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  1. Too bad... I wonder if I should get The Enemy Within now before it's too late...
  2. Forgive my most heinous thread necromancy, but the Witch Hunter saga is still not done yet :-) Audio Epics is now doing a crowdfunding campaign to be able to create a 10-hour dramatised audiobook version of the story. It's going to be epic! http://igg.me/at/witchhunter
  3. Well, thanks for the replies everyone! For the moment, we've decided to play Dragon Age, which is a fun, fairly straightforward system that ticks all the boxes of the groups' desires. It's grimy and European and it allows for investigative scenarios but combat does also allow the dwarf of the group to wade through enemies with his axe. I hope we'll return to WFRP at some point, though, since I'm so fond of it myself. While I enjoy Dragon Age as a GM, I do miss some aspects of WFRP, especially the setting. Dragon Age is inherently nowhere near as atmospheric in my opinion…
  4. I certainly enjoyed the Solomon Kane film. The soundtrack is particularly good and very fitting with a game of WFRP but unfortunately not for sale at all. You can find it on Youtube, though.
  5. I certainly enjoyed the Solomon Kane film. The soundtrack is particularly good and very fitting with a game of WFRP but unfortunately not for sale at all. You can find it on Youtube, though.
  6. I understand what Emirikol is saying but I'm just happy they want to play at all. I'm not going to push them into playing a certain way. In the end, the goal is to have fun, isn't it? Some good suggestions here, by the way. I like the idea of different risks such as insanity and mutation coming to the forefront rather than just getting killed by beastmen.
  7. I have a group of players who are also my best friends in life. Two of them play WFRP mostly for the atmosphere and the stories. The third one really loves combat and always plays as a heavily armoured dwarf (we've played other games before, where he also invariably chooses this role). I've found Warhammer can sometimes be extremely lethal. My party really doesn't enjoy that. More than that, they absolutely hate it. None of them likes rolling up a new character at all. In fact, they dislike any form of character creation. They just want the adventure to go on and have fun. I've been considering making a very simple adjustment to the combat system that would give the players a huge advantage over their adversaries. Quite simply, the idea is that the heroes stay exactly the same, but the NPCs and monsters are severely weakened by not adding toughness to soak or strength to damage. In other words, they only use the icon values on the cards from the Creature Vault. To at least compensate a little bit for this heavy loss, I would stop using henchmen. All NPCs and monsters are 'normal' versions. I do like the simplicity of it, but it might be a bit extreme. I wonder what the effects of this approach might be. I know combats would be much shorter, perhaps so short that a lot of monsters will die before they can even act. On the other hand, our dwarf will love pummeling enemies into a pulp and the other two players can concentrate on what they love most about the game: investigation, decision-making, acting out their characters. Is there anyone else who has tried this? (PS: Yes I am aware that Warhammer is a gritty world where you're supposed to fear death and life is tough ans short, etc. But I'm just thinking of what my group would enjoy most. They want to be heroes…)
  8. Doc, the Weasel said: Ludlov Thadwin of Sevenpiecks said: However, I am very disappointed that the game for the foreseeable future solely focuses on the rebellion era. I've never understood why this is an issue. With only a few exceptions, the elements of Star Wars are pretty consistent no matter what era you are in. Are stormtroopers really that much different from clonetroopers/sith troopers/republic soldiers/rebel soldiers/etc? Occasionally you have an odd element (Seperatist battle-droids, Yuuzhan Vong), but for the most part you just need: Good guy soldier Bad guy soldier Jedi Sith Bounty Hunter Scoundrel/Smuggler Noble Fringe Character/Scout Techie Droid It's all pretty much the same from there. Tatooine is always a desert. Coruscant is always a city. What else do you need? That's true but it looks like the core books aren't even covering all of those bullet points (Jedi PCs are left for the third book and I'm not sure Sith are even in at all), unless I'm mistaken. Also, when you look at it that way, it would make more sense for them to include soldier, bounty hunter, droid etc. templates with options for the GM and players to color them by timeline. And we're getting no lore or adventures for anything outside of the rebellion era. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate the rebellion, it's just that I prefer other aspects of the Star Wars universe and I see no reason why FFG would deliberately restrict the core products so much. I understand Star Wars is a vast universe with many facets, but perhaps a better approach would have been a fringe/smuggler/bounty hunter book, a soldier/noble book and a Jedi book, each of them covering all timelines in terms of lore and NPCs.
  9. My reaction is a mixture of excitement and disappointment. I'm excited that they're doing it and that they're taking the best part of WFRP3 (the custom storytelling dice) without a lot of the more cumbersome elements of that game. I'm also excited that it looks like they're going to have a great visual style, focusing entirely on painted artwork rather than movie stills. However, I am very disappointed that the game for the foreseeable future solely focuses on the rebellion era. This may shock some people, but it's actually my least favorite Star Wars era. Personally, I really just want to run an Old Republic game focusing heavily on the more fantasy aspects of Star Wars (ancient Jedi holocrons, Sith ghosts, things like that). Those elements are what I dig most about Star Wars and I'm afraid it's simply going to be impossible or at least unnecessarily hard to run a game like that in this system until… Some as yet unmentioned fourth or fifth installment of the system?
  10. For me too, WHQ is pure nostalgia and I have many fond memories of it. But one should be wary when it comes to nostalgia as it can really cloud your judgement. I'd say Descent is a much better game, even though I still prefer the look of the dungeon tiles in WHQ :-) The combat in Descent is simply the most fun in any game that I know, including every RPG I've ever played. I did have some problems with Descent, but it looks like the 2nd edition is going to address every one of those. I get the impression that this edition is going to feel more like a "journey in the dark" and a bit less like a tactical skirmish (like the first one did sometimes). Still, if you want the "adventure" feel, WHQ does have more of that flavour… But if you like combat and improving your character, Descent is a must-have game.
  11. I've still got a D&D game and a Dragon Age RPG going but I'm hoping to turn at least one of those into a Warhammer game :-) Very occasionally we'll play Descent or Runebound as well.
  12. Thanks for the overview, cpt. Fluffy! Epic Snotlings sound like the basis for one awesome adventure!
  13. Thanks for the review link (and for the wonderful compliment about our audio drama). I think I'm going to wait a bit before buying any of these expansions, but the review of Hero's Call already makes it sound worth its price, even if it only covered the player material. The way Ogres are handled in particular brings a smile to my face They have to eat a piece of meat every hour or suffer a penalty to all actions? This kind of stuff is where WFRP will always be cooler than D&D etc.
  14. I've been looking for reviews of Hero's Call but I can't find any. I'm wondering what this set offers and whether it would be interesting to me. The prospect of epic stuff and new playable races does look interesting. I'm also a bit curious about Omens of War and Lure of Power. On the one hand, I'd like to get the material for all 4 Chaos gods, but the additional rules in these expansions seem to me like they'd just be a burden. I prefer keeping things a bit simpler. Any opinions?
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