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  1. Chilitoke

    disengage / attack of opportunities

    could this be achived with the OPP that creates terrain features? E.g: i spend the opp and creates a terrain feature that 'pens you in' then acts it out as i manuveaur you in to this pen. I.e: 'As i advance, i make sure to corral him in the direction of the cliff, to late he realise that he is cornered' this do leave the burden on the 'grappler' and not the 'escapee', but on the other hand it is a truth that stand untill the escapee takes some sort of action to overcome or change the circumstance. PS cant recall if it is a water or air OPP.
  2. Just wanted to tell you that your work is a godsend. Thank you for all the time and effort.
  3. I think the e) and f) option is the most are the more interesting ones, as a,b,c is just raw power so to speak. whereas f) makes you able to do something new.
  4. Our Shiba uses it 'offensively' at times, by turning off the strife results of enemy rolls in fire stance.
  5. The current survey leaves no options for those that would prefer a third way.
  6. Could one take the FATE approach and just make Ninjo and Giri, aspects (aka advantages/disadvantages depending on the context)?
  7. How does the double predict thing occur?
  8. Chilitoke

    Crescent Moon Style no longer functions in v4.0 duels

    can you elaborate abit?
  9. Shamefull in that if it was first strike or first blood, as it was a perfect legal strike, that he choose to soil with his actions. (thus proving that his opponent is the greater man, yet chosing to activly denounce the skill of his opponent) After all duels are almost sportlike in the rules.
  10. It's also alot more shameful, and dissatisfying for all participating entities(Players of the game).
  11. Thanks a bunch! In other news, would anyone here allow charge to be used during duels? due to : "Characters can also select any other action they possess that would logically function in a duel" Reasons to included it should be as a way to deal damage regardless of TN to hit. Thus give people an option to deal with center spam.
  12. Chilitoke

    Duel Flow Chart

    Doesn't provoke require a readied weapon? " Activation: As a Scheme action using one readied weapon, you may make a TN 3 Martial Arts check using the appropriate skill for the weapon, targeting one character. " emp, by me.
  13. One of each so far. DUEL Participants in duel was Daidoji defender (shiba) [PC] VS Uesugi ronin[NPC] duel type; first strike, resolution was fine ended 18 - 3 One round, and about 20 minutes, as we did it step by step with the book. It was kinda nuts since the Daidoji rolled 9 on her initiative, would have faced a ton of strife(lots of exploding dice) and then we hit the odd situation where we noted the following: [Shiba] “Once per scene, when a character at range 0–3 makes a check, you may negate all [Strife] results on that check. Then, the character removes strife equal to your school rank.” And did a quick ruling that yourself was indeed a character within range 0-3. This lead to an odd situation where we simply noted that in a duel to first strike you could pretty much bet max allowed on the staredown as the you will only be hit by the final strike if none achives the objective (which is quite easy). odly enough the npc didnt achive enough opportunities to actually land a crit. INTRIGUE Participant All 3 PCs, 2 angry lions (handled as one NPC) and a Kakita Lordling [NPC] A problem immediately became clear, there is no guidelines for how many RP should be given to an objective, none at all. i therefore put a goal of 2 on everything to not bog it down and thus the intrigue was done in like 1.5 turns. Goals was [Lions] Make one of the pc confess to a veiled insult (from bg) [PC 1 ]Make the Lions leave [PC 2]Hear more about the lions secrets. [PC 1, 2nd goal] after the lions left discredit them. Afterwards we agreed that i need to comb the book for some sort of guideline on RP's. I found one guide line, in the example adventure there is a single intrigue scene where the goal is valued at 14 RP's. But sub goal or milestones set at 4 We also agreed that intrigue was best used for large court scenes or other sort of public debates, About point 3. I would like to do intrigues about 20% of the time, and duels about every 5th session or when apropriate. About point 4. We desperately need guidelines for RP value of objectives.
  14. Chilitoke

    Imperial favor

    Thanks for the clarification.
  15. Chilitoke

    Imperial favor

    Other Question regarding the favor, 'Ride them down says': 'Action: During a conflict, discard the Imperial favor - set the base strength of the attacked province to 1' Can i do this without holding the favor?