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  1. Yeepee for the rules, but hell, why an Eagle King like a f****in Avatar-s**t ...
  2. Well yeah so in the end I've been right from the beginning of that thread
  3. Er... I personally wouldn't have used the word "hotter", so not to get my words mixed with loticus ones I'll just add that in my opinion BtD.tv girls reviewers look pretty
  4. If that's what they said, they must have said it before release of CotDP or at least during the first two or three exps... that is, BEFORE all decks were SO big as they are now I'm glad with all my boxes (5 of them, 2 tiny for Invest cards, 3 big for big cards) because reshuffling a deck now takes ages... and I mean reshuffling it well (like, spreading all the cards face down on the table, and shuffling them in big circles and all...)
  5. Well, I personnaly am very glad of Felicia (and Michaela) as they are ! - seen too many reviews with ugly geeks...
  6. That's an already asked question, several times that is. I actually think I even asked it myself once. And we even had that argument AGAIN yesterday evening. You're meant to, but I don't think it's written anywhere. We house ruled it that we search from the bottom of decks, if the card is found like in the thirty-around first cards, we don't shuffle (I got all the exps so we're sure not to even get to the half of any deck during the game), but if found nearer the begining of the deck, then we shuffle after that, yeah. Do it your way but do it well
  7. Sigma and Mateo, thanks for the feedback and the explanations about the mechanics. I'll keep on watching that game, that's for sure. If you say it is that great and takes the best from our previous games, ok, I'll keep that in mind. It was't very useful though to try to discuss about re-using drawings, because what I meant, is that it is GREAT to keep the world of Terinoth and all, but seeing the same **** frakin face of Silhouette in several games turns out to be annoying ! See what I mean ? Keep the charas, but change the drawings ! Draw her in another manner, differently dressed... you know, to give the feeling Terinoth is a living world, so we can enjoy it more. I don't get really immersed in a world that covers 3 or 4 games when the pictures are ALL the same, that's what I meant. And get me well : i'm not spitting on anything : me loves FFG Mateo, were you talking to me or BTDtv for your last sentence ? Sorry, didn't get it :r if it was me, well, no, obviously not, i never played Runewars... yet I'm sure I'm wrong and you were talking about something else to someone else ! Luca : don't worry, it's not because I complain about SOMETHING from FFG that I will stop loving them FIRST PLACE in my heart ! so same for BoardtoDeath : it's not because I thought your vid was too long and mentioned too much irrelevant points that I'll stop loving your reviews I'm a member of BtD.tv, come on ! Cheers !
  8. cgi.ebay.fr/Arkham-Horror-Board-Game-Chaosium-used-Board-Game_W0QQitemZ220556187448QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0 See ? see ? man it looks so cutily tacky !
  9. Well you're unlucky because I saw it like last year. You should try on ebay from foreign countries, I'd say. And try every week ! And try the "flea markets" if you live in america (and if you actually can say "flea market" in english :r )
  10. Hemux

    Card lists

    Bleached Lizard said: Hem - how did you know? How did I know what ? Come on, as we say in french "you're known as much as the white wolf", on BGG, and I know pretty well you put photos for your twilight cards on the BGG Android pictures Alexca, glad you found your answer thx to Lizard I had forgotten yesterday :r
  11. Me waitin for your feedback on that one
  12. Oh dear oh dear ! I was bluffed on that one ! An expansion for AH, that was the least I was expecting for ! It looks great, the artwork too ! Man, and I had bought everything and every tiny card box to contain all the material so far and it fitted so well......... until now !!! Aaaaarggg.... awp832 and CSpuppydog, you made me laugh. Difference with me would be that first, I just arrived at work now so I made my collegues startle when yelling "too coooool !" (in french), and then Im going to mail my woman at her office because of the slight difference with you CSpuppy : the conversation between my woman and I would have been : Me : Yay ! Her : What is it, love ? Me : A new exp ! Her : Sheesh, you **** geek... Me : A new exp for Arkham ! Her : HOLY CRAP MOVE AWAY FROM THE SCREEN LET ME SEE !" Yup : that's her favorite game
  13. Aow, I feel a bit disappointed. Mostly for two reasons : - first, this is the first time you make such a looooong video. I know, the game you reviewed is epic, complicated geeky stuff and all, but, well, you use to review hard games before and avoiding too inner-rules-related points... this time, you really explained everything, and I am not really sure that is relevant (that is pure personnal point of view ok ?). I mean, knowing how many hexes far a piece can move and all, is no relevant stuff Id say (that's just an example). - second, and that has nothing to do with you this time : the game suddenly appeared to me like a whole mix of other games ! And not only because you mentioned it at the end of the vid, but all the mechanics, the drawings, and all... gee, it feels like FFG guys put Descent, Runebound, Chaos in the Old World, Twilight Imperium and Warrior Knights on a table, took out the big basics, the drawings and the pieces, and put them all back into that game... I might be somehow wrong, but not completely, when I tell you all that I feel a bit... cheated. Deceived. I mean, for a 70€ game (that is, more than 90 dollars, **** !) I expect FFG to provide a whole NEW game with lots of surprise and discoveries... I begin to feel a bit annoyed at all these remixes and recoveries of some already-done and sold material. That's annoying. For real ! Budget restrictions, FFG ? Or marketing con ? costs too much to make us dream big time like you use to do ? sorry to sound harsh. I'm just a bit... bah, anyway. I'll stop here and I'll relax now
  14. Hemux

    Card lists

    Yo Alexca, Ah, sh... should have read your mail yesterday, instead of this morning, I could have looked in my box... but now, im leavin home for work so, sorry ! Lizard (who redid a lof of twilight cards for his variant) should be able to help you Im sure. Anyway, I ll help you tonight back at home if nobody helped you before (which I doubt). Cheers !
  15. Er, no, I think you didn't get me. I was just kidding on the fact that if you thought I could be polish, it might be because I did the same mistakes that polish people do. Like, for instance, you know, my japanese friends say I speak like a chinese, because I do the same mistakes (grammar and all) that chinese people do (that is, when talking japanese), and not the mistakes corean or vietnamese people do.... follow me ? well, same here maybe I do polish people mistakes when talking english, more than french or german people ones ! That's all... Nothing harsh on polish people, you know... come on, what did you think do I look like a baddie ? I even got far family in Poland by the way, maybe my mistakes come from here
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