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  1. I just got recurring nightmares but was surprised to find there were no monster tiles in it. Where do I get the tiles for the bases for the expansions figs? Anyone? Thanks Dave
  2. Hi, all-- Got into the game late. Love it,. Am searching everywhere for dice (ebay, craigslist, amazon)...anyone have an idea where I might find some packs? Note: I'm not into app dice-rollers-- looking for the real thing. Thnx Dave
  3. After playing at a friend's, I loved this game. He lives across country so there's no using his copy. Was seeing if anyone has a copy with the expansion for sale or trade at a normal price. Pls PM me. Thanks Dave
  4. Haven't heard back from Guitarholic-- does anyone else know a place I can pick up a copy of this w/out spending $200? Thnxx
  5. Hi, all-- We played a game tonight and 2 questions came up-- 1) When counting STR for Dominance do you just count the number printed on the shields or do attachments that enhance STR add their value? I.e. My character has a STR and an attachment that add +1 STR. Assuming he is standing, is he worth 3 or 4 when counting his value for dominance. 2) Cards that say "no attachments" such as "The Knight of Flowers"-- Can they be targeted with a condition card by an opponent (such as "Locked Away" which is technically an attachment card)? Thnx for any help on these. Dave
  6. Yes, I did. Fingers crossed. D
  7. Tried that Italian site but now they're sold out-- anyone else know where I can pick up a copy? Dave
  8. Also - does a Nazgul's leadership = 1?
  9. Hi, All-- Forgive me if I missed this in the rules or on the forums-- but we had a couple of questions come up during our first play around the Hunt rules. Hoping someone can help shed some light-- In the game we played the FP player didn't move the fellowship for the first 3-4 turns. He simply sat them in Rivendell. We weren't sure how this would work-- since the rules state the Shadow player can hunt for the fellowship every time the fellowship moves (pg 19). This leads to the first question-- 1) If the FP player does NOT move the fellowship-- can the SP still hunt for it? 2) If the above is yes-- then if the fellowship is revealed by the Shadow player and inside a FP stronghold, does it take hunt damage? In my example it would be let's say - revealed in Rivendell. Thnx!
  10. Yes, playing with the basic set and the big box expansion for the house Targaryen. We are playing Melee Here is what I have-- Basic set, Queen of Dragons, Kings of The Sea Princes of The Sun Lions of The Rock I also have several chapter packs
  11. Sooooo…the story is, my GF loves aGOT, and when I got the card game she wanted her very own deck. Naturally she wanted a Daenerys deck full of dragons. So I got the box set and assembled a deck for her…. Then we all played…and she wiped us all out, actually without really trying…she didn't mean to. The deck just worked really well. Each subsequent game the deck has wreaked havoc. Simply, she easily brings a few dragons into the game, with mutliple copies of these and the hatchling cards counting as further duplicates it's nearly impossible to kill the dragons. Add a few copies of the Queen of Dragons herself and suddenly those dragon don't bow-- I can't remember now, but I think there's even a card in there that gives them stealth…. We've played against them with most all other houses - no one seems to be able to touch 'em. Am missing something here? The thing is, my GF likes the game (she really likes the thematic part), but no one wants to play against her deck. Looking for thoughtful replies and suggestions. Dave
  12. Where are the rules for these found? Keep missing 'em. Thnx D
  13. Thanks! And awesome news - I have my eye-peeler ready!!!
  14. Also-- Has anyone figured out how to convert the quests from the 1st Ed sets to 2nd? Thnx again--
  15. Two Q's game up in the games we played, 1) If all the heroes are KO'd, does the overlord automatically win? Or can they just keep standing up? 2) Suppose a hero is fatigued and get's KO'd. On his next turn he rolls 2 red dice to recover (Stand Up, or Revive action), but gets no surges-- can he still stand up? The rules say a hero can stand if he has at least one wound, but technically he is still fatigued (no surges so no recovery of fatigue). Thnx RB
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