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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong (i.e. remembering an older version of the game), but I believe you also cannot lie about an offer in a deal. For instance, you couldn't say "I will trade you an Attack 40 for a colony" unless you actually have an Attack 40 in your hand. I know future promises were part of deals in versions past. Is that no longer the case? I've always limited it to game-related deals, lasting until a maximum of the end of the game (no "I will do X in the next game we play").
  2. Multiple powers is, and as far as I know never has been, remotely balanced. Some combos are extremely potent, like the one you pointed out here (or, off the top of my head, Amoeba + Virus, or Masochist + Kamikaze), and some are terrible or redundant (for instance, Macron + Virus = max 1 ship, multiplied by your card, and thus wasting Macron's effect and ruining Virus's). There isn't really any way around it, barring piles of house rules. I have a whole custom set of my own, which includes exceptions on all of the powers concerning how they work with other powers, which makes sure there are no broken combos (too powerful, too weak, or normally don't work together at all), but that took quite a bit of work (quiiiite a bit), and I doubt you'd want to print out a whole set of powers, cards, etc. when you own the game already. It seems like the best option (for people that aren't crazy like me), is to just accept the whacky unbalanced combos. They can be pretty fun.
  3. A while ago I created a setting, as well as some rules in the GURPS system, for a Cosmic Encoutner roleplaying game. I was just taking a look at it again, and figured I'd post it here, in case anyone was interested. It includes things from all versions of the game, including some fan-made stuff (found here, on the Warp, or created by me). It was made before the latest expansion was released for the current version of the game, so none of that content is used yet. When next I decide to work on this, that will all be included. So, here it is in PDF format: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/526357/GURPSCosmicEncounter.pdf
  4. Deluge seems very weak. Wild Kamikaze can do that for +3 per ship, before cards. Deluge can do it after cards, but it's a power, not a flare. I'd let it be +3 per ship.
  5. I've made a bunch of techs for my set, but I included Lucre in some of the rules for how they work (you can invest in techs), as my set is based on Eon. Here are some of my favorites though, that don't reference Lucre. Pretty much everyone I regularly play with loves The Party Ship above all others. THE PARTY SHIP Tech Cost: 4 When you complete this Tech, place the Party Ship token on any of your bases. It is now treated in every way as one of your tokens. Once per challenge, after allies are in but before cards are played, if the Party Ship is involved in the challenge, you may cause all players involved in the challenge as main players or allies to draw a card from the Deck. STARGATES Tech Cost: 6 When you are the defensive player, after the cone is pointed but before cards are played, you can move up to four of your tokens from any base to the challenged planet. WEAPONS REPLICATOR Tech Cost: 5 When you complete this Tech, place an Attack Card from your hand face up on top of it. During any challenge in which you are a main player, add the number on all Attack Cards on this Tech to your attack total. If you lose a challenge in which you played an Attack Card, place it face up on this Tech. If you win a challenge, discard this Tech and all Attack Cards on it. MUTAGENIC SERUM Tech Cost: 5 When you complete this Tech, discard one of your alien powers and draw a new one, redrawing if you draw a game setup power. You now have this power instead of the old one. TACTICAL HYPNOTIZER Tech Cost: 5 As a main player in a challenge, after Challenge cards have been revealed, you may discard this Tech in order to take the tokens of one of your opponent's allies and move them to your end of the cone. The ally's tokens are then treated just as if the player had allied with you. That is, the tokens are added to your total, the ally is rewarded if your side wins, the tokens go to the warp if your side loses, and so on. TEMPTATION FRUIT Tech Cost: 6 Before cards are revealed in a challenge in which you are a main player or ally, you may tempt any one other player in the challenge, including allies. You may offer him a base on any planet where you have a base or 1 to 4 of any combination of the following: tokens from the warp, Lucre from the bank, or cards from the deck. If he accepts, he takes his reward, moves his own tokens back to bases and sends all other tokens from his side to the warp. This includes all defensive tokens on the challenged planet, but he must leave a single token of the offensive player. Then play out the challenge normally. If a temptation is accepted, discard this Tech. PLASMA ROCKETS Tech Cost: 4 When this Tech is completed, send any one token on any base to the Warp. Discard after use. METALLICIZER COMPOUND Tech Cost: 6 You can complete this Tech any time you are a main player, after cards are revealed but before the outcome is determined, if you played a Compromise Card. When you do, proceed as if you had played an Attack 19 instead. Discard after use. ASTRAL ANOMALY RELOCATOR Tech Cost: 5 When this Tech is completed, draw a Flare from the Flare Deck into your hand. Discard after use.
  6. The standard is reveal all pwoers after everyone has made their decisions, and the varient is you keep them unrevealed, besides Tick-Tock and Miser, which say "Game Setup" on them, until you use them. I always play with the varient unless I'm playing with new players.
  7. Most people I play with like Tick-Tock, specifically because it shortens the game. We play a lot, and sometimes it drags quite a bit.
  8. Goober4473


    I've become especially fond of Healer, especially it's Super. I managed to deck the game with Super Healer once (no more cards in the deck/discard pile). Then someone needed a new hand because he had no challenge cards, and there is no rule for what to do in that situation, so we made one up (everyoen discards half their hand, their choice of which cards). I also like Machine a lot. If you can pull it off well, it's really hard to stop you. And I can usually pull it off well. Sorcerer is another of my favorites. Especially playing a Negotiate then swapping.
  9. I thik the wording on the old Sorcerer, which I'm using, is worded a bit differant. It says you transpose them and then play eachother's card. So the extra clarification is useful in my set.
  10. Here's an example of a fix for the only restriction in the Fantasy Flight set (as it has no multiple powers as of now), which is Sorcerer and Gambler: Added to Gambler: "If your opponent is Sorcerer and he transposes cards, or you are Sorcerer and transpose cards, your opponent may not look at the card he now has, and you may bluff either card after looking at the card you now have." As of now I don't have many fixes for combos that are too powerful or too weak together, but I've elimated all restrictions based on conflicting rules. For instance, Insect (my set is based on Eon) was a big issue with some powers, like Changeling, Plant, Boomerang, or any game setup power. My fix: "If you copy a power with a game setup effect, you have a wild metamorphosis, and instead of using the copied power, you draw a random power from the unused powers, discarding any game setup powers and drawing again. You then use that power for the remainder of the challenge. At the end of the challenge, you discard that power. If you copy Changeling or Boomerang, or Changeling is used to swap for this power, neither power can be used again this challenge. Instead, each main player has a wild metamorphosis, as if each had copied a power with a game setup effect. In addition, if you copy Changeling or Changeling is used to swap for this power, you swap Insect for Changeling once before the powers become unusable." Likewise for Plant: "If you graft a power with a game setup effect, or if you graft Insect or Changeling, the player still loses the use of that power, but you cannot use it. Instead, you have a wild graft. You draw a random power from the unused powers, discarding any game setup powers and drawing again. You then use that power for the remainder of the challenge. At the end of the challenge, you discard that power." And Changeling: "When facing Insect, you swap before he copies. When facing Plant, you swap before he grafts. When facing Boomerang, you swap before he boomerangs. If you are then entitled to boomerang, you do. Changeling does not swap during a boomerang challenge." Another issue I had was Warpish and the Praw, which I fixed with: "In a game with the Praw, your tokens do not count towards the number required for the Warp to reach critical mass, nor do they fall to the Praw when the Warp does reach critical mass. In addition, when the Warp reaches critical mass, you may select up to one token for each token you have in the Warp that is also in the Warp. The selected tokens do not fall to the Praw. You cannot keep enough tokens from falling to the Praw in this way such that the Warp will immediately reach critical mass again." I haven't put Masochist in my set yet, since it has severe balance issues with multiple powers, and I haven't gotten around to fixing them. I did edit Amoeba some to fix some balance issues: "If you are also Macron, you can ooze only up to 4 tokens total into the cone. If you are also Virus, any of your tokens that you ooze into a challenge, beyond the first four tokens of yours in the challenge (weather there originally or oozed), are added rather than multiplied. Any tokens in excess of four that were originally in the challenge are multiplied normally." A lot of the fixes deviate a little bit from how the power normally works, but I think they all make for cool effects, and they preserve the general effect and style of the powers. I may go through and edit some more powerful combos to be less amazing, and some poor combos to work well together. As long as it's not totally broken (like Meser Aristocrat in the original Eon, which is completely unstoppable by any effect in the game, due to taking Super Mesmer to start, Keeper and every good Edict, and naming Wild Clone), it's kind of fun to have some powerful combos, and I've always played deal three flares, use two powers, in a two-power game, so you can avoid sucky combos. There may be a few more combos that are just a bit too good though, like Sorcerer/Oracle.
  11. I'd prefer a list of exceptions based on power combos rather than banning them. For instance, "if you are Zombie and Masochist, X happens," where X is a new ruling that makes that combination of powers useful, instead of terrible together. The same goes for powers with rules that conflict, or powers that are far too good together. I have a custom made Cosmic set where I'm implementing this. It's pretty cool.
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