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  1. They have nothing on Palladium....not even a shadow of nothing....
  2. Jetpacks

    The Armor +1 and the HT/ST bonuses would be for the Jet-pack itself in case it is targeted.
  3. A Twi'Lek Question

    In this case, i think prehensile is used more for the fact that they have independent control over each one. They are used as a communication tool, having a separate language consisting of lekku movements.
  4. Ok Elias, you have awoken my curiosity. How would you write this as a modification? I know we'll have to wait till Fully Operational (finally!) hits the shelves, but any thought as to adding this to the crafting table? Double triumph.. Or more maybe?
  5. Reflect Vs Turbo Lasers

    I would still rather see reflected Starfighter fire than helicopter lightsabers.......
  6. Reflect Vs Turbo Lasers

    I posted this scenario to the boards and the Devs myself a while back. The 'official' word I got back is that Reflect was intended to be applied AFTER the multiplier, but you can certainly run it at you table that way if you wish. We have been using it at our table for quite some time where it is applied before. End result? Our Jedi still runs from vehicular weapons but can cover an escape for a hit....maybe two (low damage or poorly aimed ones).
  7. Ironman?

    If your GM will allow Rigger to affect a Jet Pack....
  8. Speeder Bike Upgrades

    Some are in Jewell of Yavin adventure as well.
  9. Space and Hyper Space Travel

    I concur with AceSolo5 and MasterZelgadis. I use all of these supplements and cannot recommend them enough.
  10. Starship Combat, impressions

    Have done this repeatedly, which is where I know (for our group) something is missing from the current rules as-is. Been running this for over 2 years. Have a couple of player that have no problems just grabbing random NPC cards and ships and just experimenting. It's how we get used to new rules before bringing them in mainstream. For us, still needs something more, but YMMV.
  11. Starship Combat, impressions

    I can second this. All our group has done is add Snap Roll and our many starship battle have been much more fun. Our fighters have dominated in some, and have been dominated in others. All the rest have had a much more dramatic feel without excessive handwavium added. Narrative system - yes, but when you have rules that help suspend disbelief and help accentuate the narrative, it keeps you from needing to build a campfire and just listen to a story. True, you still have to set up the encounter correctly, but with the current system as-is, piloting skill matters for poodoo. (Leaving that statement there. Not going to re-hash THAT old argument :-P).
  12. Rogue Squadron

    Pretty much how we're doing our PC squadron. We have 4 PC's and when the squadron forms up it's each PC with 2 minions each.
  13. I, too, would love to try these out. We use miniatures A LOT (my entire table has a mixed background in miniatures) to represent just about everything. PM coming soon
  14. Ships from other properties.

    One of my personal favorites. Been in my games since WEG.
  15. Sensors & Comms (Vehicle Ops Series)

    Also, don't forget to add the pseudo cloaking device. I would imagine it would fall directly under the stygium cloaking device.