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  1. @Coyote Walks Is it possible to buy the digital form of this? I have access to my own large format printers so I dont need a print but I am more than happy to pay for the art.
  2. I was not aware of this, do you have a link to the statement?
  3. Ok so the old netrunner had a world ranked league/championship called Wold Domination League that as far as I know still had its championship last year. With FFG running there world champ tournament, I am wondering if there is a interest in having a national/international world ranking system? If you are interested in remaking the league for ANR what would you want to see out of it and how would you like to see it ran?
  4. Honestly they have expanded this product so much (with all the novels and the different games) an RPG is just a matter of time. I am with you that I would rather see sooner than later and also like the rest of you guys I am a HUGE punk 2020 fan. The game is in a huge need of a update and I think this is just the setting to replace or move it to. I for one cant wait to see a Android rpg.
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