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  1. Santiago said: Well the Talos is an automaton, like the Bronze Malifect, it does not have a driver...so it is sort of an artificial intelligence of Xeno make....doube heresy:P Its Dark Eldar... I didn't need any better reason to kill it. But there you go. Anyways, since they are vehicles I wouldn't go with anything less than 20 armor. Gotta make it a little harder to kill than a space marine.
  2. I was considering just knocking 5000 XP off the difference in RT terms, since the stats are generally the same that way. Most of the points making a new character are used in the background, so dont actually increase the character much. No more than the homeworld and other options that are available for free (or for slight costs) in DH.
  3. Bilateralrope said: Why did you decide to transfer the Forsaken Bounty characters over instead of just having your players make new characters ? Because at least 2 of the players are new to roleplaying and making new characters is a lot more confusing than learning with premade characters. And adding a few new skills to customize their character based on what they want is an easy way to get them to realize the joys and potentials customization without having to have them all read a text book before playing. I'm going to give them each 600 xp from the adventure and it will let them have fun with a cool new move or something, and then when they taste the power they can search for it's source with the passion and drive that they wouldn't have if they started from scratch. So by the time I rip the senshal to bloody shreds in front of everyone my friend will be sad, but also excited to try a new path and willing to skim over 30 or so pages to get it going.
  4. Maybe they just didn't want characters running out of levels. The new DH book 'assention' is about characters that are moving beyond the level range of the core rule book (under 10k XP? or is it 15k?) The RT book goes up to... what was it 35k? granted about 5k of that is level 0 starting stuff just to reflect your station in life. So it's going to take players at least twice as long to max their levels, with less levels (though it seems maybe the same amount of skill/talents) and without any branching career paths. I'm somewhat less excited about the RT careers than about the DH ones, but I'm still early into the reading.
  5. In various parts of the book it seems to disagree on XP value to start with. The character creation indicates you give the players 500 points to start, and the career path shows level 1 starting at 5000. So do you give the player 500 XP to spend and tell them that there total is 5500? Just saying that their influence and wealth make up the other 5000 points ... I mean that seems somewhat fair right? Owning a ship (or having influence in the captain's inner circle) makes one fabulously wealthy/powerful and lots of other RPGs include wealth or influence in a character's value (however it's determined) so why not this one? And I'm going to be transfering the 'forsaken bounty' crew straight over (with some bonus XP from doing the demo mission) so any idea what XP those character sheets represent? It doesnt say if any of them bought any statistic upgrades... so if they need to spend another 4000 or so XP to be level 1 then anyone could add +20 to their weapon skill without sweating it... that's possibly unbalancing for other people who might join later or if a player dies and makes a new character.
  6. Cat that Walked by Himself said: where would southern cross constellation would be located in 40k galaxy? it seems to me that it would be part of ultima segmentum. anyone care to input? Not to sound like an ass, but 'Who cares' seems like a perfectly valid response to this question. Hear me out: unless your players are astrophysicists you can pretty much move it to any part of the galaxy and nobody will know or care. (unless it's writen about in some of the other books as being somewhere else, which I'm not sure about but given people's reactions seems unlikely) Also this isnt an ultra realistic setting. Having a full set of armor and refusing to wear the helmet gives you all sorts of stat bonuses. It clearly exists in the fantasy/fiction realm of storytelling wherein a leather jacket and pistol will keep you alive better than a full suit of armor and assault carbine, Han Solo style. My suggestion is to just ignore any facts you may find about the southern cross and draw up your own star map in whatever corner (perhaps not TOO distant) of the galaxy you like and possibly make some sort of excuse for why the area isnt very well explored. Leave lots of holes in the history and loose threads because players will fill them better than you could and having a bit of mystery is essential.
  7. Errant said: RT suggest about 500xp for a 'big' session where the PCs get a lot of stuff done. The published adventures also give out experience bonuses for completing various stages of an adventure or doing something tricky. I've found that yes, your players will almost invariably become stat-heavy specialists. This may be because they can simply make an Acquisition check for a person with the skills they require, taking the focus away from the insular group mechanic of DH where you could only trust your cell-mates, and only then as long as you kept your eyes on them. Seems unlikely that a lot of people/characters will reach level 3 if the XP grant is pretty much the same. One of the things I liked about DH was that there was always something to spend your new XP on. Seems with this there will be a lot of waiting for the next +5 and the next level. Well I'm sure a lot of these things will get ironed out as the system gets revised. Thank you for your help/input
  8. And another thing. I was used to giving out 200-500 XP for a game session in DH. Is the suggested XP earning in RT higher? maybe 1000-3000 per game? enough to max out your weapon skill stats after one or two play sessions? They have to progress a little more quickly, otherwise they are never going to get to use some of those skills that come at later levels like heavy weapons. EVERYONE loves heavy weapons!
  9. Let me confess first that I just cracked the RT book open today, so some of these concerns may be discussed in other parts of the book or may work better in playing than the Dark Heresy (which had some problems, but I liked anyway). 1) what kind of XP is the characters in the demo built off of? it doesnt really say if they bought any charactaristic advances but all of them could have their scores based solely off of their rolls (I think) So I was intending on transfering them over as having bought whatever skills and special talents they have but no +5 charactaristics advancements... the problem with that being that you cant even make a level 1 character without using those. From what it looks like the character has several thousand points to spend before they reach level 1. 2)How would I translate characters from DH to RT? If I wanted to move a dark heresy character over (or if someone wants to play a sister of battle or something else more specialized) the DH character will be far more versitile. By the time they can be a level 1 character in Rogue trader the guardsman is rank 5, veteran. and has 5 tables to draw skills from ... granted that means they probably spent less points in characteristics, meaning the character is overall a little weaker but far more skilled and with a lot more options than... say, arch militant which seems to be the closest match Bonus rant) So a 5000 xp guard can get all sorts of skills much quicker... while doing the comparison I realized that the RT skill list is much more compact and has 20 advances on the first level while guardsman has 11 (though you could take sound constitution repeatedly). If guardsman gets 10 options every level (on average) that gives him 50 things to chose from. Including a few at +20 I realize that DH focuses on a smaller scale setting, with people being the equivilant of new recruits and such, while RT focuses on characters that are, if nothing else, stinking rich. A rogue trader might easily come by a power weapon for example, while a guardsman will probably never touch one in his life (unless you count getting crushed by a warboss' power claw)... Does that actually lead to better play balance? With most of the character's XP buying their stats up rather than skills? By limiting the diversity of their skills? As a side note- I havent gotten into the psy powers yet, are those kinda more fixed? I had a lot of problems with the infinate psy usage in the game GMed in dark heresy, also with the way a lot of the powers were badly balanced (fear for example could easily get 2 or 3 levels of success making combat with human opponents almost non existant since nobody could refrain from pissing themselves when the psyker used his fear power)
  10. The scatter rule being 'point blank range' never made sense to me. I mean it's not a fire hose. Suppose 2 people are standing at 90 degrees of you on ether side, that puts both of them within your 180 degree front firing ark so you shoot at one, score a hit on him, and hit the guy who is, essentially, behind you. Sure adrenalin brings on a sort of bullet time, but enough to spray a shotgun blast over a wide radius? I think it's supposed to be that the targets need to be within PBR of eachother. in fact as the shot spreads out that would make it more likely to hit multiple targets at medium range than close to you. I also used misses as partial damage hits in confined shipboard environments because the shots were bouncing around (granted this made them rather weak hits, but scary anyways, especially when the lights went out and the guns were the only light source for a few rounds)
  11. After he rolled up 6 (double his TB) I wasnt letting him wake up anymore even with stims, but the heart attack stuff would be a good incentive to not use stims, I think I'll try that next time. Still I don't like the way a minute with a psyker with dull pain can still take that all away.
  12. My psyker got up to 12 levels of fatigue. Funny story about multiple perils of the warp, and critical damage ... But after the 'pass out' option what's supposed to be the downside to the fatigue? and at what point do stims stop being effective way to wake someone up? I had him awake but pretty useless at 6 fatigue (TB of 3). If he could be stimed awake at 12 he could just use dull pain to be back to no fatigue in a minute, that doesnt seem like fatigue is that damaging then.
  13. I'm surprised how a simple question about the -30 penalty for using heavy weapons unbraced becomes... this. Was there always a huge debate about heavy weapons and shotguns and disengaging that I just opened up a can of worms? And what is RAW? Retreat Attack What? Im sure you mean something about the rules, but I cant think of what that could stand for right now. Well anyways... 2 more pages to read. eh...
  14. LordMunchkin said: All but my most experienced players shy away from psykers because of the danger they invoke on not only themselves but the entire party. Those that do play them use their powers conservatively so I rarely have anyone complaining of their power. However, I do agree that many of the powers are lackluster, especially the ability to control fire which I think should have been merged with telekinetics. Oh and if you have a psyker that worries you with their overuse of power just remind them and the other players that if he screws up, you won't save them. If that doesn't work have him taken in by his inquisitor for a mindwipe as his personality is to volatile for their work. You make me so jealous. Loan me a few of your players , if I could get one to play a subtle psyker so that mine could compare and contrast and see that a psyker is capable of so much more than just being a weakling with the ability to inflict pain on everyone around him... then he might improve. Of coarse I could use an NPC but that has the ability to backfire badly since it would be Me using my knowledge of what will and will not work with my vission of the setting. I've tried to get him to be more careful with his powers, but when captured his first action (after healing himself) was to 'channel the warp.' meaning to just use his powers at full strength, not really activating any of his powers but mess around with stuff with the specific intent of inflicting some perils of the warp. I told him that he knows it's a very bad idea, and more akin to putting a live grenade in your lap and hoping you hurt everyone else around you more than yourself. He spent the rest of the game after that passed out from a combination of self inflicted fatigue damage and brutal beating he got after that. He was sure that if someone could wake him with a stim for even a moment he could use dull pain to take all the fatigue away (I had him woke up at fatigue level 6 with a stim before, not very lucid but awake). I wonder how much is dull pain supposed to remove? If he keeps using it he would be all fine in seconds. And how much fatigue is even posible? he got up to 12 levels of fatigue (that's more than his total wounds) because of critical damage and perils of the warp. As for the fear thing, yeah, he scared everyone around him and didn't care that he tramitized his team. but one of the strange things about the way fear is described is that it's always taking the run away approach to the natural 'fight or flight' fear response. So if someone fails a fear check against him they are more likely to run than to attack him.
  15. oh, I did make him use a weapon skill check to try to hit anything with the cane he grabbed. He missed, but not like a cane would be much of a weapon... though with a strength bonus of 5, it wouldnt really matter that much if he's only using a 1d5 for damage against an unarmored target that's tough enough to need a walking cane.
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