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  1. Cheesey, but a fun movie of the time. Kind of a tween version of Top Gun. 😁
  2. Jareth Valar

    "For Pay" Medical Facility - Fair cost?

    You could always just buy an interrogation droid to be your doctor. It has Intellect 3 and Medicine 3 (higher pool than a medical droid). AND it could be useful in soooo many other instances....especially against those pesky stormtroopers.😈 It's also cheaper than a medical droid by over 2000 credits. 😎😜
  3. Jareth Valar

    Left side of the Gunner Tree?

    I've always thought of the door gunners from helicopters. They're constantly getting shot at. ****, gunners flak armor is almost tank like in its own right.
  4. 50 troops with full combat gear as Passengers, but the Enc states 750 (without passengers)
  5. Oh, on the note of Sil 4 ships cargo capacity, 500 isn't the largest. The Zeta-Class Heavy Cargo Shuttle in Dawn of Rebellion has 750.
  6. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    Ogg, Reinforced Armor Plating has an error, you have 3 Increases Hull Trauma by 1 Mods where the attachment has 2 Increase Hull Trauma by 3 mods.
  7. As for the design above, yeah, it's a horrible design (just me being a sarcastic a$$). Extreme to the max and would never be allowed in my game (nor even attempted by my players, they'd rather buy stock to blend in better) and no offense taken. As for the "meaning to offend", I'm good. Misunderstanding that just struck a nerve at the time. As far as I'm concerned, it's all good. Kaka occurs, clean up and move on. lol
  8. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    I wish I knew, this is 1 of the characters with the issue. The Stat Block is over the critical hit area for comparison.
  9. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    Yeah, the PC's show correctly in the Character Generator (with their appropriate attribute) but when I open them up in the GM Tools it reverts the Lightsaber skill to Brawn.
  10. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    Thanks for the fixes, and the oversight on my part. However, I wasn't clear on the GM Adversaries part. Specifically, I make certain NPC's as characters as well as keep stat blocks of the PC's for easy reference. However when I select a Nemesis-PC, it doesn't register any of the lightsaber alternate attributes.
  11. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    Well don't I feel sturpid. Should have noticed that. *face palm* Either way, very much appreciated and thanks again for all the hard work you do.
  12. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    What does that have to do with the price of spice on Corellia? 😶😋 Don't even know what bigtent is...aside from politics, but that doesn't sound right.
  13. First, I don't believe for a second that your time is any more or less valuable than Elias's time. To spout otherwise screams of arrogance, especially when you flatly tell him to "You should think about a solution rather than expect just me to,...", to something he, nor anyone other than you apparently, seems to BE a problem. If you don't like what's being done, go back to the original book or Houserule the Houserule. Second, let's take a look at the most extreme possible build for a Sil 4 transport, assuming as many Triumphs and Advantage to max out HP's and Attachments. The Sil 4 Transport starts with Hull of 25, Enc 20 and 17 HP. Assuming you add a HP in both the areas that allow it, it would be 19 (yes, I know I'm doing things out of order, but the math still adds up). So, taking the Single Ion Coil engines at 2 HP, leaves 17 HP gives it no Defense a Speed of 1 and 8 SS. Speed COULD be modded up to 4 and SS up to 20, but not very likely for both, but hey, it's an Intellect 7, skill 6 (with Cybernetic Upgrades) Hotshot/Gamble/Droid-tech/Cybertech with all 5 ranks of Second Chances, Supreme Double or Nothing, all 3 ranks of Eye for Detail and Unmatched Fortune, so the dice are his b***h, so all the mods. Now with Transport Hull (got more niftys) you get Armor 1 and Handling -2 maxed out again gets Armor 3, Defense 1 F/1 R, Handling -1 and needing only 1 Pilot. No HP loss there so still at 17. Now the Hull can give Integrated Systems (twice because it's a Transport) so we'll go with a Hyperdrive and Navcomputer. Now Assembly can net 2 more Integrated Systems, we'll go with a weapon emplacement and 1 extra cargo hold. Getting escape pods, a Life Support System and Basic Sensors for a total of 1 more HP leaves a whopping 16 HP left. That's 16 MORE cargo bays plus the 1 from earlier and the 20 it starts with that's a total of 4355 Encumbrance! It's obviously worse than you thought. Now final stats look like Sil 4, Hull 25, SS 20, Speed 4, Armor 3, Defense 1 F/1 R, Handling -1, 0 HP, 1 weapon system and Enc 4355. Now, the big thing is, what does that Enc mean? Let's assume the are hauling steamer trunks. Standard steamer trunk is about 3.35 Cu Ft and I'd hazard about enc 5. That's 871 steamer trunks at 3.35 CuFt each netting approximately 2917.85 Cu Ft of space needed. Assuming a 7 ft. ceiling that leaves about 20 ft by 21 ft needed for top to ceiling stacking. Since that's not really possible, I'll double the needed space to 40 ft x 40 ft. Not an extravagant amount of space really for a Sil 4 ship. Big problem here...it's unique, not very good for smugglers and with a capacity that big, it would be the envy of many a possible pirate. Another is no options to upgrade anything...ever. And lastly, the GM let them build it that way. Just because the rules do not expressly forbid it, common sense should step in at some point (like not allowing a Fighter to have the 45 possible SS , 57 Enc and Passengers of 49 in the core book) Third, many players may not be making spacestations and the like in their campaigns, but GM's might. FFG thought it important enough to add them in to the rules, so they should be gives as much weight as to the all important Sil 4 transport. Fourth, speaking of the Sil 4 transport. This ship seems to be of the utmost importance in your games, not necessarily everyone elses'. Our group has four Sil 3's and a Sil 5. It's been established lore for a while now (though I can't recall if it's been re-stated in canon, my time is too valuable to look right now 😋) that the Light transports were not the primary sources of hauling across the galaxy, usually small companies with small amounts of freight, smugglers and the like. They were a dime a dozen and no one looked twice at them...unless they stick out like a bloated pack mule in a room full of shetlands. My appologies if my tone is sarcastic, but it comes across that you seem h**l bent on telling Elias that what he's doing doesn't fit your game and it's his job to fix it for you, not yours. That bothers me, especially when Elias is doing 98% of all of this by himself with salamar_dree doing the bulk of the big build testing. Heck, the only thing I've contributed was "hey, appreciate the work you're doing".
  14. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    Tried sending this PM, but wouldn't send...odd. Hey Ogg, welcome back! Glad real life didn't wear you too far down. Hate to hit you right away with these, but figured you'd need to know about them, though you might already. SE-14C blaster pistol will not show the Custom Grip attachment as possible GM Adversaries are not registering the change in attribute for lightsabers (Makashi Technique, etc) Iron Body is reducing the Crit rating of ALL weapons, not just unarmed Integrated holsters are not adding the +4 Enc threshold nor are they allowing weapons of Enc 3 or less that have been stripped down or Jury Rigged to be included (Note: checked this in the pre-release, same thing) Just a few things I recently noticed and figured I'd save you some of the trouble of having to search the thread. Now, not necessarily an error of the program (probably user error but...) figured I'd direct you to it. Again, welcome back.
  15. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    Yup, it's there. I actually stay away from the xml files. Don't know what I'm doing so I only look to see if they are there or, like now, check if something is amiss. If I made them and they didn't show up, that's one thing, but they were there and attached (and printed) to characters/NPC's, now gone. Just odd. Thanks anyway.