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  1. Thanks for the answer, the card still having use makes sense then.
  2. In the new skirmish mode is "Mirumoto's Fury" a card with no effect? Or do provinces that are not destroyed provinces count for its effect? I noticed it was not on the ban list so it made me wonder.
  3. I moved from the all expansions camp over to the one expansion at a time for a less diluated experience a while ago but I still use the gimicks that work with everything (madness/injury, relationship cards, personal stories etc.). Playing the game solo (I often do these days) it adds plenty for me to keep track off with 4 investigators in play so I do know your pain. I use the markers that game with the game put dont do anything as memory aids as well as a diffrent colored six sided dice. Without another player to help you remember what you are doing, its very easy to go make a cup of coffee and then screw things up when you return (not remembering the exact phase or what action you where doing). I use the six sided dice to tell me what phase it is and I refuse to flip it over to a new number until I am sure I got everything done (I check mythos cards in play every single turn among other things). I also use the markers to track who´s turn it is (or what they are doing) as well as putting one on whatever I fear I will forget (the doom card, or a particular mythos card, monster with special ability etc.). In a multiplayer game, the same system is not needed all that much but it can help. Expecially tossing a memory aid on things that are likely to slip by otherwise (Mythos cards or other things that cause out of sequence effects). After a very short while you will be done asking yourself "why did I put that there" enough times that you can not forget. The dice oddly, has helped me cement what rules are important at what points, I seem to remember that "Dice showing 2 is important to mythos card in play" much better then "I need to remember that if I make a sneak check I have a +1 modifier", normally I will have forgotten all about it when I try to sneak away from a monster (after fighting another one). It feels a little silly too try to explain, its a visual thing, most likely I will look at the glance at the dice a couple of times out of habit (and that will keep it fresh even if the movement phase is a long one with alot of unrelated activity).
  4. A skirmisher infantry for example, could be considered to even wear the same armor as a red unit, but operate in smaller numbers and being more dispersed. This type of formation, covers more ground (staying in formation slows units), is used to fighting dispersed (wont miss the lack of mutual support from harsh ground like woods) and is expected to fulfill a particular role (flanking, rushing into places, or simple reconesence). They still take the same amount of space (4 units in a hex) but each figure could be assumed to have less fighting potential then a red one. This type of unit could be elite rather then new recruits, but becouse it serves a particular function its designated green. Maege Mormont (with her green infantry) is a good example of this (expecially with her ability to attack twice). Most likely the the low number of her elite bodyguards is what causes them to take such heavy casulties from attacks (even a few kills will increase the proportion of casulties making them the equivilant of a green unit). For the most part however, we can still assume that lighter armor or heavier armor is what causes the change. This is one of the things I really love about this game. It deals with rather complex millitary considerations (diffrent troop qualities) in a simple way that isnt burdened with extra rules but still gives you all the tactical potential of having unit variety. Even if heavy units have the most staying power, then armies (on purpose and not due to lack of equipment) used a mix of units to give them tactical flexability on the battlefield.
  5. You can also play a skirmish with 2 commanders, and divide them among you. That means you have to share some decisions with your team mate (using order tokens and usually who gets the 3rd card), but there is nothing that suggests this approach wont be fun despite both members of each team being co-dependent. You could also do the same for any scenario involving 2 commanders per side, although you will end up with more uneven amount of troops that way (in most cases). The multiplayer rules that are on the way, work similar to this (as far as I have seen from previews), but are more formal and structured on who gets access to what.
  6. This is my favorate 2 player game out of all my board games. Its still a "war" game, so not the best pick if your regular gaming partner has something against them. The Core set will give you a full game, with endless hours to enjoy, so its not dependant on the expansions (although they are great). With expansions you can look into adding more players soon (Baratheon army expansion will have rules for more then 2 players) and alot more unit variety. I would rate the game as a medium in complexity, the rules themselves are not that hard to follow (my 8 year old understands the bulk of them) but the choice of decisions you have can be agonizing (and thats where the game is brilliant). The theme is done really well, so it feels very much like it takes place on the continent of Westeros. If you are looking for a solid 2 player game, with interesting tactical choices and plenty of variety (scenarios and skirmish rule from just the core set), you simply can not go wrong with this game.
  7. Just wanted to share my apprication. While this thread/list has not been updated in a while, I know that Robb has been busy providing alot of answers for the community so we do in fact have official rulings on most (if not all current) things. If you are new or considering getting the game, know that its been well supported (as well as being an awsome game in the first place).
  8. This article is sweet. Wont be any 3 way battles, but at least intergration with the previous expansions seems to be superb.
  9. I like the premium banners, but I would not call them critical. It is a good idea to wash them before applying the stickers on, they tend not to stick well. I bought a second premium pack since I decided (later) that I wanted them painted before applying stickers to them. They are nice, I dont regret owning them, but I would never feel compelled to buy them since the base game banners are quite functonal and sturdy.
  10. To be clear, the core set is a complete game and you can get away with not expanding at all for a long time, that being said then you are not going to have any regrets expanding with the Wardens. Wardens flesh out both factions with more unique units and good scenarios. The only downside is that both of the warden packs are pretty independent of each other, so you get very few chances of using stuff from both in a scenario. The skirmish game opens up however with alot more options and troop variety. Becouse the Wardens expand the core units, I would go for them first. The Allied expansions (Lords of the River and Tribes of the Vale) also increase skirmish potential and have a ton more scenarios, the brotherhood without banners has a very good scenario (that uses all previous ones) but feels like the least critical out of the bunch. It seems like that the newest expansion (Baratheon) will use everything that came before it for the Alliance battles, so owning everything will be a plus in the long run.
  11. Making green units not take a penalty for being in rough terrain is actually a very clever rule to simulate what kind of troops they are. Green units with their speed and general lack of staying power are basicly scouts and skirmishers, troop types that need to make good use of the land and their own mobility. Battle of the Teutoburg Forest is a good example of light troops (Gauls) slaughtering heavier units (Romans).
  12. I hope they keep releasing more expansions, Ive been noticing the absence of that giddy feeling that comes with opening a new AH box and wondering whats in it.
  13. I hope these stay available for a long time. Arkham Horror has a very special place in my heart as the game that got me back into board games. But the price (cost, shipping, plus taxes and import duties to Iceland) makes it a pipe dream unless I convince my family (and I need the girls to get older and get them playing it for that to happen). One day I would love to have these, but its hard to justify when I could get several board games for the price of just the investigators.
  14. I´m pretty excited about this title and wish we had a release date on it. Blood Bowl: Team Manager took me by suprise and turned out to be a great game (I normally dont go for card games). Over xmass the family got itself a full band setup for guitar hero so the theme is sorta fresh for the kids. This game does remind me of an old computer game called "A Rockstar Ate My Hamster" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_Star_Ate_My_Hamster so I know I have enjoyed this concept before and pretty good things can be done with it. Hopefully it will live up to my expectations.
  15. While where this topic is going has some merit (on how its become easier to be a shut in hermit if you happen to want to be), there are alot of people that prefer solo games due to time constraints and lack of interested players. I can play a solo game of Arkham Horror in spurts and finish it in a week if I just want to sit down with it after a work day (12 hours), I´m assuming this would suit alot of other people in a similar situation (lack of time). There is a big appeal in the low time investment needed for single player gaming, locating new players, setting up a time with them and playing a whole game through might not fit everyones agenda (spouses, freinds, kids and reletives might eat up to much with other activities). I´m lucky enough to have gotten most of my freinds to try and enjoy my hobby, I also have kids that enjoy games and a wife that plays some games on occasion (including Arkham wich she is fond of). I still find myself sitting down for a solo game of Arkham, or take a trial run on games I havent managed to play enough (RuneWars included) on my own. Way back in the day, I would ignore my freinds asking me to come out , only to to have a good solo session of gaming with my Sinclair Spectrum 48kb, so I dont think we are seeing a new trend with human nature. Sometimes solo is good., Skyrim is a good example of a rare direction actually, its a solo game where most games today tend to focus on multiplayer (with strangers or freinds). Just my two cents into the pot.
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