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  1. Have done this repeatedly, which is where I know (for our group) something is missing from the current rules as-is. Been running this for over 2 years. Have a couple of player that have no problems just grabbing random NPC cards and ships and just experimenting. It's how we get used to new rules before bringing them in mainstream. For us, still needs something more, but YMMV.
  2. I can second this. All our group has done is add Snap Roll and our many starship battle have been much more fun. Our fighters have dominated in some, and have been dominated in others. All the rest have had a much more dramatic feel without excessive handwavium added. Narrative system - yes, but when you have rules that help suspend disbelief and help accentuate the narrative, it keeps you from needing to build a campfire and just listen to a story. True, you still have to set up the encounter correctly, but with the current system as-is, piloting skill matters for poodoo. (Leaving that statement there. Not going to re-hash THAT old argument :-P).
  3. Pretty much how we're doing our PC squadron. We have 4 PC's and when the squadron forms up it's each PC with 2 minions each.
  4. I, too, would love to try these out. We use miniatures A LOT (my entire table has a mixed background in miniatures) to represent just about everything. PM coming soon
  5. One of my personal favorites. Been in my games since WEG.
  6. Also, don't forget to add the pseudo cloaking device. I would imagine it would fall directly under the stygium cloaking device.
  7. Then don't look at Gambler, it'll make your head explode. 😋
  8. This thing is more than large enough to print as is, IMHO. I got mine done at Staples at just over 60% and it's still about a third larger than a standard game map/poster. Mine is about 46.5" x 30" (almost 1.2 m x .76m) wide and at full size is 70" x 45" IIRC (about 1.77m x 1.14m). I had to shrink mine down to fit the wall space I had and it's plenty big enough for us.
  9. Yup. Sounds good to me.
  10. In the original, the ECS lit up the whole area like a Christmas tree. You could add that the effect of the jamming, not the source, can be detected at stellar ranges. Perhaps add the boosted emissions to that?
  11. Either or really but the second one is a bit clearer. I understood that it was a penalty for the jabbing ship. I guess the confusion for my group comes from the fact that a ship trying to detect the jamming ship would upgrade their difficulty twice (this is the unclear part);but then add 3 boost dice. That's just a bit odd seeming.
  12. Clarification needed please. Electronic Countermeasures Suite, your change adds "Jamming causes Boosted Emissions". The way this reads is that anything within the ECS range is jammed and cannot be used but anything outside of it but within Short planetary range using passive sensors both upgrades their roll twice (difficulty or skill check) and adds 3 boost due to boosted emissions. I am guessing they upgrade their difficulty twice, but then adding 3 boost to that makes little sense. Is this boosted emissions just to detect the area being jammed or the ship itself (odd if the latter). Would suggest that the jamming area be able to be detected at stellar ranges maybe? but not the ship itself?
  13. What suggestions would you give for using the large grid map? How many grids for a regional, local etc.
  14. Sturn, as expected, these look well thought out and add just enough without bogging things down or losing the narrative of the game. A happy median I believe. One my group is out of the current Sturn we are in, I am hoping to really dig into these. And yes, I will be halt to provide feedback. Keep up the good work.
  15. Yup. Not unlike the double beheading in season 1 by the Inquisitor. Pull back to a blocked shot and show appropriately expressive (or non-expressive) faces and add appropriate sound effects for the desired effect. I personally prefer the many times to the graphic display. My imagination is usually far better than what is shown.