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    You, my friend, are a legend.¬†ūü•á
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    Jareth Valar reacted to RLogue177 in Spec/Talent Sheets   
    And here they are. The specs from the Rise of the Separatists book.
    All of the Clone, Jedi, Republic, and Outcast specs are in one .pdf. I put Scavenger In the Universal Specs docs. I was going under the assumption that FS Outcast is specific to the time period - as in an outcast from the Jedi Order - and the Scavenger spec is more just a generic scavvie type being that could be useful in any time period.
    I do not have the book (yet). Can someone tell me if there are Signature Abilities for the Jedi and Clone Soldier careers? Also, is there a new Force power in the book?
    Clone Wars Era Specs (Rise of the Separatists)
    See the links on the first page for the universal specs for Scavenger.
    Also, while putting these together, I realized several older specs had Improved Parry and Improved Reflect colored as passive talents. Those have been corrected.
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    Jareth Valar got a reaction from Rithuan in Rise of the Separtist's release date?   
    One other possibility is if the Spec offers Tricky Target, allow the basic Barrel Roll to be taken instead.
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    Jareth Valar reacted to RLogue177 in Moof Milker universal spec   
    "Some moof milker put a compressor on the ignition line."
    So, since moof milkers are obviously a thing, I decided to give a go at creating a universal spec for them. I hope I am capturing the essence of what it is to be a...

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    Jareth Valar reacted to Ghostofman in I want to be able to go to a store ask for the Star Wars RPG and they can point me at a single book called the Star Wars RPG   
    Not entirely true, but I get the opinion...
    Now however? All the force powers and talent trees are available online...all three cores use the exact same rules... There's nothing preventing you from getting the EotE core, the FaD GM kit, DLing the trees, dumping Obligation and just giving them the XP/Credits, and... you've basically got everything you need to go full spectrum on a budget.
    If you want help, we'll help. If you've come to cry, might I suggest the local pub? The booze is better there.
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    Jareth Valar got a reaction from Underachiever599 in The Count Dooku-Yoda Conundrum   
    How about it just being the narrative effect of a triumph `gramt the charactera significant advantage` He distracted Yoda for 1 round giving him a chance to get away.
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    Jareth Valar got a reaction from DarthHammer in Force infused weapons   
    I thought the great Tramp was never wrong?¬† The OP is referencing a¬†Power. You are referencing a¬†Weapon. While the Power does reference a walking stick for the Jedi Master mentioned above, it also references jaw bone swords and infers many others. Very first sentence " Force Weapon was a force ability that allowed...."¬†ūüėĀ
    As for the OP, as of yet, no, there is no force power that directly allows this to the best of my knowledge.  There is Conjure that lets you summon a spectral weapon. You could possibly modify that one relatively easily to facilitate a Force Weapon ability mentioned in your link.
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    Jareth Valar got a reaction from RLogue177 in Printable Cheat Sheets for SWRPG - Half & Full Page   
    These are great, though I was a little crest-fallen after seeing "half page" in the title and finding only the basics. Our group went to Digest/statement/half-letter/5.5"x8.5" a while back for footprint management. It's been a real challenge using a shrunk down OggDudes and RLogue177's sheets (half the group need at least 11pt font lol), and I wish I had half the creative/aesthetic talent to do my own.
    Either way, great work. The rookie looks like it will resize nicely.
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    Jareth Valar got a reaction from Aggressor97 in Shipwright: Wait‚Ķ.. What?   
    You are, of course, more than welcome to run your games in any way you wish and I hope it works well for you and you players.  However, this is a House Rule if you do.
    Reason being is common sense and the lack of need to reprint the most basic fundamentals of the game system (to save space and provide new content).  Since there are no actual examples of item creation in any of the Crafting sections (Special Modifications, Keeping the Peace, Force & Destiny Gamemasters Screen, Endless Vigil, or Fully Operational) one has to look at the rules as they have been presented so far.
    First, in Step 3: Construction, the player must make and succeed in a check from the associated table.  What is a skill check and how do you make one? Pages 30 and 31 of the Age of Rebellion Core Rules describe, in detail how that occurs and the order of operation.  Early in the book it breaks down over a page and a half how the basic mechanics of skill checks work (pages 30-33 if you wish to include all skill checks, but only the basic skill checks are important here I believe) and here it specifically mentions "each Threat symbol cancels one Advantage symbol".  OK, basics established.
    Two, since the basic skill check does not include tables for optional uses of Advantage and Threat (ignoring Triumph and Despair since, as you mentioned are not integral to the discussion) we shall look at the wording in the first section to include tables, Combat pages 217&218 to be exact. Notice that they re-iterate the basic mechanics, but do not go into as much detail on how to perform a check, assuming you have read the fundamentals earlier.  However do note one thing, verbiage and descriptions do change.   First under step 4 Resolving Advantage and Triumph it states "...the player controlling the active character determines how his character spends Advantage or Triumph..." Then under step 5 Resolving Threat and Despair is states "...the GM then determines how any Threat and Despair are spent...".  The same basic "This/Then" wording as in the Crafting rules, not that unique.  By your interpretation, Combat should also not follow the basic skill mechanic.
    I have no problem with the rules generating more interesting results, heck I have players that often suggest far more interesting ideas for the encounter than I do.  However, saying that something does/doesn't work by the same basic mechanics as the rest of the game because 'I think it's cooler that way' and 'It doesn't state it doesn't work the way I think" doesn't mean it does work that way.
    I'm not saying you are wrong in how you handle this in your game, House Rule away (I have a few of my own), but to try and hair split on wording that has pretty much been copy/pasted since Crafting rules have been added and say that's how they should be seems , to me at least, deliberately obstructive.
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    Jareth Valar reacted to RLogue177 in Spec/Talent Sheets   
    This morning I took some time to redesign my redesigned character sheets. The main focus was to put all the skills into one vertical list while maintaining differentiation between the different skill types. Once that was done, I found I had lots of room to make four separate weapon blocks and move the armor block to the front page from the rear page. On the rear page, that left more room for a larger equipment block.
    Core-combined character sheet redesign front and back
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    Jareth Valar reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    Jareth Valar reacted to tehRJ in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
    well I guess I should toss this up here.  This is how my last session wrapped up with my players.  They walked into a cantina, and they asked "hey can it be some kind of Space Elvis bar?"  I said, suuuuuuuuuuuure.  So what was the most ridiculous thing I could have singing and dressed as Elvis??  (also yes, the Quarren has a fake mustache).

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    Jareth Valar reacted to denzuk in new HWK-290   
    Hi, my first post here, but I kind of feel I should share my recent work in this exact thread that inspired me some time ago.
    I did an exercise of recreating a HWK-290 floor plan in LEGO, minifig scale, to verify how much space would we actually have and how the interior could be organised. The full work product here: http://grzeszczuk.net/hwk-290.pdf
    And some teaser pics attached.
    I'm open for a discussion, if you have some comments/ideas. Frankly speaking, we do not have much in the floor plans department in the official FFG materials, so it is more of an improvisation. I already got the response, that well, the layout is fine, as well as we consider only people and cargo, but where would those 3 months of consumables for 4 persons fit - and I yet have to figure out, if some of the containers I put there is enough to store it now, or should I need to reduce the fore cargo hold and put a bit vat or two there, with some components for the kitchenette, or the expanded fresh water tank.
    Anyway, please take a look, and share your comments.

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    Jareth Valar got a reaction from Kabal in PC intelligence dossier   
    Take a look over on the D6 Holocron. I've been using variations of the ones in Cracken's Threat Dossier, Wanted by Cracken, and the like.
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    Jareth Valar reacted to player2784035 in PC intelligence dossier   
    Never used imgur before. Any and all feedback very, very welcome. 
    Obviously there’s a load of content in there that should mean an awful lot to my players. It’ll be a good laugh for them to see it from the perspective of the Empire, trying to make sense of all the players adventures over the last 15 years!
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    Jareth Valar reacted to Ni Fang in Ship art   
    Oh man I'd kill for something like that! But pack those star destroyers with A-Wings......
    ....... What ?
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    Jareth Valar reacted to Ni Fang in Ship art   
    Now YOU also got me drooling  thanks much!
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    Jareth Valar got a reaction from KRKappel in Rise of the Separatists Era Book   
    That would be Gank from Lords of Nal Hutta
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    Jareth Valar reacted to Nytwyng in Another Character Generator   
    I noticed that irony: with quite a few people asking over time for OggDude to make it open source, they all seem to shy away from starting from scratch, citing the amount of work it would take.
    But...isn’t that one of the points of doing it open source? To spread the work load among more people?
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    Jareth Valar reacted to Kaigen in Another Character Generator   
    Clearly you folks just need to start an open source character generator on Github and enlist every person in this thread who's ever asked OggDude to make it open source to help. Combine it with harvesting all the data in the app already (like the makers of this webapp did) to overcome the "depth of material" problem and I bet you'll catch up in no time.
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    Jareth Valar reacted to warchild1x in Another Character Generator   
    Generally I find the open-source cries tend to get louder when Oggy is on a extended leave due to his real-life commitments.
    Patience, young padawan. Or as others have said, start working.
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    Jareth Valar reacted to Ni Fang in Another Character Generator   
    Well said Talkie Toaster, very well said. I think Oggy here is scared of letting out the code not because its a huge mess, but because it simply works. He's scared, and might I add, rightly so, that if others poke at it, what works the way it does, wont work as it should and currently does.
    Aty least, that is how I see it. Dont get me wrong, people can indeed be jerks when it comes to quality coding, but for me, how Oggy got this generator working so well as it does, that in and of it self, is Kriffing Magic and its good enough for me
    So to that I say
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    Jareth Valar reacted to Xcapobl in "Suitably Modifed Body" (Cyphers and Masks)   
    I don't know. After the last 16 years of being a prison guard, used to frisking and visual cavity inspections I still tend to miss stuff like full body armor every now and then...
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    Jareth Valar got a reaction from RLogue177 in Spec/Talent Sheets   
    It was discussed a while back IIRC. I know from the first time I opened the book, our table scratched their head at it. I mean a Scoundrel/Thief makes WAY more sense than a Smuggler /Thief. Besides, the "Scoundrel" spec has Hidden Storage which sounds more "Smuggler"
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    Jareth Valar got a reaction from Richardbuxton in Spec/Talent Sheets   
    It was discussed a while back IIRC. I know from the first time I opened the book, our table scratched their head at it. I mean a Scoundrel/Thief makes WAY more sense than a Smuggler /Thief. Besides, the "Scoundrel" spec has Hidden Storage which sounds more "Smuggler"
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