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  1. What is L5R like compared to AGoT?
  2. A a fan of the original Netrunner first, that would do very little for me. Android is a pretty cool setting, but I came for the Netrunner game. That said, if they revised/improved AGoT's system and put Android corps in place of Houses, that'd be good enough for me.
  3. I think FFG is just as sad to see Netrunner die. It was their biggest LCG. This is probably WotC's doing.
  4. I loved the original Netrunner, and love what FFG had done with ANR. No card game even comes close to Netrunner in terms of mechanics and theme (and the perfect union of the two). But AGoT is the best card game I have ever played that isn't Netrunner. AGoT CCG was what brought me to FFG in the first place. ****, it brought me to the books all those years ago (strangely, I discovered the game and loved it, long before reading the books). I love AGoT, here's hoping it won't suffer the same fate. But in this case, FFG probably owns the game mechanics. I would be just as happy if they changed the setting but kept the same game mechanics.
  5. This is heart breaking. So first, a goodbye to Netrunner. It felt like yesterday that I came to the FFG site and saw the resurrection of Netrunner. I was in tears of joy! My favorite CCG, the long-dead Netrunner, coming back out of the blue like that AND FFG was going to be making it (I love FFG due to AGoT). WHAT?!?!? To say it was unexpected would be an understatement. I wouldn't even have been able to dream this up. And then to see the game thrive over the years... even in my city. And with the Revised Core and new expansion announcements, I thought Netrunner wasn't going anywhere... Then it DIED... every bit as unexpected and shocking as when it was brought back. Goodbye again, Netrunner. --------------------------------------------------- Like other posters, I too read from the article that the team was caught off guard too. This is probably not on FFG (at least not for the most part). We will probably never find out the truth of why the game's life was cut short. But regardless of the reason, the sad reality remains. No replacement Android game would do it for me. It is the Netrunner part that I love. Here's hoping WotC is doing something with it, instead of sitting on it like they did before. Hopefully they will bring it back. Several reasons that could happen: 1. A high profile Cyberpunk (Netrunner's original setting) PC game in the horizon from the makers of Witcher 2. FFG proved that Netrunner is viable 3. WotC is investing in digital MTG 4. WotC not continuing the deal with FFG This COULD mean WotC planning a digital Netrunner perhaps? I know this is probably wishful thinking... The counter point though, is that they would probably want to launch near Cyberpunk to catch the hype train, so they would need to start now. Even starting now might be too late. And with their focus right now clearly on digital MTG, it is unlikely they are also doing working on Netrunner at the same time. So more than likely WotC doing Netrunner is purely wishful thinking :( But hey... I didn't know Netrunner was going to come back 6 years ago, and it did. Who knows, right?
  6. Most of the things I heard about AoS were negative, or people trying to remain positive with cognitive dissonance. With some positive youtube channels out right testing and concluding that the rules do not work as is and required a lot of house rules for balance. Whatever the case, AoS is here to stay it seems...
  7. If any players are in Vancouver BC (or anywhere in the Lower Mainland) please join the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1509534266033877/ so we can get together and play!
  8. There is nothing in Canada (BC) either. Shops I call don't even have an ETA. They are so clueless about this game some didn't even know there was a 2nd ed. We never had much of a AGoT scene here, though.
  9. AGoT (2) and Netrunner. I am STILL in awe that Netrunner was brought back from the dead. It was my fav game before AGoT. 2 of the best card games ever created.
  10. Looking for some comments from AGoT fans. So far, how is the 2nd edition? I am still waiting on my copies. No Canadian store has it here in Canada so I have to buy from the states. Love the new card back and layouts. Love them. Still not sure about Night Watch being a house. It just makes no sense to me. It was cool to have it as a "sort of faction" back in the LCG days when they released a tournament only Night's Watch vs Wildlings deck. It was cool to have it as a "sort of faction" when Agendas came about. But to have it now as a REAL faction, in the core set no less, seems strange to me. I can understand it better if it was released in an expansion, may be a Nights Watch and Wildlings themed one, as real factions together or as neutral-turned-factions like how they are doing it for Warhammer Invasion's last expansion, or even mini standalone factions like in Netrunner's new expansion. What is the general feeling towards that among AGoT veterans? Lastly, after looking at preview art work, so glad they used Valyerien edition Jaime as the core set card art. But disappointed they didn't use the Valyerien ed Cersei (lying by the fire) as well. The Cersei art right now isn't so good. Ah well. Also glad that Influence and crests are gone! Never did like those rules.
  11. How goes the game 1 on 1? So glad to see ktom still around. I still remembering checking rules clarifications on ktom's sites back in the CCG days. After basically skipping the entire LCG 1ed (always thought I'd start, but after a while, there just became too many missed chapter packs for me to want to get in anymore), I am so happy to be back with 2ed. Got to hand it to FFG for doing this. This is exactly what I needed.
  12. This interaction is covered in the FAQ and I read a previous post asking about it. But after reading all that, I am still unclear on 1 thing: What if the 1st part of Cyvasse's "choose and kneel a character with INT", I choose a House Dayne character? Does that not satisfy Starfall Advisor then? Because this event chooses a House Dayne character in that case, so I can use Starfall Advisor to cancel it? The scenario in the FAQ and in the thread I read assumes that the character being knelt in the 1st half of the event is NOT a House Dayne character. It is only for the "Then" part of the event. I get that you can just cancel half the event after the 1st half happened. But what if I choose a Dayne character to kneel in the 1st place. Isn't it still An Event that chooses a House Dayne character?
  13. Hi everyone, some n00b questions about Setup and First Turn: Setup hand = 5, Setup creds = 5 for both Corp and Runner. Do we get to put down some cards during Setup? (like in AGoT. Answer is probably no since no such thing is in the rules, but I just want to confirm.) First Turn, does the Corp draw a card. (Also pretty sure he does, but wish to confirm) Bonus questions about Scoring Agenda, rules says I get a chance to score after each action. So, if I spend a click to do the action to Advance, I place the token onto the Agenda (which happens to be the last 1 I need), I can score it immediately, right? Since my Advance is an action. Just wish to confirm, again. Thanks.
  14. Thanks again ktom! Edited the post with a Question 4 while you responded. (just missed you!) Can you please take a look? btw ktom do you still run the ktom website from back in the day?
  15. Thanks. Got it. Q3: For a card Infamous!, what sort of power do I get to steal? Am I right to assume that Power challenge doesn't count. It moves power from 1 house card to another, so it is not claimed power. It only works for unopposed challenges (claims 1 power), or dominance (claims 1 power). Q4: Can events that require gold be used during an opponent's marshaling phase? In the FAQ it says "Only the Active Player can take action that costs gold." I was taking it to mean I can't use gold to play characters, lands, and attachments. But playing an event that has a gold cost I never thought about it before. It is a player action, AND it costs gold. Thus, it is a player action that costs gold. Therefore it follows that only the active player can play events that have a gold cost. And on that same note, character abilities that have a gold cost, can also ONLY be used for the Active player. Is that so?
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