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  1. Did i misread the risky check section? To me it seems like i will be granted bonus successes, thus if i do this risky check my reward is some bonus success if i succeed. however most rolls dosn't benefit that much from bonus success as i recall. plus i don't get what this shortfall they speak of is. have i just forgotten the system jargon or do i missremeber the core resolution mechanic?
  2. Wait I have to be compromised first? We have always allowed for volunteer unmasking as a venting option, under the stipulation that it would require an audience. I.e you cant run from a scene without someone to run away from and such.
  3. i would delay the 3. point to the time of activating the ward. this way the 3 strife elemental effect occur not at the calm time of writing the ward but when the elemental power is unleashed. this also gives you the opportunity of handing someone the ward a telling them that it is as fickle as it is powerful. i would also have the strife be applied to whomever uses the ward if it is giving away to be used by a friend, and the caster if used as a trap.
  4. Must shugenja schools rotate the full selection of rings. Starting with the aligned ring and ending on the 'opposed'
  5. She might also have papers of free passage, and the pc's might have to procure some paperwork first. Cant recall how long the trip is but if it's any more than 2 days it will also take some planning, after all i bet most of the pc weren't planning on taking that trip before they started their journey. plus you might technically have to report back to you lord for permission even though it will be granted due to Sumikos status no doubt.
  6. The starter Kit kinda does this for some of the challenges, as the judges state what they are looking for and it grants a small point bonus to the running tally. like " "Remember," the judge says, “In sumai, as in life, a steady , stance creates a solid foundation for success." " and " The judge nods. "The best way to overcome the obstacles of your fate is by being flexible enough to adapt to them." " I suspect it mainly has to do with trying to teach people that some approaches are better suited for some situations but still, it sets a foundation that some people prefer some approaches and react positive to them. Even without it impacting the TNs
  7. Try to talk to your players about the 'issue'. Maybe it isn't as bad as you thought, maybe it's even worse. The important thing here is not to start pushing and pulling mechanical levers to coerce them, but instead make sure that everybody is on the same page about what you are all playing and what the numbers mean. In short be Open, Honest and Cordial. But must importantly talk with the group.
  8. And the relevant text on the Stealth check: I think this is very interesting in conjunction with the Soshi school. Is it then implied that the Soshi does this(hiding the spell) without even having to roll, could they then use the stealth ontop of it our would it be instead of?
  9. Rise, Flame Rank 4 (pg 204) "If you succeed, you summon a Manifest Fire Kami (see page 324). It consumes the flammable material, appearing in its position. It obeys you for two rounds, plus additional rounds equal to your bonus successes," and it has some mechanics for setting lots of stuff on fire. or Fury of Osano-wo Rank 3 (pg 203) "The target suffers supernatural damage equal to your Fire Ring plus three times your bonus successes. If a target is Incapacitated by this damage, they suffer a critical strike with severity of 8" and it can scale more seems like the most Kaboomy i can find in the core book.
  10. Then the simple conversion would be R0 = adjecent R1 = 1-6 R2 = 7-13 and so on. With the free move being six and the move action being six or the check in an attempt to gain 6+2x extra sucess. However as swords are range 1 and spears range 2 we're almost down to a 1' square wich might be an overkill This will however seem really large on any play board, so maybe cut the numbers down to 2 or 4 per move, and shrink range accordingly.
  11. How many spaces do you move per turn, or do you move range bands and only use the spaces for tracking?
  12. An alternative would be that a great clan could 'sponsor' the minor clan by sharing the spot light, and their position in the queue.
  13. Never thought of it like that, but yearh it should be how it works nice catch.
  14. I had one of my samurai throw herself to the ground acting like some sort football/soccer player getting clipped, only to realize the arrow only nicked the kimono.
  15. I would assume no, as they are no longer scorpions. Besides this gives the opportunity for some sort of high emotional unmasking ceremony among the closet family members, before their beloved leaves to become part of another clan.
  16. 3-4 + gm for would be the ideal i would say. 5-6 + gm if the goup is well disciplined and the gm is A+. 7 and higher, just split the groups.
  17. This sounds more like an Anxiety in line with the one that triggers on being the of attention (meek i think it's called), than a reroll drawback. (cant remember the proper name for those). This model is based on making the char feel bad (stress) whenever orders are forced upon them. If you want it to be a reroll drawback, you could model it of the curse that makes peaseant dislike you and have it trigger on people with status 50+, or something along those lines. This model makes it harder for the char to interact with people in positions of authority. So it's actually about if you want this to be an internal thing or an external thing.
  18. I think the way to look at this situation is not to place Alice and Bob at range 3 east west. But at range 3 due to circumstance. It might be physical distance, but it might also be due to cover, terrain or other things, the range bands are thus not purely spacial range but more a measure of ease of 'striking'. All range should be 'tracked'/calculated between all actors. If it is decided that Alice and Bob are 3 apart, the distance in regards to Charlie, are actually not depend upon it, it should be handled separately. The best case i have for this is if Alice and Bob are 1 apart, with Bob standing between Alice and Charlie. A (1) B - C However lets say we have established that Bob and Charlie were 4 apart, what would the distance to Alice be, some would argue 5, due to 4 + 1. I would however argue also 4, as the range band 4 is in such a scale that two people in melee are treated at the same distance, regardless of one of them being in front of the other. A benefit of this approach is that people are not 'required' to stand still when it is not their turn as to people can circle each other without change range bands and such. , a drawback is that all distances kind of need to be evaluated at all times and not necessarily is conferred by previous position and actions.
  19. Strife recovery is handled different in the main game than in the beginner set. Beginner set doesn't have any 'real' consequence of unmasking, as they are kids and thus have some leway. Beginner set doesn't have anxieties. There are a lot more opportunity options in main game. These are the ones that stood out most to my group when we did the transition. Second, we also did a chargen, building that beginner characters with the main game rules, and then adding the bonus(xp, glory honor) gain from the beginner set adventure. This was to make sure that we had tried the main game chargen, and also because we have tried other beginner set games where the chars didn't align with standard char gen.
  20. Player, did it on a prepared invoication once, as i like the idea of having this paperslip, practically bursting with power. it was a 3Su 4St 4Op, as a result of an exploding dice funtimes. the result was an earth grasp that shook an entire cave and threw every opponent to the ground, and reshaped the cave entrance. Looking at when to do it or not, the greatest drawback of the backlash is that you are barred from casting from that ring.
  21. Yes, though the aspect of fate are more nebulous than the qualities of the L5R zones.
  22. It's about making 'large' abstract zones, so instead of measuring where people are in the acuall physical space, it is more about where they are for certain effects, we dont track that your behind tree number 5, but that you are in the zones with the 'tag' trees/dense forrest. A small blog on Fate and Zones
  23. We do the reskin of the invocation and the prepared invocations aswell. works wonders, especially when he starts to use the school ability to 'ringshift' an invocation, then he starts to mix potions and powders or having mists turn into flames and so on. I would also say that medicine is the most fitting.
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