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  1. wasnt dawn of friends going to be the name of one of the other sets all ready out but the changed it.
  2. Doctor Schutz said: to get more activity u guys need to lead by example,make online tournaments,hang out in the chatzy rooms,hold events.FFG isnt doin anything then its up to the players to take the reigns we need to look to our seinor players for guidance and theirs a question they cant answear then we`ll just have to find the answear ourselves.This game isnt dyin its just getting quite...so lets make some noise!! players can only do so much if ffg dosent want to help us with the game the we cant do anything i have been with this game from the start and on the fourms before the game was out and even then ffg didnt really have much to do here.
  3. part of it is because there is nothing new going on thats what happened last time
  4. TheChampIsHere said: There is a non-foil Event Card, some people on this site have them and have pics. They were available at Gencon this year. nice ididnt know that. so they gave out to promos this year now i really wished i went
  5. Roxas said: PopRockSkittles said: i guess thats true but dark decks can shut down a game for a long time its difficult to get out of the crap they pull i guess dark decks just need help getting around all of the other BS from light decks about the sephys and aurons if you played a light deck against it why not just simba a few times it would wipe them out *shrug* sorries just wondering Dark Deck cripple/bane is Monstro lvl 1 and it is fairly common. yeah it works great against them my bro runs a dd with 37 shadows and i played monstro on him for the game
  6. TheChampIsHere said: I have an extra Aerith, but theres nothing I need on your haves list. Do you have any of the following: Snow White foil Snow White non-foil Sora lvl 3 promo (not Halloweentown Sora) Event Card 1 non-foil there is no event card 1 non foil they only made them foil
  7. i tryed to email him but nothing.. sorry to be a pain in the ass guy but i wish they would just make up there minds on what the cards do and how they are ruled i asked him twice so i know he under stood what i was asking so i dont know. got to love card games and there makers.
  8. i asked jaffar and this is what he said Re: Fantasy Flight Games [Rules Questions] - Kingdom Hearts Trading Card GameTuesday, April 7, 2009 12:29 PM From: "Jaffer Batica" <jbatica@fantasyflightgames.com>Add sender to ContactsTo: mfn_222@yahoo.comHello Brian, Sephiroth can be discarded by Olympia in a challenge. Sephiroth's ability only protects him from being discarded at the end of a challenge as part of the normal discard. Thank you, Jaffer Batica Marketing Manager jbatica@fantasyflightgames.com so unless it has changed i dont know
  9. i know why they did it i just thought it was funny
  10. by the way i asked jaffar about this a it dose discard him and any friend like that. i will see if i stll have the ruling in my email and post it
  11. how about the fact that the lvl4 goofy looks for valor and the lvl 3 don looks for wisdom but the lvl4 don is the sr that looks for a magic card
  12. are you ready to launch yet 54321 boom
  13. one word ansem ansem + kk = u win
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