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  1. Proberbly not the funniest thing to hear during a game but would seem in our group it gets used alot "That's not normal..." said whenever something mildly out of the ordinary happens...mind you, this is the Dark Heresy universe...
  2. For starters the Dark heresy and rogue trader are not different settings, it's the same universe just seen from different perspectives and everything in the creatures anathema would be usable with rogue trader and theres tons on info on other races out there on the interwebs you can read up on. Oh and about the orks: blood axes are not more intelligent og civilized than other orks, they just like uniforms and imperial weapons/tanks.
  3. The rules-related questions have been answered so I'll stick to the fluff one. Personally I would say "go back and do it again" because that background really sounds like something I should read in a Marvel comic. Although it is possible that he would find out he had psychic powers by coinsidence the whole "cut my school friend in half on our way home from school" seems like an easy, cheap way to get the background writing over with. Being a psyker is not a pleasent ting, it's not a "yay I'm psychic, wuuuh cake for all" type of situation, many psykers try to hide it from those around them out of pure fear and being taken by the black ships is not the same as say being transfered to another school, it's a horrid experience that leaves scars on your mind and proberbly soul...and don't even get me started on trying to rip a whole in reality on purpose. To be honest, and I know I'm gonna sound like a jerk when saying this, but it seems to me that this person shouldn't play a psyker since he clearly haven't grasped what they are about and I have tried to GM a group with a psyker how used his powers "cause it was funny", a psyker only use his power when he has to...at least the sanctioned psykers.
  4. I really do hate to repeat myself..but...roleplaying is NOT about the rules! most things will suck if you only look at it with a "what can I gain?"-mentality. Why chose to play a radical character? because it can be fun and different, radicalism is not about skills it's about once mentality. Yes you get alot of insanity and corruption points but that's what you get for trying to be different in a world where "different" means death, this is not D&D where you can chose an "evil god" and just get some different spells, you work for the inquisition after all, the left hand of the emperor working to destroy the enemies of mankind and if you chose to do this using xeno tech or demonweapons then ofcause you will be corrupted sooner or later. As mentioned earlier the Radicals handbook is written for acolytes who dosn't posses near enough of the mental strength nor willpower to withstand what they encounter or the powers they use should they chose the road of the radical..unlike the inquisitor they work for and why should he care if he's acolytes go insane or gets corrupted? theres always more where they came from. Sorry if it seems like an angry outburst, I'm just tired of seeing all these posts that value rulewise gain/loss over a fun character to roleplay.
  5. Well, may the rules just arent for you...mainly Dark Heresy is not a "fighting game" no matter what people say it's about investigation and the like but I do personally think the combat rules are great and the fights are pretty fluid but as you said yourself you don't have much experience with the game so maybe you should give it a few tries before condemming it? and sorry to say but it does seem a bit like your judging the system before having really tried it out. My suggestion would be to give it a go and see how it all actually work and then make up your mind there.
  6. The way I see it, sniping and assassination would be "out of combat" moves, before a combat starts because the enemy isn't aware that you are there, but sniping for instance it would be a called shot to the head with a bunch of negative modifiers but if they pull it of it's a one shot one kill ofcause it could one be tried once and people would know where you are once you fire.
  7. Underpowered? I would love to have a psyker with that in my group if we ran into a plasmacannon bearing badguy.
  8. Well, being a big fan of the borg I could always just say that survivors were insimilated...as you said: resistance is futile Ofcause there's alot that needs being worked out and I am planning on doing that ofcause, but first of I need to figure out what to do...an "easy fix" could be the ship have entered the system and dosn't reply to hails, so the acolytes is send there to figure out just what is going on.
  9. Oh lord you're like a mind reader...get out of my head! As you proberbly can tell I had an idea sorta like that (this is one of those scenario-ideas that keeps spawning new ideas) but was thinking more along the lines of towns raided and tech been stolen which would be the crazed magos thinking that the lowly, emperor worshipping people does not deserve to have the tech since only the ominissiah's true servants are worthy of such an honour...it's worth playing around with at least. I was thinking about making the ship a sort of space-hulky type thing, but since I plan on running Shades on twilight with the group I'm afraid it would seem to similar.
  10. Most of the posts here have actually summed up my general ideas, I haven't started working on it in any major manor yet as I'm working on general NPCs like inquisitors etc for the campaign. I'm not planning on this being a major facility throwing out space marine equipment and baneblades but more tools, tow trucks and the like. The setup regarding personal I have in mind is mostly normal humans as workers and soem security, some servitors and a few techpriests and enginseers and the ideer is that th enormal human workers have been killed or incapacitated in some way and crudely been made into servitors trying to "fix their broken parts" with whatever was at hand, servoskulls with some flesh still on them and all sorts of strange and grotesque mechanical creations. The crazed magos himself I see as no more than his upper torso and head, the rest being plugged into a giant machine that in turn is connected to the forge. Regarding the forge I've tossed around a few ideas: Underground lab kinda thing (sorta like in the first resident evil), a giant factory on the surface or a space station or ship, the ship idea was my original one to get a bit closer to the movie from which I got my first inspiration. In general it should be a good old fashined dungeon crawler with horror elements mixed into it and ofcause planning on the players and acolytes not having a clue as to what is going on til they get attacked by the weird creations of the mad magos and thinking about the good old classic of "setting the selfdestruct (everything in the future has this function) and then run against the time to get off the planet/station/ship".
  11. I've gotten it but spend most of my time reading up on Haarlock and Purge the unclean, will get to it when done with those two though, from a quick glance it looks good with lots of info and I've always loved the radicals though I would suspect people need some time to play with the content before we'll see posts about it.
  12. Again I really have to say that I don't understand why they need a consolation prize (but like I said it could just be me being a mean GM), this is the grim darkness of the far future, not the kindly forgiving not-so-distant-future and yes I can understand that from a players point of view it may not be that great, especially when you're used to games like dungeons and dragons and certain MMOs, but aren't roleplaying about capturing a certain atmosphere? about being another person in a completely different world? so it shouldn't be forgiving, this is a perfect way to show of the cold, merciless world that the 40k universe is!
  13. I really don't see a problem here, if you don't want your players to always use the same weapons then simply don't give them the option, you are the GM, you control what weapons and ammo they find, it's that simple! I see alot of people complaining that certain ammo is to expensive...then lower the price? again, you are the GM, you set the rules for your campaign and I have yet to play an RPG that is to be followed to the letter where you aren't allowed to change things you don't like. Like I've said in other threads, I'm really worried about the type of players playing DH as it seems to me they all have the MMORPG bug "kill kill kill loot loot loot" but RPG are not about just getting the best gear, it's about roleplaying and yes the weapons your character carry does affect this, why should an adept carry some specialized custom pistol? adepts aren't about weapons and combat, they're about knowledge and learning...I really think alot of people have miss understood the idea behind this game.
  14. Not a player at the moment sadly, but in my last group I played a gunslinger scum around rank 4 or 5. 2 Hecutor's with shot selector with normal and manstopper shells. Flak vest and gauntlets. standard knife. Some low-grade working clothing. At first the group was against me playing a scum since they saw them as somewhat underpowered...that is, untill they saw him demolish a chaos sentinel-like machine with his hecutors, blowing it to pieces after the groups sister and guardsman had failed to do anything about it...but you know what they say: if you want something done right you have to do it yourself...with lots of bullets.
  15. In a matter like this I would personally think that fluff is more important than what the rules say and really wish I could find a fluff example that proves for or against but can't think of anything right now. The reason I'm saying this is that people keep refering to it's damage being energy based, but have anything ever thought that maybe FFG got it wrong?
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