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  1. 18 brave investigators faced off against 8L-08 last night, at the Danish Arkham Nights. Most survived the encounter, and it is a great multiplayer scenario.
  2. Planning on doing at least a monthly tournament in Ringsted, starting next month
  3. Ond could hope for pictures from the movies like they do for X-Wing
  4. But placed where it stinks to park if you don't live inside the City perimeter :-)
  5. We are a couple of players in Ringsted, who could be persuaded to go north from time to time
  6. Trying to get a group going in The store Andros in Ringsted. Got gamenight kits, need players. If interested pm or post in Andros spillere on Facebook
  7. Katsuyori said: Miah999 said: To be honest FFG contacted me. I consider myself very luck to get this chance. They contacted you? That´s no luck, then, it´s skill. Or enthusiasm. Or a mixture of both, but you certainly earned it. I agree it's your skill and dedication Miah Keep it up,
  8. Since it's the same Walter p-38 as in all his other packs, I'm guessing it's a misprint, and should be 4 dice
  9. Got a few answers too. Here they are: Q: The Trench gun states, that if the attacked character cannot be moved, it sustaines wounds. Is it possible to use one of your characters to block, by standing behind the target, assuring the wounds??" Yes, this is a viable strategy. Q "If the Patmos amulet is used to control a character on overwatch, is the overwatch lost??" No, overwatch is not lost when affected by the Patmos amulet. In case anyone else wondered about this
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