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  1. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    First, much appreciated for the continued work. Second, however, Noticed an error with GM Grants for the Secs. I opened several saved characters and saw their spent XP totals were off, so I went to the GM Grants Specs section, and low and behold, the previously granted specs were unchecked. Normally, I would just re-select them and go on, however....there lies the bug. The section isn't allowing me to check any of the spec boxes. It clicks and highlights the Spec, but the box remains unchecked. This was tried with both old characters and new ones. Same on both.
  2. Jareth Valar

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    The first one has to come out before even considering the second one. 😏
  3. Jareth Valar

    PC intelligence dossier

    Take a look over on the D6 Holocron. I've been using variations of the ones in Cracken's Threat Dossier, Wanted by Cracken, and the like.
  4. Jareth Valar

    Hilt-masking kit ideas

    Current character has the same thing with a vibro sword, that way the energy cell won't appear out of place. Also has the Gene lock attachment to make sure no one else can pull the saber off. Since he has the broad saber, might see about custom making an attachment that runs a neon like glow along the vibro blade. That way when asked about the rumors of a lightsaber he can just let them see his "vibro sword". Lol
  5. Jareth Valar

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    .....of 2020 maybe.....??
  6. Jareth Valar

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    That would be Gank from Lords of Nal Hutta
  7. Jareth Valar

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    It was discussed a while back IIRC. I know from the first time I opened the book, our table scratched their head at it. I mean a Scoundrel/Thief makes WAY more sense than a Smuggler /Thief. Besides, the "Scoundrel" spec has Hidden Storage which sounds more "Smuggler"
  8. Having put over 11 years in adult male corrections and many....many....MANY....searches, (in short) there are pat frisk, to feel for anomalies which can move to a visual unclothed search if something seems amiss. Only a medical professional can get more....invasive in the search, which I have never seen them NOT find what they are looking for. Then again, I have only ever seen one with any surgical modifications for..transport. Most others trying to conceal go a more...unnatural route. As for this Talent, I'd go with the cybernetic possibly having some sensor baffling quality, but mostly, in reference to what Happy mentioned, just being able to put the level of distraction out of your mind and act normal. I was there when we had a transfer come in with almost 2 lbs of "gear" keistered in a condom and have seen X-rays of someone at a local county jail that had a .38 special hidden away...just hope he didn't get gas....?
  9. Jareth Valar

    Combined Character Sheet

    Very nicely done. I love the lightsaber aesthetic in the background. Plan on redoing a few character on this, thank you. As for OggDudes, we absolutely love it, I just hate having to re-print things when I spend experience so we just tend to use it to keep track of characters. Paper sheets and erasers for the win. ?
  10. Jareth Valar

    Character Sheet Re-imagined for Print

    As for the talent sheets, RLogue177 has done some awesome work HERE. Everyone in our group uses these.
  11. Jareth Valar

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    Happy, you're getting predictable. ?
  12. Jareth Valar

    Ship art

    You're trying to poke Ni Fang again aren't you... ? I've always liked AdamKop and ShogunEagles works. As always, thanks for sharing.
  13. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    Hey Ogg, would it be too much to ask or too difficult to add a GM Grant to allow Tinkerer to affect Vehicles/Ships? It was debated quite a bit a while back, and my table has been using it as a thing for a while. As I recall, a couple of others do/did too.
  14. Ah, the Dragoon, the (other than cost) "why have any other blaster..blaster?" Damage better than a Heavy Blaster Pistol (Dam: 7) and lighter (HBP is Enc: 2) while supposedly representing something between a blaster (Enc: 1) and a Carbine (Enc: 3). Our rules for the Dragoon were to increase Enc to 2 (average of a Pistol and a Carbine) and it is a Pistol that can use Ranged - Heavy, so only attachments that can be mounted on pistols will work.
  15. Jareth Valar

    Another Character Generator

    I have a couple on the page before this one for the Vehicle Crafting system.