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  1. If Fantasy Flight could somehow get their hands on the license for the old VS card game and market it as an LCG, I'd be very interested.
  2. qwertyuiop said: Great. She can kill the Witch King. I did, in fact, laugh out loud at this. LoTR LCG crossover?
  3. For a while, I was meeting a friend during lunch breaks to play "Lunch Wing". We played 30pts which generally meant 1 ship for the rebels and 1-2 ships for the Imperials. It was fun and fast - under 15 minutes per game.
  4. I'll be at a wedding most of the day, but I'd love to poke my head in and spectate. My Vassal experience is limited, but will that be an option?
  5. My only problem with this otherwise amazing Battlefoam tray is that is only has room for 4 TIEs and I'm going to have at least 5 after I finally add a TIE expansion to my 2 core sets.
  6. Apologies, guys. I've re-read my post a few times now and that "because I support my local FLGS" line comes off way too douchey. I mostly wanted to point out that I don't regret spending retail on the game because I feel I've gotten my money's worth.
  7. frogimus said: KarmikazeKidd said: If no one paid retail we'd have no where to play. It bothers me when the instant solution to every price complaint is 'just buy it online'. I for one choose to support my LGS. I want to keep it around. I have as limited a budget as anyone, and I'm not going to waste undue amounts of time complaining about the price, because yes it is my choice to not take the absolute cheapest option…but that doesn't make someone's gripe any less valid. Just sayin'. Exactly. FLGS's need in-store sales to pay the bills. Call it table rental, call it whatever, but if you're going to use their space to play, show some gratitude and help keep them in business. On Topic: X-W seems a bit pricey at first, but let me give you a cost breakdown of one of the most popular miniatures games (in the US). Single faction starter box = $50. You'll need to assemble and paint the contents. Expansions once you realize the starter box isn't competitive = $15 - $90 each. Again, you'll need to assemble and paint. Rulebooks , faction books = $50 each. It really adds up. I like using this comparison as well, but it's also worth adding that the depth of experience you get out of X-Wing is just as worthwhile as it is for other miniatures games. For my money, a lot of the larger, army-scale minis games end up running too long at the suggested play values. 100 points of X-Wing has cost me $100 (retail, because I support my FLGS) and given me everything I need for two players to play comfortably and competitively against one another in a reasonably amount of time. An additional $60 will probably get me everything I would need to play both factions comfortably in a highly competitive/tournament setting. The only game I know of that even comes close to matching that kind of value is Firestorm Armada (or Dystopian Wars, or Uncharted Seas - any of Spartan's games), but those are unpainted, unassembled resin miniatures.
  8. That's a **** good point and I will keep that in mind going forward. I spent a little time going through my pilot cards and reading battle reports after my last post here and my consternation concerning named pilots has faded noticeably. I'll be bringing everyone who posted here's points to my local group and see what they have to say, but if it's still an issue for folks, my vote will go towards not limiting named pilots in OP.
  9. What about a carrying case? The LCGs put out deck boxes, so a storage solution isn't necessarily out of the question. Compared to a game like Dust Tactics/Warfare, X-Wing has very few models. Of course, I'm probably just projecting my desire for FFG to have better box control as a whole onto this thread…
  10. I can't help but think that 5 Gold Squadron Y-Wing pilots with no ion cannons would still be a bucket of hull points and shields to deal with. I'd be tempted to try it just to see if they could win via attrition.
  11. My FLGS is hosting a 24 hour gaming event on October 20th-21st to support Extra Life, a gaming charity that benefits Children's Miracle Network hospitals. While many games are scheduled to be played, I know a lot of folks will be bringing X-Wing for open, casual play. For more information about the venue, check out javascript:void(0);/*1350189543326*/ and to learn more about Extra Life head to javascript:void(0);/*1350189572870*/
  12. Thanks for all the responses, folks. I have a few more games under my belt now and I'm still on the fence about this. We've got a big open play day coming up my FLGS and I'm going to test a few lists and talk shop with some of the other players and see how they feel after we duke it out for a few hours. There's definitely a concern that we had a collective knee-jerk reaction, but the folks I play with are very sharp and our group has experience with a lot of board and miniatures games. The fact that we all had the same thought after our first few games is something that, at the very least, warrants closer inspection. In any case, what we decide to do in our backyard is certainly not going to be the standard for everyone else. The purpose of this post was to query my fellow pilots and see what their thoughts were and what their experience has taught them. It might just be that the lack of transparency in how named pilot's point values are decided irks me because of my experiences with other games. It's also possible that I haven't flown enough sorties to see the named pilots fall short. If that's the case, then I'll end up loving this game even more.
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing unique models rather than pilot cards. For example, custom painted versions of Luke's X-Wing or Black Squardion TIEs with squadron markings.
  14. Tournament play for this game seems pretty straightforward, but my local play group has been batting around the idea of a persistent league and I figured I'd see who else might be entertaining the idea and how folks are going about doing it. We'd like to set up a series of battles where the Imps and the Rebs can gain territory, plunder each other's resources and just generally scrap it out before hosting a huge mega battle event centered around the Battle of Endor (one of out players is working on a second Death Star infrastructure table). Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?
  15. I've been discussing tournament/league set-up with some of my fellow local players and there've been some concerns about folks showing up with squadrons of nothing but named pilots. It seems that in almost every case, a named pilot is worlds better than the generic counterparts without really making up for it in points cost. As an example, the Obsidian Squadron Pilot is 1 point more than an Academy Pilot for 2 points worth of improved Piloting. A Black Squadron Pilot is another point more than the Obsidian Squadron Pilot and gains an additional point of Piloting and the ability to take Elite Talents upgrades. Night Beast is 1 point more expensive than the Black Squadron Pilot and gets the extra Piloting skill point, but also a unique ability which is arguably way better than the ability to take an upgrade or even get another point added to the Piloting score. This kind of imbalance in the points scale had my group talking and we've begun to discuss how we might introduce certain limits on what players can field for events at our FLGS. The general consensus so far is that allowing 1 named pilot per squadron is the best way to assure that folks are winning because of their skill and luck with the dice rather than by min/maxing the best combo of named pilots. TL;DR - The named pilots are imbalanced as far as their points are concerned and out group is contemplating limiting how many can be fielded in a 100pt tournament. Thoughts?
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