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  1. Thanks to both of you! I have the tool a bit stopped... I'll try to push it further (and fix those nasty bugs). It always helps to see it is useful to people!
  2. Thanks to both of you. Soon, I'll be retaking the development of A:U to fix the bugs and finish the elements it lacks right now. I'll take note of separate the name generator by region, of course The Ki problem is a known bug. The Unarmed thing is not exactly a bug: it is more something I have yet to implement (as it is not the same as other weapons exactly).
  3. Some recent changes. New features: Now the applications paginates the characters, and they can be sorted by name, race, class, user and level. Also, they load faster. You can minimize sections in the character sheet clicking on their headers. You can now access the natural bonuses window from the secondary abilities section. When starting generation, you can now select initial race, class and level. Bug fixes: You can now choose correctly all natural bonuses, freelance bonuses and natural skill bonuses for all the levels. Fixed the loading of characters with magic paths without a sub-path. Arcana Sephira should now be always visible, although sometimes scrolling its window will be neccesary. Races and classes are setting correctly again their innate bonuses. Equipment can now be sold. Initial WP at initial levels higher than 1 are now being calculated correctly. You can now choose correctly all natural bonuses, freelance bonuses and natural skill bonuses for all the levels. Now I am working on generating a printable character sheet.
  4. While the crowdfunging is slowly cooking, I continue with Anima: UNICO. First, the list of initial weapons now appears correctly in english. A potentially polemic change in armor. The application was calculating wrongly armor combinations. After checking the right way with Anima Studio, I have fixed it: now you can equip as many armor layers as you want, but for each Armor Type you will get the benefits of only three layers (at most). And a very much needed change in the character server. Now the applications paginates the characters, and they can be sorted by name, race, class, user and level. Also, they load faster. And, of course, the new logos:
  5. As you may have seen, this last month the development of Anima: UNICO has slowed down a lot. That's the thing about hobbies: they get the last spot on the priority queue. I would like Anima: UNICO to get to a better position in that queue. And, for that, it has to rise from "hobby" to "work". And, nowadays, that means CROWDFUNDING! Soon (I'm still missing some pieces) I'll launch a crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo, with the objective of speed up the development of Anima: UNICO, and in case the campaign goes extremely well, to expand a little its scope. This community has given me a lot of support, and I would love to hear your opinions and suggerences.
  6. After a bit of time off, I am back to the work with Anima: UNICO. New updates soon!
  7. First, thanks for the kind words! Second, yes, everything will be translated. The translation is a bit back of the spanish version right now, but it will catch up.
  8. Since my last visit, I have added to Anima: UNICO: Dominus Exxet: Weapons, armors, weapon modules for martial arts, invocation seals Arcana Exxet: New Psychic disciplines
  9. Magic Theorems and Mental Patterns added. Also, some missing bonus for the Summoner.
  10. I have added magic sub-paths now. Also, I have changed the "copy" button in the save dialog. It now opens a full window from which to copy with Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C.
  11. First, a big thanks for the detailed report. That really helps a lot. Second: the "download" link is very poorly supported. It should work on chrome, but it does not work well. I plan to change it or remove it, and allow saving to server or by copy and paste. Third: If you can send me the first.animaUnico file (to animaunico at helechaloscuro.net) I can debug them. I must confess I am not being very strict with the saving, and some of the new features may have broke that function until I add them. Fourth: another thing you can try to see if something is failing (in chrome) is pressing Ctrl+Shift+i. That will open the web console. Any errors found when loading will appear there. But it will be easier if you send me the file. You don't have to apologize for the criticism: it is totally valid. I'll fix this as soon as possible, but then again, I still consider Anima: UNICO a beta release but I am getting there...)
  12. My main browser is chrome, under windows. What seems to be the problem when saving?
  13. Metamagic Spheres added. Enjoy. Latoshi, I may contact you later. Thanks for the offer.
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