new groom to be and has the power to call about said hell on the RT in question if they get her there to quickly. This would put the RT in an obvious sticky situation, but if made clear enough that all the RT has to do is from time to time take direction from this bride things will move along much more smoothly. Obviously there a lot of things that can go wrong with this clever little plan, but I would also give the RT the opportunity to get rid of this cargo as quickly as he likes, BUT it becomes clear that upon getting his bride to the groom he will be awarded and make it clear HE WILL BE AWARDED REALLY PINKY PIRATE SWEAR with much more than PF or even a new ship, but an Eldar like map of webways a carte blanche of sorts to his Navigation in the future. Of course that map would be the new keel with a whole new set of said problems. Looking for input on both, like, "Yes that might work, but why not just make her human or seemingly human?". Please not, "Horrible, tried it was a nightmare." Point being even if you tried it and it failed in the most horrible way possible, dice were literally catching on fire, please if you can summon the power to retell it not only will I most likely laugh, I seem to learn so much from the mistakes of RT GM's who have braved the unknown than those who stuck with the tried and true proven module. Good day Sirs and Missus, blessed be your bolters and your warp just enough to get you to your destination....
  2. Thanks GAThraawn and the rest, but especially Thrawn the scope is the rub and I am glad the community exists so my players do not catch me before I call for a debate on the opening scene. Like you said the scale of a Galaxy throws earth scope intelligence keeping on a whole new level or rather pushes it back toward Romanesque military operation like theatres. Where collateral damage is written off as at least ten percent of all operations, most likely. And spies well they are spies and lie and you expect them to lie or at least pretend they know, which is oft how intelligence agencies must act today because of the size and scope intel has blown up to by creating so much white and black static to sift through. Trying to keep reign of a Galaxy even with speculative fiction equipment like Star Wars has means very little because the sheer amount of data is almost ridiculous to try and collect yet alone analyze. So I think at best it makes for a good start, but I seriously doubt that Jabba's death now would bring about anything than more chaos. If anything the Imperial's may just have to pull out, because the power brokering in the slave trade, spice dealing and worse is going to get very ugly. A good note to any smugglers or gamblers owing money to Jabba after his death, you are not going to sigh a big huge sigh of relief. Because the next owner of your debt is going to pick up your tab, and have the leverage to not care for your life and be able to ask why you were lucky enough to survive such a nasty mess, so now you due to unforeseen fees and interest you now owe double your obligation. There would be a mass exodus and influx of all manner of greedy dangerous gangs and Hutts. No, I seriously doubt a Age of Rebellion would rise out of the ashes of one dead slum lord squatting in abnormal brain case monastic spider machine sand blasted metal palace.... That did get lost in the mix, I was looking for some juicy obligation hooks that could come up with Jabba's death and around his retinue and palace. Thanks for all the references one and all. Again the forums come to the rescue!
  3. Thank you everyone for more than I could have hoped for. I am guess I am being paranoid, but if I had yet another Death Star in construction and there was even a whiff of yet another plan hatching I would place that planet basically on the next to test the power of the system upon. My point on the heavy hand would not be from Darth Vadar himself, as he is not a Navy man. I imagine he is not well liked much within the ranks, and any secondary officers in charge of Tatooine, would most likely upon hearing the news send a message up the chain of the command, making darn well sure that all this was done under their watch but was out of their jurisdiction and thus some other higher ranking officers' new problem and up and up the chain. Liken it to not to the death of an American Mobster, because "hopefully" the F.B.I. is doing its best the keep tabs on the situation and have informants and make sure nothing is getting to out of control or bloody, and even when it does get bloody they usually have a pretty good guess on who and why. But a international crime syndicate or cartel whose boss man and all his best men are quite nicely wrapped up in a little bow and dropped into a fiendish pit, and most doubtful it was a pleasure cruise gone awry are going to get that sinking feeling that things are not going as scripted. These are problems for the C.I.A., the real problems that the C.I.A., which would have to report this to Judicial and Legislative bodies it rather not because it makes them look blind and incompetent. It is not the killing of Jabba that throws things into chaos, but the killing of Jabba by unknown forces that is chaos. And chaos is bad unless certain agencies or governments understand this is just normal chaos that can be reasonably explained or guessed at. Although If there is no Imperial intel to report on why a major cartel boss and his men are massacred and even worse why such an untouchable is touched up on a "useless planet" it brings up more and more red flags. Thus the message going up the ranks is not ensuring anyone their job or likely career rise but worse much worse a fine force choking as a bonus would be lucky. I am taking the view of the Imperial Navy and normal human forces not the big boy force users that can "sense" who is doing what to whom. This would all "look" very very bad even in the Outer-Rim. That is why I believe the Navy would have to do more than send in recon, they have recon this is damage control with serious investigation. And even if they knew the why or whom? The how is another issue. Because the how is very very bad. This was not a hit, one boss man was not killed a lot of important people got killed. There was a lot of collateral damage, this would make not just the Navy and Empire flinch, the Hutt and every other crime syndicate would flinch. Why Jabba? Even if it gets around this is a rebel act, well why in damnation is the rebel forces focused on killing off the finest gangster in the Outer-Rim? This kind of perfect hit on an imperfect target makes people nervous and ask themselves why not me next and was it the rebels or what if it was another Hutt or the Black Sun or what if the Navy was tired of Jabba. No good answer would come after such a neat scrub job, many fingers would be pointing at many pies all full of nasty little holes. Even though it was by no means a hit, it was a rescue job. One that was so brass and brazen, I am sure the little group really felt no need to share even with other rebels the idea of what they just did, because these are rebels and might have had ties to the planet as well. It would not be something to brag about, bringing up even more real fear for people like Luke and his merry band of Hutt slaying smugglers and Wookies. It would be hard to convince a boss of the Black Sun that this had nothing to do with payback or something looming larger. It may have just been a very cool opening hook to a very cool movie but the fallout would be quite a mess. But at least I don't think the players will get bored and that is all that matters, especially if there is the slightest chance their brains may end up in a monastic mason jar....
  4. I would agree it is a small Outer Rim world of little value, but it is a symbol of rebellion. If a turf war raged on as something more, something fueled by the rebels themselves as the attack on Jabba would be obvious to all in the Empire, as a direct result of the rebel forces in one way or another. And Bobba Fett and Jabba's crew are no light arm of resistance in the Outer-Rim, he was big time, a common spacer gang isn't going to fill the shoes of a Hutt that can secure a indebted smuggler away from Lord Vadar without question into carbonite, he is a true made man or Hutt. It would be no problem "seemingly" for the Empire to send in a battalion of troops or what ever it took to restore relative order to a space port of Mos Eisley. Jabba's death may not have the obvious military importance, or even infrastructure loss. But vital information, debts, loans, gambling books all fly up in the air. And that is a lot of credits, what more is that is a huge chance for an ambitious scoundrels to try and make their mark while those indebted and in servitude finally have reason to rise up or at least combine to overthrow the anarchistic government of Tatooine. Although Brad you make a solid point. What though happens in say the 24 hours after the death of Jabba at his palace, his second or valet was killed as well. Not much fire power left in control of his palace, and who is to say they are on or ever where on Jabba's side? Juices flowing now. I think it is a solid hook, at least. Maybe the group's first adventure is just to secure passage from the palace to the spaceport while first achieving minor goals inside the palace. I have wiki-ed the death out of the palace, but what exactly is in there? Beside a Rancor corpse an inconsolable beast-master and a few axe wielding Gamorians?
  5. I was trying to decide on a nice hook for an opening scene for an Edge of the Empire. And I am sure it has been done before but if so maybe some GM's can see some problems or advantages I do not. The premise is quite simple, the players in the game all are on Tatooine during the opening scene of Return of the Jedi, but they are in Jabba's palace during the shoot-out pit adventure. They either worked for or around Jabba and know each other through what ever connection they deem fit. I try to play it out in my head, what exactly would happen on the planet. My first guess is that it would be such a power vacuum the Empire would have to step in, but this would take awhile. I don't mean to sound crass or insensitive to real life geo-political problems around the world. Although I would envision a heavy handed Imperial shut down of the planet, a current Middle East situation, (please this is not a Clerks joke). I would see the worst of the villains exit the planet, and the remaining ironically poor and dispossessed. It would in most likely create a planet wide riot or at least on a power level dramatic shift all of which was mostly under the table dealings. Or am I wrong, do the Hutts just shift a new member in with a smooth transition? That aside I can see some of the lesser moral PC's becoming slowly turned toward the idea of the rebellion as they stay on the planet, this is my catch. What obligation do you see that would keep a group of smugglers, low-lives and thieves from honestly hanging around the vicinity of the palace. Anyhoot this all came about after someone posted asking: "What the going price for a Wookie's hide was?" and it got me thinking after reading post after post of RL situations that I honestly rather not think about but are in some way or form reflect themselves in the ongoing Saga in a galaxy far far away.... Thank you for any and all input.
  6. Does any one have any ideas for using this generator with a Mac. Or issues with adobe reader with generator? I have seen the results of this program and it is awesome, hope to get it working on my PC.
  7. All books are allowed. I own most but have never tried to build a killing machine, some players I know have ways of turning 1,500 points into something pretty lethal. I usually try to go for roleplay material not min/max but this is a min max guy. A hive born non-reading hardly speaking low gothic redeemist from Gun Metal City, oh and he can't hit the broad side of a factoruim with a bolter. And his strength is actually 40 for bonus melee damage. Someone smarter than me could tweak a cleric out but maybe I just don't have the correct alternate advance rules? Thanks for the reply though, I will miss this community a lot. I may not have posted as much but I read and pilfered some great ideas, frakk a lot of people helped put out 2 e. It was a nice home. Oh well back to heretic squashing! There is only War!
  8. I have never been one to take a fighter class in any games. All of a sudden I decide to create a cleric who is not only illiterate he fights like a troll with a hammer and shield any advice on how to take advances that best suite a brawler. Even in D&D I never played one now people have bolters. His stat line read. WP: 39 Fel: 35 Per: 29 Int: 30 AG: 32 T: 40 S:38 W: 36 BS: 29 10 wounds 1 fate. Just throwing it out in the void, some people like making characters. The obvious choice is Soundd constitution nth times but alas he is a cleric. Cheers.
  9. I intend to create a ship, but I realize the group here on FFG is most likely gearing up their drop pods and readying to skip out before the hive rats beat them to it. That being said I find it the perfect time to pose a few questions for much finer lathed minds than mine. First this is all very speculative and non canon stuff. What would one say would be the melding of the ecclesiastical and the believers of the Omnissiah? I understand the idea is in direct odds with STC and so forth but what would be an avenue to pursue Tech-Priests as Artisians? I am imagining an entire Forge world yet dedicated to the soul purpose of building a ship that would be itself a new kind of STC, obviously this is heretical possibly a lost STC hidden. Maybe Pre-Heresy Juris and Explorator combine to root out imperfections by imbracing the humanity that fails them, believing they are but extension of their tools or a holy relic tool built for say shaving down one of a billion rivets to a micrometer. And they would possibly speak not like the average binary chatter some even engaging in complicated if not mechanical poetry, who knows a Tech Priest walks into a bar with a degree in the humanities....Again just looking for ideas. Second, the ship they have built to spread the word into the void what class and type would people envision? A dwarf like ironclad in space? A oddly thick craftworld? A steampunk nightmare sucking the sacred oil from the crew to keep it going at all costs its payload a thousand flamer wielding clerics? What kind of family would touch such a Warrant of trade when it is not likely to be met well by anyone dying dynasty or plucky ripe nippers with the warp in their hair? Thirdly and last, who is insane enough to navigate such a ship if not some how involved in the creation of it from the outset? Are these even living beings or amazing devices which in fact can do to a certain extent what a human astropath could accomplish. Or is it a special family bred for patience to deal with artisian tech priests. Obviously this is a one off a the greatest import, an entire planet family of astropaths and hundreds upon hundreds of generations anticipating the one and only maiden voyage of the ship that will possibly convert the Tryant Star. Blessed be your bolters, and good luck with all your games. Yes it should read Ruskinite not Rushkinite as if the Nick Harkaway google searches already were not tripping over ballot boxes in some random county in the United States. And yes this breaks all the warnings of the Machine God, especially A.I. but this is a philosophical ship of the line on a mission from the God-Emperor. This would be a Missionary endevour for artifacts allowing for a motley crew as long as everyone understood the ship was the mission. Frakk it might come alive and be the mission..... apologies to all the hard working Rushkinites.
  10. Thank the Living God Emperor for sending us Eisenhorn and brave souls of the Inquisition and beyond. Also extending play by post gaming at rpol.net where many a game can be had and a forum itself dedicated to Warhammer exists if one searches for it by that name. By the way Gregor your paperback with foil print omnibus is selling for 80 crowns plus. Supply and demand as with coin shall be with faith. Blesssed be your bolters.
  11. As it is a nefarious group aimed at infiltrating both rebellion and empire, I dub you "The Ettin". Of course the proper "Bogle" could be used but sounds like toggle and as well sounds like IKEA furniture. Although IKEA is William Gibsons favorites for futuristic jargon dubbing, so Duktig or Skärpt could be helpful, one being a clever knife is nice edge to the Empire. Hermm.... Praise the Emperor when he finally descends upon the outer rim and cleanses all heretics.
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