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  1. Don't worry - Mara is cool (and not just in the frozen sense)
  2. Jan Solo said: InfinityDoctor said: Its out in the UK, I have my copy in my hands right now... Is there a Dusk Gazatteer in the book, just like there is a Quaddis Gazetteer in Tattered Fates and a Sinophia Magna Gazatteer in Damned CIties? What kind of place is Dusk??? I'm still reading it (just having a break) - Dusk is a murky, misty swamp world - but it doesn't play as big a part in the adventure as Mara does - Dusk IS the location of the adventure's climax, but its a very specific location - the PCs aren't off exploring the planet or anything, so no Dusk Gazeteer I'm afraid.
  3. Its out in the UK, I have my copy in my hands right now...
  4. EineHund said: My only 'issue' is with the poop no idea how to post behind a 'spoiler' tag - anyhoo I have issue with aspects of the wrap up. I'll leave it at that. The wrap up is a little low-key, but it is in keeping with the adventure as a whole (I'm reluctant to call it a campaign, campaigns for me are the entirety of Enemy Within, or all of Dragonlance, if you want to use That Other Game as an example). This isn't really a tale of epic villains and clashing armies, its largely a tale centered on the fallout from an ancient lack of foresight and a very human failing - even to the very end. I think it will work well when you actually run it, especially if you have player characters who have been trying to be all noble and do the right thing!
  5. BlackBaron said: So how is the adventure? How does it compare with the best of WFRP - Shadows Over Bogenhafen and Power Behind the Throne? In a very rudimentary sense, I suppose its closer to Shadows Over Bogenhafen. It doesn't have the complexity or political maneuvering that I remember in Power Behind The Throne, although its been a VERY long time since I played either of these adventures. The scope of The Gathering Storm is smaller too, more localised, the outcome largely concerns the fate of Stromdorf rather than having far-reaching consequences for the entire Empire.
  6. Regarding town/city maps - I never use em other than to see the relative position or distance between two locations, and the one in the box does that just fine. I don't think I've ever had the map of a town down on the table while playing, not even if its a big poster map. Its a bit difficult to paint a verbal picture of gloomy streets, with signs and lanterns swinging in the howling wind and growing rain when you have a flippin' great colourful map plonked at the centre of everything. I agree though, the abstract map is small, and I can see how folks who really struggle with small print might have a problem - it wasn't an issue for me however. NezziR : The hooks are dependent on party type and many are of a general nature involving rumours that lead to Stromdorf, or pursuit of a particular person that has either no direct link to the story or a purely tangential one. The ones I'd recommend ARE actually tied in to the main story and all centre around the search for a missing guildsman. This will most likely be my route into the adventure, since the investigation would give the players time to get to know Stromdorf and the situation there. The book recommends this hook for Adventurers, Reputable or Criminals, Infamous, but to be honest it works for all types - you just need to shift the reason for the search around a bit and tailor it to your players. I'd make sure your players are involved with the merchants guild prior to starting, either as allies or opponents, in one of your own adventures first?
  7. twak2 said: Hi all got a question for those lucky enough to have this campaign (here in Australia we'll need to wait another few weeks at least!!) What Rank chars is it for - beginner? How long will the campaign last for? Roughly.. does it look nice and big? What Rank will the chars be at the end of it? Thanks! Like Keltheos, I'm still reading, but : the campaign isn't big in a geographical sense, like say Death On The Reik was - its pretty much focused on events in and around Stromdorf, although those events do span a reasonable period of time. There are interludes in amongst the main adventure, and periods of down time (there's a three day period, for example, prior to the start of Chapter Four), so there is room to add your own stuff in there. I would, for example, spend the first session playing the part covering actually getting to Stromdorf, then I'd spend a few sessions in the town, letting the PCs get to know it and it's people, maybe adding a couple of side adventures of my own, and laying the groundwork and foreshadowing for the main campaign. Continuing the example, the first campaign segment, "The Lesser Evil", starts with a little investigation and culminates with a lot more action - I reckon this would cover two-three sessions worth, again depending on your players and play time. With regard to Ranks, you could take characters straight out of Eye For An Eye into it - not sure what Rank they'd be when they finish though.
  8. The art is to FFG's usual standards, so no complaints there. There's no map of Stromdorf in the book. There is an abstract map on one of the handout cards, which really just shows the main locations in relation to each other. I guess they went for a more cinematic approach, not needing to show every single building and whats in there. The adventure is indeed fun and makes good use of the tracker mechanics, amongst other things. There is no direct link to an Eye For An Eye (unless I missed something, I'm still reading in between posting here) - there is a brief paragraph in the section about getting the players involved that mentions a means of moving from the end of an Eye For An Eye into Storm, but the idea given isn't one I'd use myself. There are suggestions for each of the Party Types, but GMs will probably find their own reasons to get the PCs to Stromdorf, based on their own characters history, goals etc.
  9. mykelsss said: InfinityDoctor said: With regard to stand ups, you get 23 of them (of varying sizes) - I don't want to say what they are because of spoilers, but between them they represent 16 different characters/creature types. What they are specifically is what I wanted to know :/ Oh well, hopefully someone posts a picture. sometime soon :] Yeah, sorry, I'm not wanting to post a complete list, cos knowing whats on the stand ups would pretty much tell any players reading what they were facing in the adventure. I suppose I can say that, of the "group" monsters, there are three identical stand-ups for each group. Everything else is an NPC or unique monster.
  10. I'm really happy with it - and nobody these days spends nearly thirty quid lightly, so I'm glad I didn't feel like I'd wasted my money! (It was an expensive day for me, with the GM's toolkit and Unknown Regions for Star Wars at the same time...) Stromdorf is a suitably dreary, squalid, disease-ridden backwater - a town that should have thrived, but didn't. The Stromdorf chapter is nicely evocative, the town has character and there should be sufficient opportunity for side-adventures of your own design (allowing for the dramatic device of the growing storm, of course - haven't finished getting everything straight in my head yet, so not sure how much of a constraint that will prove to be.) With regard to stand ups, you get 23 of them (of varying sizes) - I don't want to say what they are because of spoilers, but between them they represent 16 different characters/creature types.
  11. ragnar63 said: Good news to gamers in the UK. Leisure Games have literally just had delivery of both the GM's Toolkit AND the Gathering Storm. They will be at Salute 2010 at the Excel Center in London, this Saturday. If you contact them before lunchtime on Friday they will put aside copie/s for you to be picked up at Salute, otherwise it will be first come, first served there. They will post to you as well, though I would get in touch ASAP. I don't work for Leisure Games, though I have bought numerous products from them over the years, and hope fellow gamers will find this information useful for acquiring these much awaited products. Happy gaming! Some stores got their copies today - mine did anyhow, I picked up both! Never thought I'd see the GMs kit in the UK!
  12. keltheos said: Qing, the list of card titles is available online already. Maybe you could give ppl a page count for the different sections of the book? Like how much space is devoted to the town/part 1/etc. Stromdorf runs from p.9 top.22, which covers the town and surrounding lands, still reading my copy at the minute...
  13. Gollum9 said: Hi all, I have been reading the forums for a while and have now finally come round to running my first WFRP session. I am running the demo adventure just to get the players into the system and our first night against the Beastmen went really well. I know that the next part of the adventure is the social encounter but I am struggling to get my head around the process to run it with the tracker, social action cards etc. What would be really useful is if any more experienced GM's with the system could give me some help and maybe a step by step example of how the scene would run. Myself (and my players) would really appreciate it! Many thanks for your help, G9 Just view Chapter 2 as a series of events that will eventually trigger Chapter 3. Chapter 3 can either be triggered by the Player's successful investigations or by their failures - the Investigation and Cult markers on the Tracker are used to measure this. It stops Chapter 2, which is very much an investigative/roleplaying part of the adventure, dragging on indefinately. The Tracker is just a way of monitoring the progress of the Chapter - Events happen at specific points in the course of their investigation. Whenever the players uncover a relevant clue (examples are listed on p.78) just move the Investigation tracker forward a space. When they have uncovered enough clues, and their token reaches an Event space, that Event happens. The Cult Tracker is used to penalise the players if they chase dead ends or generally mess up. Each time they do (see p.79), the Cult Tracker moves on a space. When the Cult Tracker hits an Event space, that Event happens, as described on p.79. The upshot is, at some point, the finale is going to trigger - either through the Investigation or the Cultist marker reaching the final event. Note also, the PCs CAN discover the final clue without being constrained by the Tracker - if they do so, just treat the Tracker as having been completed by the Investigation marker. Reactions for each of the major NPCs, regarding the players, is detailed in their individual entries - just make rough notes to remind yourself and keep them at hand. Details for uncovering clues are also given under each location. I don't want to give any spoilers away here with specifics. Its not actually as complicated as you might think, and it all worked fine for me with just the tracker and a handful of scribbled notes.
  14. We'll have it here in the UK on Thursday, along with the long absent GM's Toolkit - my FLGS took my order for both this morning
  15. Ascension and Lure Of The Expanse both came through to the UK fine, I picked my copies up yesterday, but no sign of the Warhammer GM's Toolkit. We don't tend to have problems with the DH/RT stuff (although we get it a couple of weeks after you guys in the US). Esdevium aren't the sole distributors of FFG stuff as far as I'm aware, I'm reasonably sure that Leisure Games handle their own stuff and don't rely on Esdevium, for instance. Regardless, neither of them have the Toolkit. Seems a bit odd.
  16. Face Eater said: Of course in Event Horizon it was supposed to come as a surprise that they were taking a short cut through hell. In 40K that's part of the course (PC's may not know that though). Yep, Event Horizon is pretty much just a ship re-appearing from the Warp after it's Gellar Field has failed...
  17. I have the BI one - its not flimsy, its thick card with a glossy finish. I've never seen the FFG one, but I do have the Rogue Trader one - which is made the same way that FFG make the boards for their boxed games, so if the FFG one is like that, there's your difference. The BI one comes with a book, 32 pages on glossy paper, black and white throughout. Half the book is an adventure (Maggots In The Meat), the rest covers creating your own Xenos Creatures, plus Poisons and Toxins. Perhaps someone with the FFG one can compare and contrast...
  18. The Laughing God said: WARNING SPOILER POSSIBILITY!!! TorogTarkdacil said: And still, there is a creepy chance that Erasmus IS Solomon... Care to elaborate on that one? Are you referring to the first shall be last prophecy thing (or what was it again)? I do believe there is some time travel element involved in the Haarlock mystery. Erasmus Haarlock wants to undo some terrible events that have been perpetrated by the Haarlocks to prevent other things to happen or have happened ... i.e. get his wife and daughter back. I don't think Erasmus and Solomon will be the same person, but yep, there's a huge element of temporal manipulation going on - from the trap to draw out any surviving Haarlock's, to the powers of the Steel Clock. Even The Mirror is an oracular device of sorts. In my campaign (which hasn't reached The House of Dust And Ash yet), I've been sprinkling the Haarlock Legacy themes carefully about, and using Erasmus himself in the same way that Milo Rimbaldi was used in the first couple of seasons of ALIAS. I have characters obsessed with the Legacy and its secrets, pursuing Haarlock lore and artifacts across the sector. I'm planning on having one of the PCs be an unknowing Haarlock descendant as well, I think it will tie the players in a lot more closely with the finale, when it appears.
  19. Santiago said: Damned Cities is on the boat... LOL, uh yeah, thats what we've been saying... everyone is just trying to work out exactly what the boat is doing and how long its going to take to get off the boat and into the shops....
  20. Well, to be fair, they did have a printed copy on display at Games Day this year (in a locked cabinet mind), so its not too much of a stretch, but given that it usually takes 3-4 weeks for an item they assign the "On The Boat" icon to switch to a "Shipping" icon, and then another fortnight for the item to physically appear, we probably are talking about January next year...
  21. Amazon can be a bit of a neccessary evil for me. The variation in pricing between Amazon and our local game store is huge. Take the Rogue Trader core rulebook. I can buy the book from Amazon for £31, but our local game shop is charging £40 for it. I don't mind a couple of quid difference, but nearly ten?? Again, Creatures Anathema at our local shop is £28, but its only £17 on Amazon. Evey single Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader book is a magnitude cheaper. I know we're supposed to support our local bricks and mortar stores, but I'm not THAT charitable! I can wait a couple of weeks for Amazon to stock the book (they were actually right on time with Rogue Trader) for those kinds of savings.
  22. Cynr said: Got this email today from Amazon.com... anyone have a clue as to how close to true the release date is? (cut and pasted from email) Dear Amazon.com Customer, We've noticed that customers who have purchased or rated Dark Heresy RPG: Disciples of the Dark Gods by Alan Bligh have also purchased Dark Heresy RPG: Ascension by Fantasy Flight Games. For this reason, you might like to know that Dark Heresy RPG: Ascension will be released on December 14, 2009. You can pre-order yours at a savings of $16.98 by following the link below. Dark Heresy RPG: Ascension Fantasy Flight Games List Price: $49.95 Price: $32.97 You Save: $16.98 (34%) Release Date: December 14, 2009 -Cynr I wouldn't get too excited, FFG only just added Ascension to the Upcoming page, and its showing as In Development! Amazon can go a bit awry sometimes - they've actually cancelled my Radical's Handbook pre-order stating its not going to be available, even though the local game shop has it coming in this week (alebit for a horribly inflated price which I'm not prepared to pay). No doubt it will re-appear in a day or two. On the plus side, the second part of the Haarlock's Legacy is showing as On the Boat, as is the Rogue Trader GM's kit!
  23. Dune's Great Houses are a good analogy, and extending that analogy, the Warrant of Trade is sort of like a CHOAM Contract, albeit with greater, far-reaching powers. Rogue Trader Dynasties can have their Warrant of Trade as a foundation for their bloodline.
  24. Darkshroud said: Oh and InfinityDoctor if you've been to previous games days you should know the new thing on sale is always a pre-release of something officially not out for a few weeks. I didn't expect the codex though as they very rarely release new codexs at games day, still only a few days till the stuff is out. This was my first Games Day, I've never been to one before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I've been to GenCon UK once about ten years ago, but I generally don't do gaming conventions, I was just surprised that I couldn't actually buy much there - although admittedly I mostly went to pick up Blood Pact and get it signed.
  25. Charax said: Maybe GW were scared that if Rogue Trader was for sale it would overshadow the Space Wolf codex they weren't selling. Yep, that was actually equally bizarre - the Space Wolves were launched at Games Day (sort of) but you couldn't buy the Codex or any of the blisters - just the three box sets. On the plus side, I did get to chat to Dan Abnett (mostly about his Marvel stuff) and Graham McNeill (mostly about Thousand Sons), who were both very friendly and very cool. I've been to get stuff signed before by other people and its been "Paid your tenner? Name? Here's your book. Next person?". You didn't even have to pay to see these guys, and they were ace!
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