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  1. Sweet... Thanks for the heads up main! Will check it out.
  2. Ok, so I picked up a copy of Anima a couple of days ago and I have been puzzling over it since. But I have started working on a walkthrough for everyone. I have experience with all types of Table Top RPGs and believe I can get everyone started in the right direction. I will be putting it up in this string on Friday or Saturday of this week (March 6-7 2009). I will try and have some .jpgs and detailed descriptions for each sheet of the Character sheet. I am also working on a new Sheet that is easier to understand than the basic sheet in the book. Once you understand the individual parts of the sheet, it will flow easier for you. And when its done, I encourage you to try my walkthrough, and then hit me back with your thoughts and any changes you think would be useful or more coherent. Until then....
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