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  1. Im thinking of making a tournament with my 3 friends who also play. We are going to chose one faction of the four: 1 Bauhaus, 2 Capitol, 3 Brotherhood or 4 Algeroth-or-Ilian, and then stick to that faction for four games to come. By this we will be great at our team both in attack and in defence and relate to our team. I thinking of that you only get Point out of what you kill. Gold3, silver2 and broze1 point. We play 7/7/7 mostly, but now we will only play 1 player againt 1, and notice thepoints out of that. Yoy keep the guys you have left and fill it woth new points of a falling calue 6/6/6, 5/5/5, 4/4/4, 3/3/3 and then your out if you havent gived up allready. Last, only one will win the tournament. In-game we will use victory zones, but only the Relic will generate Points. The rest is only for function. Lok forward to game this campagne.
  2. Sorry, for my aggressivness, I was only trying to say that I reckon this game will soon be an obscure ounderground game, a game for only those few that acctually bought the stuff that soon will not be able to buy. And if the cost 7$ I didn't see any reasons left for not buying into the game - if you're intreseted in this game, which you seem to be. I want this forum full of gusy who got lots of stuff and play campains and tell us all about it! Sorry again.
  3. You are looking for a good deal, man this is plain consumtion. Buy what you like, the shipping is HOME TO YOUR HOUSE, STRANGER. Then, enjoy or miss off - since there will be discussion for newbees and a parallel between those who own the markers, minis. Get LL and play it forever. Buy the rest at 7$ what is the deal?
  4. http://www.mutantpedia.com/eng/Links.html Fansites to the FFG game? Man, you ask too early, you have to wait a couple of years for more of those. Hehe we are going retro!!! =P
  5. www.mutantpedia.com/ http://www.mutantpedia.com/eng/index.htm This is a great link for anyone intrested in the lore and fiction of the MC universe. Check out the english site, and then the documents PDF files for all there is to MC.
  6. The Lost Legion also include lots of cards which are essential for advanced gaming. get it. This is the order I bought things and how i expanded this game until today: First I bought overlords and rangers to flesh out the capitol and algeroth figs you allready have. second, i bouth the techron and the banshee expansion, and both Ilian expansions, Karak for the mini and golem for the cards ofc. Get them. then I ordered two Lost Legion packs all the way to Sweden, EU. I havent regret that buy since, and I am a student too. My friends love capitol and bauhaus (i got the venusian guys next after i got LL.) Then I ordered all the BrotherHood stuff along with Nectrotech and the buahuas venusians. We play this game 2 versus 2 : cap+bau vs al+il(including corrupted BL:s) on a 7/7/7 x4 point game (team human:14/14/14 vs team mutant 14/14/14), with a last-man-standing way to win = you cant win on points at all. Last mini left wins. Last out I entered the competition to win the Ilian expansion: the cursed and undead legionaries, but i lost the competition and got no minis. It kinda suck! release the Ilian expansion FFG!!!
  7. Slovotsky said: Or split them amongst their friends who also play. Or keep them, as a true fan would
  8. Or keep them, as a true fan would
  9. Oh, I forgot! We allways skip the option of winning by points. We allways play it until LAST MAN STANDING!!! So, the victroy zones are only used for the tactics. I recommend this. It takes a little more time, kills the anticlimax of winning with victroy points when the fun is at top! And it is great when there at the end is only minis from one (or two co-ops) of the factions left alive. What a triumph! At one point, only Nichodemus was left alone - the last man standing, after killing the last 3 Technomancers. LoL. Good game.
  10. Hi, I have tried a couple of times to play this great game in both a 3 player and also a 4 player mode. And it has worked out just great! When playing 3 players, we played two vs one player with two placing their minins in the same deployment zone. They played two different factions (in this case, Capitol + Bauhaus vs. Algeroth) with 5/5/5 + 5/5/5 versus 10/10/10. With this constellation, the player who played solo did his two activations of two minis, as usual, but in the case of the co-ops, they only had one actiovation each - as if they where playing one faction together. They could differ who would activate his mini first though - for more flexibility. This was a good rule, since it needed the co-ops to talk and work togherther. Lots of fun! We have also played the same way, 3 player, with Algeroth 6/6/6 + Algeroth 6/6/6 vs Brotherhood 12/12/12 - where the co-ops controlled one mutant troop led by Golgotha and the other one led by Alakhai! Nasty! And Capitol + Capitol vs. Bauhaus with the same 6 +6 vs 12 army building points. When we played 4 players we did it 2 vs 2, in a human vs mutant/demon battle! With a slight modification, thoo = lots of corrupted brothers, led by Karak! ;D We played Capitol + Bauhaus vs Algeroth and Ilian, in a 4 x 6/6/6 game, where Bauhaus where first player. We managed the playing order of activation of two minis, that second player allways was a demon faction, followed by the other human and then the last demon faction. The 1st player was changed two times, and the same order of players followed so that Bauhaus allways was followed by the same demon player (in this case Ilian). This worked out for us. And my friends absolutly love this game! Now (here comes the altruistic social move), have you got any good or bad experiences playing 3 or 4 players??? Please share it.
  11. OoooohhhMG!!! FFG and FFG-Brian, you are the greatest!!!! I will love-bomb your inbox for weeks to come ;P One happy summer after all.
  12. de99ial said: Mutant2089 said: Hm, you have a strange attitude... but I like it! The MC curse moves in strange ways, so why not - If I think it - it exists. Well in my country its rather popular attitude. For example Media Markt closed they stores just for that they could open them in next day. And it goes big campain "New Opening MM store!!". So i thinked that why not make that way with some miniature game? Sold out old models, closed line and then - BAM! we got a new producct for You! About MC curse - i think that KULT curse is stronger (same creators). I think the stores call it closing time. Stores in Sweden also close at night, and open in the morning with the same products for sale. It is not ony a polish thing ;P
  13. Hm, you have a strange attitude... but I like it! The MC curse moves in strange ways, so why not - If I think it - it exists.
  14. I will for sure test this rules, I think they are great and possible the best home-brew next to the Imperial faction stuff also posted here somewhere. As soon as my brain is able to add even more rules, I will. Noob I am, at his point. As you more or less say, noone uses their leaders and commanders as cannon fodder anyways - that is what the bronze guys are for. But i think a witch hunt diskussion is in place, and now I know your solid opinion. I agree. Thanks for sharing.
  15. The rules are smart, but I fear that the game effect would end up in you having to protect the leaders instead of being able to use them to their full potential, since the enemy will start out hunting and killing off the leaders one by one. It might become a witch hunt that in the end could result in no commanders sett in play. But I might be wrong.
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