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  1. So I was going through the new rules and I came across something I’m unsure of. The rule states that it provides cover if you fire “through it”, but what if your models are in it. Is it considered “firing through” if the models are in it shooting out?
  2. SFC Snuffy has it right. Esty has all those sites and more in one place. Also Esty has an easier method for payment then most of those smaller companies. Ordered some large mushrooms and container housing units for a refugee camp on an alien looking forest planet. Throw in some scatter and you have a fantastic looking table. Just a touch of Felucia feels.
  3. The SSD, the Smurfy Star Destroyer Commanded by Smurf Vader. A Joke for the Joke of a ship. Serioulsy that ship is supposed to be more than 10 times the size of an ISD and it looks like it got pushed into a bath of ice water. Pathetically small!
  4. Well FFG jumped the shark. Yep, Armada is dying. Too bad, it was a good game. And as I said the model looks sad for its scale. Was looking forward to playing this fall but now I’m looking at my X-Wing wondering if second edition will make it fun again. Because this piece of crap is going to ruin the balance of the game and my enjoyment. Just lame.
  5. After playing Armada, which is like three dimensional chess compared to X-Wing, yes, X-Wing will still be playable. I’m sure FFG didn’t just throw this together in a few months, they’ve been planning this for a long time and have years of development testing to start off with. I left X-Wing for Armada when Armada came out because X-Wing was saturated with ship that had special rules for new ship alone and it threw the whole balance of the game off. Combine that with all the errat and FAQ that you needed to compile to even play properly it wasn’t as much fun as the first couple of years. Now I will be picking up the conversion kit to put my ships on the table. It will bring back players like me.
  6. ISB agents and maybe an Inquisitor? Grand Inquisitor?
  7. Well honestly that’s what happens with age. Also living in the desert by yourself after losing everyone you loved and your only goal in life is to protect a child you can’t talk to and he’s supposed to be the savior of the Galaxy. I’d say that’d change a man. Both versions of Obi-Wan are excellent and they represent Obi-Wan at different stages in his life. In his youth he was unstoppable with the chosen one as his Padowan. That’d make any man a little cocky and lighthearted. After the Clone Wars he was a more somber man. **** he became way more somber after the death of Satine and after Anakin fell he lost all his lightheartedness and then became the Obi-Wan we came to know in ANH. I think it all makes sense.
  8. I like everything said here. Of course we will have to wait a Long Time if any of these come but Obi-Wan is my favorite character and his Clone Wars persona is my favorite by far. Of course having him on the table means you will have to make a smart *** comment every turn and your skills at Trolling will need to be polished.
  9. Couple suggestions. Mandalorians; they have their own allegiances even if they worked for both the Empire or Rebels depending on the Clan. Scum; this also has a lot of wiggle room because again they have no loyalty to either of the current factions. Partisans; Hello, brutal squads willing to use whatever means necessary. Otherwise Prequels. Jedi other than Luke with more experience and Clones! Give me Fives!
  10. Funny, yes, I know there is a model that looks like the older man from Endor and he looks like Rex. I also know Filoni purposely designed Rex’s look on that actor to retcon Rex into the OT. So none of this is a surprise or new. The take away was to use Stormtroopers as Rebels in disguise and to have a “Rex” looking officer leading them. Shouldn’t be too hard to do but I I will have to look through my bits to find a head that looks like Rex. But let’s keep the positive feels coming.
  11. Good question, because Rex should be a Commander if he is released and he is better than an average Rebel. But FFG has been good about making Rebels Characters part of their games but that was when Rebels was still being made, now that the show is over I hope they don’t just stop that because there is just a treasure trove of stuff they can draw from. Like the Imperial Patrol Ship shown in the show, that would be perfect for this game, not to mention I would like a Kanan or Ashoka. Though painting any Rebel character is going to be a challenge because there’s so much color.
  12. So I have been mostly avoiding the FFG forum for a couple years because it gets toxic here (****, every part of the Internet is toxic) but I thought I’d share an idea and get some thought on it. So I was thinking of turning a unit of Stormtroopers into Rebels in disguise and was thinking of removing the unit leader’s head with an older bearded bald man and calling it Rex’s Specters. May not be tournament legal but it’s super canon for Rebels to go undercover and if no one did it it would be a shame. Thoughts?
  13. Yes but that’s the issue. A smart company would realize that players in Miniature Games need terrain and will produce themed terrain. But FFG is a game company that only dabbles in Miniature Games and so far their record for mats and terrain has been atrocious. (Yes they now have mats but it took years for them to realize they need to make them and when they did they did the lame method of releasing them late as **** and then made 3rd party mats illegal for tournaments after everyone bought them. Just lame as ****.) Like an F on the grading scale. So their rules are great but the follow through is amateur level.
  14. Now I will start with saying I am looking forward to Legion, like a lot. That said I have some concerns. In my experience with Miniature Games, and it is a long extensive history, the vast majority of companies fail at making terrain for their games. As someone who loves to get into these games this is a Huge turn off for me and knowing FFG they will absolutely fail hard at this and we will be relying on 3rd Party Companies to fill in for FFG’s failure to understand what Miniature Games are supposed to be, a fully immersed hobby. Instead they will suggest cardboard templates like in IA and then try and sue anyone making terrain from a 3rd Party. My hope is that FFG and Disney will stay the **** out of the way and let these companies fill in what FFG won’t actually do. But if we look at X-Wing and Armada 3rd parties did make 3D terrain and they got sued by FFG to stop but FFG still has done nothing to fill that gap. So FFG if you are not going to make quality Terrain for once stay the heck out of the way and let others do the job you suck at doing. Let others make terrain instead of your usual method of suing others into stopping their production while you do your usual nothing. Do the right thing this time. If you want to be a Miniature Game Company don’t be like other companies that just sue people for doing the job you suck at. Again, my criticism is not related to rules and game pieces, which are actually good, but it is more of pointing out FFG sucks so hard at the other aspects of the game, like terrain. Like they are really really bad at it and instead sue others that make it. Is that to keep others from profiting off their license or are they afraid of looking bad for sucking at doing nothing to fill that gap? I got my money on the later.
  15. Ok, I'm going to point out the obvious. Like any of the FFG Star Wars Miniature Games you can buy more than on core set to get more models, but if models are what you are going for this is not the smart way. We all know for a fact the models in the core set will also come out in packs, (maybe not Luke and Vader though) and FFG is famous for their upgrade cards specific to the expansion packs. So if there is no extra value from owning more than one set this would be the Worst way to get more Stormtroopers or Speederbikes. The expansion will be out shortly after, if not at the same time frame, and after two waves the models that come with the core set may fall off in popularity and owning Max numbers of Stormtroopers may not ever be played after the 2nd wave. In X-Wing buying two core sets is the only FFG Miniature Game where this is considered a good value and yet how many X-Wings or vanilla Ties are played today let alone after the Tie Swarms lost its popularity? In Armada I know several players that bought two core sets only to regret it by wave II in a major way. So my thought is wait until we see what's all in the box because most likely if you're an average player you'll never want to buy a second core set and the hardcore players will do it just because that's just what hardcore players do, not because of an actual value. So if you're a hardcore player you're going to do it anyways and will spend hours justifying it to yourself and others, mine as well just own up to it and say you want two boxes because that's just what you want. If you're not sure now you most likely will never buy a second unless you get a great online deal of one for half off its MSRP. And yes, after decades of Miniature Gaming I am a little cynical, but I'm sure this is pretty accurate from years of experience. (I was the guy that bought two of everything just because before. Now I'm a completist and I just make sure I have at least one of everything and more of only the most crucial of elements. So I'm still a little crazy.)
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