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  1. So this idea popped into my head and I just wanted to make sure it was legal. Could you use Seventh Fleet Gunner on a Jedi Starfighter that has Calibrated Laser Targeting in order to get a total of 5 hits at range 1 (or using two Seventh Fleet Gunners). I am asking because Calibrated Laser Targeting does not get you to roll an attack dice but adds a result. I just want to make sure I am reading and understanding this correctly.
  2. So then most of the time it's pointless to pick Jam Tokens.
  3. I have a question about Seventh Sister crew who ability allows you to put a jam or tracker token on an enemy instead of a stress. Does this mean that if an opponent did say a red manoeuvre or something and I exchanged it, they could then perform an action since they never actually got a stress?
  4. Well so much for my idea. I will go back to playing casually.
  5. So I have been hearing a bit about red dice power creep. How the game is introducing more and more ways to get red dice, like swarm leader and new missiles that are better than the previous ones. That being said, I have started to notice a bit of green dice power creep as well, though nowhere near the level of say the red dice power creep. For Green Dice, we have gotten Light Weight Frame, which is limited to several Ties but still provides additional green dice. That being said the new Debris Elite Talent seen in Kylo Tie Silencer seems to be giving an additional two evade tokens. If combined correctly, it can allow players to mass a good amount of evade tokens. For example, a Tie Phantom with Stygium Particle Accelerator could have a total of 3 evade tokens when combined with the new Debris Elite Talent. Another idea is a Tie/SF with the new tech coming out that allows storing a single focus token. Then you would have a Tie/SF with two evade tokens and a focus token, you could also add on Light Weight Frame for more green dice. In addition, both these ships have a system slot, so slap on FCS for some offensive boost. Now if we want to start massing Evade Tokens, you could take Youngster and give him the new elite talent, give the Tie/SF intensity and the new tech that stores focus, have a ship that has coordinate to give the Tie/SF an extra action, and how your Tie/SF uses Youngster Elite Talent, then gets coordinate to barrel roll and flips intensity to get an extra evade token and has a focus token saved up from the tech. Giving the Tie/SF a total of three evade tokens and 1 focus token. Though I do admit this combo is probably not very point effective for what it does and I am sure there are better combinations out there.
  6. Am I the only person thinking the FO Bomber might have 2 shields?
  7. The local meta in my area is no one flies pilot skill 4 to 6. Everyone is either in the pilot skill level of 3 to 1 or 7 to 9. Hence why I am going for Dead Eye, so when facing Aces, I can Focus and still fire my missile even though they have moved after I have. ****. I don't want to play scum but it is a better list.
  8. Valen Rudor (22), Deadeye (1), Crusie Missile (3), Title (1), Guidance Chip (0) = 27 Baron of the Empire (19), Deadeye (1), Crusie Missile (3), Title (1), Guidance Chip (0) = 24 Baron of the Empire (19), Deadeye (1), Crusie Missile (3), Title (1), Guidance Chip (0) = 24 Baron of the Empire (19), Deadeye (1), Crusie Missile (3), Title (1), Guidance Chip (0) = 24 Total: 99 Basic Alpha strike list.
  9. That is why I suggested it becomes a free focus action instead of just getting a free focus token.
  10. My friends at my local store said you could not. Could you give me a page or a reference to indicate that you can? Because if so, this would really help out my lists.
  11. What if Mindlink was a free focus action, instead of just a free focus token?
  12. Well, the thing to remember about Intensity is that it gives ships who cannot evade, a way to get evade, Tie/SF comes to mind. This is something that Push the limite cannot do.
  13. Tie/SF will love this card since they can use Comm Relay to keep the evade token.
  14. Backdraft (27), Intensity (2), Special Ops Training (0), Fire-Control System (2), Comm Relay (3), Lightweight Frame (2) = 36 Omega Specialist (25), Intensity (2), Special Ops Training (0), Collision Detector (0), Comm Relay (3), Lightweight Frame (2) = 32 Omega Specialist (25), Intensity (2), Special Ops Training (0), Collision Detector (0), Comm Relay (3), Lightweight Frame (2) = 32 Total = 100
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