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  1. Hi there, if anyone here is interested into "The Enemy Within", I am selling mine on Ebay. ?
  2. That would be great Thindaraiel! I will PM you my email and start translating as soon I got them text files.
  3. I recently discovered Strange Eons and found that WFRP extension. What a great application and extension. Thanks to whoever coded it. I would like to know if is possible to rename things? For example I would like to rename "Traits" into "Merkmale" (German). How could this be done? Cheers
  4. The local gamestore in my town could not provide me with the the wfrp3 dice it promised, neither could I find any other source here in europe ... But Randal smiled upon me and made me make a find at www.TheWarStore.com (USA, NY). I ordered 5 packs a week ago and got them today! Hurray! As much as I love VTT rounds, I still favor sitting at real table with my mates. If anyone else is looking for additional dice grab them at TheWarStore.com as long as they have them in stock.
  5. I am not familiar with Android, but if you buy an App in iTunes and download it on you Mac, you can re-install it again on your iDevice if it got removed from the Store. In case you have not not downloaded it on your Mac you cant re-download it again from the iTunes Store.
  6. @iOS app: They removed it from the Appstore. Guess we really rolled a few Chaos Stars too much Thanks for the input everybody. So if I want a fluid dice flow I'll need 5-6 dice sets ... Dang, this hurts ...
  7. @DurakBlackaxe: I ve read that there used to be an App for iOS devices, but FFG took it offline. @Erathia: Thanks for the advice regards the Fortune/Misfortune houserule. I thought so myself that there are too less misfortune dice. The source? A local gamestore in my town. But it hurts to pay €36 for a dice set that doesnt seem to be enough. Are there any dice stickers available like for the Star Wars RPG?
  8. Hello there, I recently got into WFP3 and bought me the The Players- Gm and Creatures Guide. Gonna run a WFRP3 light round, so no tokens and cards. My question is now, how many dice do I need? Are 3 sets of enough? 9x blue, 6x red, 6x green, 6x white, 3x yellow, 3 black, 3x purple I havent read thru the complete rules yet but I found a place that still sells dice ...
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