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  1. Yeah, last time they did this was "No Disintegrations", and it was months before it was available. (Its not on the release list for next week...)
  2. That's fair enough, although this was the response I got three days after the initial mail, which had already generated an auto-response. To be honest, I'm not really expecting a proper answer. I CAN say that I've used FFG's parts replacement service before now when I had an issue with some X-Wing stuff and they were brilliant, and with limited resources, I'd much rather they focussed on maintaining THAT service above any general enquiries. It would be nice to get a quick update or something though, just to let us know whats happening with the book.
  3. Well, I got an email from Asmodee responding to my query regarding the book's availability: "Thank you for contacting Asmodee North America’s Customer Service and Parts Replacement Department. We appreciate your inquiry and are happy to assist you with your outstanding issue." Only, I didn't actually contact their North American Customer Service and Parts Replacement Department, but hey... After some very helpful text about getting replacement parts (which I haven't asked for), they end with: "If you have another general inquiry, we will respond in person as soon as we can. We thank you for your patience as you wait." Ok....and then... "Here at Asmodee North America, we want to give you the best gaming experience possible, and we are always happy to hear from our customers! We appreciate your email and your patronage." Well, that's nice, but maybe they could show some appreciation by actually answering the question I asked?? Just saying....
  4. Hope you have more luck than me, I mailed both of those departments on 17th Feb and have had no answer from either. I even tried Asmodee directly, and was equally ignored. These guys are great when it comes to needing missing or broken components replaced, but don't seem great at general customer service.
  5. I'm playing the Empire, but the others have taken to Fenn and Gaarkhan, and its a Han and Chewie style partnership! I think the personal side stories help with the character investment.
  6. 1) This normally means that the threat dial gets moved on by twice the mission threat level before the mission starts, so for your level 2 mission, you would increase the dial by 4. Its also usually there to allow the Imperial player an additional spend, to bring in more forces etc. during the update phase (although some missions allow the spend at Deployment). Once the mission is in progress, threat increases at the normal rate. 2) I read it the same way that you did - only one guard can block on a given attack. 3) I guess you have to tell them the updated objective, or they won't know how to complete the mission. I wouldn't share Vader's reduced health, but its personal preference.
  7. The rules relevant to your example are basically: Line of Sight is traced from any corner to any corner, and figures are considered adjacent if their squares are next to each other and don't share a complete edge containing a wall or impassible terrain. Figures can also move through a corner of walls or blocking terrain, as long as there is no intersection. So yep, a character in A can melee attack a character in B cos they're adjacent, and moving from A to B cost 1Point.
  8. Really? There are human-sized lightning claws for Rogue Trader now? Yes, but they're considered Unwieldy if you don't meet the minimum Strength Bonus...
  9. Yup, Beastmaster, Adherent of Aleynikov and Order of the Hammer Initiate.
  10. It is a good book, and interesting counterpoint to Blood Of Martyrs. Faith and Coin doesn't deal with the workings of the Ecclesiarchy as such, it focusses instead on those individuals who travel far from the existing diocese to establish (or re-establish) the Imperial Creed. The Endeavours presented could even ostensibly form the core of a player establishing their own sect or Creed variant. The GM could easily make these part of a grander scheme, with plenty of opportunities for playing out the struggle between acceptance and condemnation as heresy. What the book doesn't have, however, is much in the way of new starship options. (In fact, it may not have any, but I'm hedging here in case I missed one in the equipment section or a sidebar somewhere!) This, to be fair, is not relevant to the character types presented though - these are characters who take journeys on other people's vessels rather than commanding their own.
  11. Sure. The first three pretty much do what it says on the tin: Beastmaster is a creature specialist/trainer. The Witch Finder hunts psykers. The Reliquarist is an artefact hunter/antiquarian. The Adherents of Aleynikov are tied to the history of Nadine Aleynikov, one of the legendary missionaries introduced in the first chapter. They are itinerant faith healers and physicians. The Red Consecrators are similar to the Redemptionist, although they follow the teachings of Genevieve Almace, another of the legendary missionaries. They are zealous warrior monks who "view battle as an expression of faith." The Order Of The Hammer are followers of Nicomedes Keefe, again, introduced in the first chapter. and are drawn from the hermitage of Foulstone. They too are itinerants, but they value wisdom, knowledge and information and seek to aid the expansion of fledgling Imperial colonies.
  12. Mine turned up today, although I haven't finished reading it thoroughly yet. Based on a rough read-through, you get a chapter dedicated to famed missionaries, covering their lives, actions and final fate (which isn't always certain). Labours of Faith offers new Endeavours specific to ecclesiastical characters, such as bringing a lost populace back into the Creed, or recovering an artefact. This also adds mini write-ups for two new worlds, Ikeran and Pratus. Instruments of the Creed adds six new Careers plus a number of weapons (including the new "Cleansing Fire" and "Sanctified" qualities), armour and miscellany. There is also a section on Holy Relics here, associated with the characters introduced in the opening chapter. The book is rounded off with a reasonably sized adventure "The Sacred Heart", involving the quest for the resting place of an Imperial Saint. (EDIT: probably should have listed the careers: Beastmaster, Witch Finder, Reliquarist, Adherent Of Aleynikov, Red Consecrator and Order of the Hammer Initiate. Beastmaster seems an odd inclusion, since it isn't really grounded in the priesthood (unless I missed something). )
  13. Zappiel said: Thanx for the heads-up, Doc! Glad you seem to like it, but sounds like it ain't for me...doesn't have the tasty bloody meat i'm seeking, just fluff. No probs. Just so you have a bit more info about the crunchy stuff on offer: The Acheros Salient (where you're about to be playing) section has the background and structure of The Stigmartus in it. You get stat blocks for Stigmartus Infantry, Officer Bishops (kinda like Commisars I suppose), Ogryns and the Cult General's personal guard (The Undying). You also get The Defaced, ritual warriors who have been surgically (and grotesquely) altered. There is a little info on The Pyre (the local Chaos Marine warband) and the Word Bearers, although the only stat block you get is for a Word Bearers Dark Apostle, as one of the other posters mentioned. I guess you'll be needing Black Crusade for the Chaos Marine contingent. The chapter is rounded off with a look at Samech, with a stat block for the Simuloptera Hive (bizarre tainted nanites), and Magos Benezek, an agent of the Furnace Lord. The final few pages cover the stats for the Demon Prince Mephidast, and introduces a couple of new (Nurgle) powers. This whole chapter runs to around 30 pages. I guess the rest of the book wouldn't be of massive use to you if you've already defined and played through the Orpheus and Canis Salients, and this chapter's use would be limited by how much of the Acheros Salient you've already brought into your game. I love the book, as I said before, but I'm just starting out. I think you're right in your assessment that this should have been one of the earliest releases - even before Emperor Protects or Rites Of Battle to be honest.
  14. Ok, I picked up my copy yesterday, but between work and the Space Marine game on the XBOX I haven't had a proper, thorough read-through yet. From what I've read so far though, its excellent. There is a short opening section dealing with the Jericho gate itself, which brings some interesting possibilities into play. The history of the Crusade is nice background material, as is the overview of how it is being run. Some of the mysteries of the Sector are also briefly looked at, but in a Tool Box kind of way, so GMs needn't worry about anything contradicting what they're already doing. Of the remainder of the book, I must admit, I've only really read the Orpheus Salient in great detail, since thats where I'm setting my initial campaign - so this is probably the bit that Zappiel would get least out of. Hive Fleet Dagon gets a closer look, with some new detail added that isn't in Mark of The Xenos - and there is a suggestion for how to apply the Shadow In The Warp in game terms. There is also a new, unique variant of the Lictor - the Mist Reaper. The Astartes get access to a new piece of equipment here as well: the Fire Wasp, a specialised combat drone. Obviously, opinions and values will vary, but personally, I'm glad I bought it. Its very heavy on the fluff (which I like) - in the sixty odd pages I've read so far there have only been two Deeds (The Lord Militant's Favour and Scout Of The Reach), one small mechanic for Shadow In The Warp, one stat block for the Mist Reaper, and two items - the Dragon's Fang relic and the Fire Wasp. So - very rules light all in all....
  15. Javlynn said: It also would be a holy document in the eye's of the Ecclesiarchy, and that is something they would hold as being in their domain and their domain alone. And you know, they are slightly protective of that domain. Dunno about holy - its more likely to end up locked away in the Ecclesiarchy's equivalent of the Vatican Z Collection, like every other piece of evidence that threatens the underpinnings of their faith (and power structure) that they haven't just burned outright. And redhead222 - spoken like a true Rogue Trader!
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