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  1. alagron

    WHY should we have a third faction?

    xanderf said: Just throwing this out there, but… …we all know how much FFG likes recycling art between their games. Take a look at the second pic from the bottom, here. Could be nothing, or…could be the two fighters we end up with in Wave 3, alongside the B-Wing and TIE Bomber. I assume they'd both be a third faction, if we DID get them. (And then for this 'pirate/smuggler' faction, issue some new pilots for the Y-Wing, YT-1300, and Firespray, and you have a full 5-ship faction. Lots of 'shared' ships, too, which would definitely make this a 'shakes up the meta game' faction!) The ship in the picture is a CloakShape fighter. They are highly customizable fighters used by lots of different groups. If they did introduce them, maybe they would have a special ability that would allow them to handle more than one modification. New modification cards and the fact that the fighter was used by many different factions (i.e. neutral/3rd faction) could be an interesting idea for a new ship.