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  1. I for one have (and continue to) support Sturn's stuff. We've been using it for quite a while now. It seems like it's got lots of fiddly bits, but it's surprisingly easy to use after you actually get to it.
  2. Current main ship for the group is a sil 5 Loronar medium freighter. Based off of the Smoking Blaster from old WEG stuff.
  3. Personally, I'd go with Squadrons. Like you said, it's more involving for the PC's. It is their story. In my game, I have a large battle set up where I plan on using both. Squadrons for the PC's and having the players help control the flow of battle through Mass Combat. Give them a bit more investment and immersion. Maybe something to consider, at least for a future encounter.
  4. RAW, no. It, like cover, grants defense. It has been a house rule at my table for a very long time that cover increases defense.
  5. True. Unfortunate thing about sense though...if it were actually common, we'd see allot more of it. 😉
  6. My thing with this is, that's pretty much a given in any and every RPG out there, not just this one. I totally agree, the GM away has that right, though not every GM chooses to exercise that right. I prefer to examine what is listed per the rules in these circumstances because I have always considered the GM Fiat as an obvious given. ðŸĪ·
  7. There is a talent that provides a character and a number of allies within range extra Soak is they are in cover. In that instance, definitely otherwise, as others have said, RAW says no.
  8. I also have been doing exactly this for quite a while for exactly the same reason.
  9. Lol. Now THAT'S an epic meeting of pot and kettle.
  10. That's actually funny. So they now have a "standard" Fang fighter now? With stats and all?
  11. Which is the direct result of a failed attack roll (or successful). Your claim was that there was no way to cause damage to an enemy on a failed attack roll. You were proven wrong on that statement. And as such, you are attempting to narrow your parameters. LOL Truly and totally pathetic. Tramp, You are absolutely right in everything you say..in your own mind. Enjoy your headspace, because noone else here does.
  12. Not all of them are area of effect. And since you love to argue mechanical RAW as you see them, there is no Blast effect to trigger. You can't say that it's effectively a Blast effect when the rules don't give it the Blast quality. I think I'm going to narrate something in my next session that a failed attack ricocheted off of the bad guys armor (due to Defense) and hit a computer terminal near by causing damage to the bad guy. JUST FOR YOU! In one post you argue your strict interpretation of things and the next you argue the effective semantics of things. I'd say you'd make a good politician, but I don't want to be that insulting to politicians.
  13. They couldn't be triggered if the character didn't attack. Hitting the power conduit beside an opponent and using Advantage to cause it to explode is the direct result of an attack. Narratively. the bolt missed the target (an attack, dummy) and hit something else which, luckily (due to advantage and/or triumph) caused damage to the originally missed target. Geeze, you're a freeking idiot. You will try and twist anything and everything to keep from being "wrong" and the only thing you do is show everyone you're not even worth conversing with, much less gaming with. I truly feel for anyone who has to tolerate your presence much less a conversation with you.
  14. I narrate how i see fit, as per the guidelines given for narration. I refuse to stick my head up my @$$ like you when it comes to this game. As for the soldiers charts for advantage, yes, it's an environmental effect that causes the damage, but it's an attack roll that the advantage comes from. So, whether the shot missed but caused damage by exploding a terminal it the player decided to do so with a successful attack because his weapon is to wee weak to do anything normally it's entirely up to them. How you want to interpret things for you is all well and good. You don't get to tell others they are wrong in how they run their game.
  15. I too use this often. It's one of my player favorite expenditure. He even used a despair to do 1 strain to a rival just to finish him off. Lol
  16. You're assuming it ever will.....😔😋
  17. Actually, I think it was Republic Representative (away from books at the moment). I remember it was one of the new specs because we had to add one for each knowledge skill in oggdudes
  18. What I was getting at was have Second Nature only work on a single once per encounter Talent, chosen when you take it. Same with Improved. As for an actual number of Talents that are once per encounter and session, there are quite a few spread throughout the books. At least I seem to recall as much...away from books at the moment.
  19. As for the question of what other specs to add to flesh out the Jedi, our group really likes Kuallan's Jedi Temple Guard and will be using that in our Clone Wars game. One of my players makes a really good point about adding another entry spec...Service Corp. A very generalist jack-of-all trades type spec. A little healing, a little social, etc. Maybe Well Rounded or 2 and possibly Well Traveled. Talents of that nature, but mostly stay away from combat, there's enough of that already.
  20. Off the cuff, I agree with others that Second Nature seems considerably powerful, especially as broad as it is. Perhaps, make Second Nature like some other Talents like Knowledge Specialization and Smooth Talker (yes I know they are skill related) and have the player choose a specific Talent they wish to be second nature? Or possibly, make it like a Natural Talent, letting them choose any one skill and possibly drop the improved version. Just random thoughts from my group while we break for food. ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ
  21. So then, why continue on with re-posting old points that have no meaning ad nausem? Let the thread finally move on.
  22. You are deliberately leaving out a major aspect of the combat roll that doesn't support your view... Successes from the combat roll also are applied to damage. Failures from the same said combat roll are applied to damage in the form of reducing extra successes, therefore extra damage. When are you going to get that not many, if any, either share your obsession with this pedantic nit picking nor do I think many care. Most are just tired of seeing your diarrhetic diatribe. Get over yourself. No one wants to hear it anymore. You keep on like repeating yourself will do anything other than satisfy whatever need you have to "hear" yourself speak.
  23. But he's an EXPERT! He said so himself, so it MUST be true. This is the internet. Besides, he was a combat Archer in the SCA. Who could possibly know more than him? He also wore armor in the military. He obviously knows more than the ones who design and make it! Don't you understand anything? 🙄ðŸĪŠ
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