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  1. The local gamestore in my town could not provide me with the the wfrp3 dice it promised, neither could I find any other source here in europe ...


    But Randal smiled upon me and made me make a find at www.TheWarStore.com (USA, NY). I ordered 5 packs a week ago and got them today! Hurray! As much as I love VTT rounds, I still favor sitting at real table with my mates.


    If anyone else is looking for additional dice grab them at TheWarStore.com as long as they have them in stock.



  2. I am not familiar with Android, but if you buy an App in iTunes and download it on you Mac, you can re-install it again on your iDevice if it got removed from the Store. In case you have not not downloaded it on your Mac you cant re-download it again from the iTunes Store. 

  3. @DurakBlackaxe: I ve read that there used to be an App for iOS devices, but FFG took it offline.


    @Erathia: Thanks for the advice regards the Fortune/Misfortune houserule. I thought so myself that there are too less misfortune dice.


    The source? A local gamestore in my town. But it hurts to pay €36 for a dice set that doesnt seem to be enough. Are there any dice stickers available like for the Star Wars RPG? 

  4. Hello there,


    I recently got into WFP3 and bought me the The Players- Gm and Creatures Guide. Gonna run a WFRP3 light round, so no tokens and cards. My question is now, how many dice do I need? Are 3 sets of enough?


    9x blue, 6x red, 6x green, 6x white, 3x yellow, 3 black, 3x purple


    I havent read thru the complete rules yet but I found a place that still sells dice ...

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