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  1. Ah, thanks for putting so much effort in! Unfortunately, I ordered it all already... just came in today. Also, my budget was around $10... However, your deckbuild is really good, and I'm planning on making steps towards it over time. Also, I'm not going pure life gain... the idea was more life drain. For example, when opponent loses, I gain, or when i gain, opponent loses. For example, Swing Kick* and Oratorio Halcyon, and Piercing Talon Strike all drain. As a question, if i were to go dual-symbol, would it be better to add Air or Death? I'm thinking air, but I'm not positive.
  2. Yeah, I looked at most of these cards (too expensive to go with the deck at first, lol. Had to make choices ) But yeah, those are all good cards. Thanks everyone!
  3. Ok, so, my mom has allowed me to purchase a bunch of UFS single cards from my favorite website (www.coolstuffinc.com), and from here I put together a Tira deck (Life) for about ten bucks, to ten fifty, or so. Therefore, it's not as powerful as it could be (it's more of a starter), but I'd like to continue modifying it and playing it for a while. So, here's the build, and I'd like some recommendations, please It's central theme is speed boosting and vitality draining (opponent loses, I gain). Characters (1): Tira* (Soul Calibur IV edition) Foundations (28) Hijinks (This is similar to a strategy I play in Magic: the Gathering. When you can life drain your opponent, it's not a bad price at all for you both to lose 1 vitality. Also, it puts a bit of fear behind blocking, and can trigger a side change if I desire.) Dancing Sword Arts x4 (makes my Life attacks faster, and all attacks are Life.) Genius Alchemist (makes it easier to attack more in one turn) Journey of Repentance x2 (I ran out of cheap foundations, saw this at "Buy 1 Get 3 Free", and thought it would make a nice filler foundation, since it protects the better ones ) Keeper of the Watchers x4 (increases attack speed) Personality Split x4 (allows me to repeatedly enhance and change Tira and her attacks with Jolly and Gloomy side.) Prominent Noblewoman x4 (a subtheme in this deck is stopping my opponent from gaining vitality.) Purified Body x4 (I'm assuming this will provide a good speed boost.) Shattered Persona x4 (helps keep the frail Tira at good vitality, or keeps my attack difficulty low, depending on what I choose.) Actions (6) Amazing Tolerance x3 (another "filler" card. I also thought it would be rather nifty to protect Tira's low vitality ) Frantic Search (being able to draw and discard cards seems nifty to me. More of a filler.) Jolly Side (necessary for SCIV Tira, IMO) Gloomy Side (same as Jolly. They go together.) Assets (1) Ostrheinsburg Castle - Twilight (speed boosts, and foundation readying.) Attacks (25) Rera Kishi Matek x4 ("Buy 1 Get 3 Free", and it can make my next attack faster, assuming it's unblocked, which is what the "blocking fear" is for.) Evil Sparrow x4 (makes it easier to play more attacks in a turn) Lowdown Neb x4 (much more vitality loss for my opponent) Oratorio Halcyon (big life drainer ) Piercing Talon Strike x4 (life drainer) Swing Kick* (SCIV version, another life drainer) Venom Lash x3 (stops opponent from gaining vitality) Zessho Hoho (actually an edit out of my Sagat deck. It has a built in speed boost equal to momentum, as well as an action split to allow me to gain vitality equal to my momentum). This should come in the mail tomorrow, as well as some cards for my Sagat deck. This is all theoretical... I hope it works. Any advice for the long run? Thanks. Kryzen Beastfang
  4. Ah, now it makes sense. Thanks everyone! Now I can build a deck around Victor! Thanks everyone!
  5. Thanks for the advice, everyone! I looked at the cards you all recommended, and they all seem great! Also, the updates seem to be working. I was playing against my brother just now, and I got Tiger Fury to a speed of 12 and 220 damage I had like 24 foundations in play, and the card The Street Life is really useful when you've got that many damage boosting abilities... >:] Thanks everyone!
  6. So, I was looking at some characters that I play in fighting games, and I reached Victor from Darkstalkers. However, after reading his abilities and some of the Darkstalkers cards made for him, I was rather confused. What kind of strategy does Victor normally play? I mean, how does returning your foundations and assets to your hand count as a strategy? I can understand the discard parts, or making your opponent return stuff to your hand, but I still don't really see a strategy for Victor... This makes me sad, because Victor is one of my favorite fighting game characters. If you can tell me a basic strategy, or at least a decent one, I would be more than grateful. That would help me build a nostalgic deck of one of the coolest fighting game characters (imo). Thank you! Kryzen Beastfang
  7. Thanks for the advice! I ordered some of the cards you recommended online today... got me some Cobra Blows, Ready for Anything, and a couple of others. And yeah, I see what you're saying about the Fury of the North thing... Ah, and I added some cards you recommended. They worked really well Thanks a lot!
  8. Nah, I don't. Sorry I was too late, lol. Grats on the cards though
  9. These are some really good cards... I looked them all up, and these cards mostly fit right into the strategy! Thanks for all your help Also, I'm pretty sure that Fury of the North could be used properly... if you use the Ways of Punishment, get your opponent down to virtually no cards, then bait them with a regular attack to block, then you can finish them off with a carefully orchestrated Fury of the North. I'm not positive it'll work, but I'm going to try and get my hands on most of these cards and try 'em out Once again, thanks for your help.
  10. Uh, this may sound like a beginner's question (sorry!), but one quick question: When, as an additional cost for an ability, you are instructed to Commit or Destory a foundation (worded exactly like this: "Destroy a foundation:" or "Commit a foundation:"), does it have to be your own? Or, can I destroy my opponent's foundation to use these abilities? Thanks. Kryzen Beastfang
  11. So, uh, this is my first UFS deck (it's really just a slightly modified Sagat starter >_> ), but I really like the playstyle. However, even with the foundation damage and speed bonuses, I figure I can pack a little more punch by throwing in some more earth cards. Well, here's the list: Characters (2) Sagat **** x2 (second is just for blocking, came in the deck) Foundations (30, a lot of these are not that useful...) Tensho Kaireki Jin (plan on editing out, though it is kinda useful to make it a tad harder to block) Sensing Weakness (again, makes my attacks harder to block) A Powerful Offer (great card for putting my foundations in play while attacking) Exceptional Poise (pretty good since I increase speed a good amount) Bounce Back (conditionally useful speed boost) Teenage Champion (nifty for putting all those CC5 foundations into play ) Superior Balance (conditionally useful, probably going to edit it out) Reunited x3 (useless to me. focuses on reversals, which I lack. going to be edited out) No Memories (decent, but once again, only conditionally useful. saves me from a damage or speed loss) Manifest Destiny (eh, only conditionally useful. probably going to get the boot) Savage Fighter x3 (pretty nifty. If it's my third attack, +5 damage It's good for now, but I'm sure there are better cards) Psychotic Power (decent, but not great for this deck.) Separated (useless. no reversals.) Adoration (great card, speed boosts based off off opponent's foundations ) Blinding Rage x2 (another great card. When my foundations are destroyed, I can take 'em out of my deck it's the bane of foundation hate decks ) Bushinryu Ninpo (eh, decent, but not great) Sting Like a Bee x3 (pretty good, makes it easier for me to play my foundations) The End Justifies the Means (only decent. I rarely play it, what with its low CC and such. probably going bye-bye) Get up and Go x3 (a tad useless in the beginning, but later in the game, this card is great! speed boost equal to momentum - 5 ) Attacks (20) Nisho Kyaku x3 (great card, has a built in speed boost that's pretty high. It usually averages around eight to ten speed with one enhance ) Toro Zan (another pretty good card, with a built in speed bost. Usually around six to eight speed with one enhance) Zessho Hoho x2 (Great card, with built in speed boost equal to my momentum Great late game) Byakko Soshoda (decent. conditional speed boost; if my opponent uses a response, it gets a pretty good speed boost.) Tetsu Zanko x3 (good card, lets me gain vitality equal to my momentum, so it useful late game to keep me afloat ) Kubikari x3 (I don't really like this card. At all. I really want to get rid of it.) Super Tiger Ki x3 (a powerful card, since its damage goes up for every foundation before it in the card pool. Since this is a Sagat deck, that's a lot ) Kagesukui (another one of those "doesn't really fit in" cards. I wish to remove it.) Tiger Fury x2 (my favorite cards in the deck This natural damage enhancer as well as Sagat's built in damage enhancer usually rounds this late game finisher out to about twenty or so damage :D :D ) Melancholic Mercurius x2 (decent. it's got multiple, and those multiples get speed bonuses. Probably going to be removed.) Assets (3) Kiga Cave (decent, makes it harder for me to be blocked, but could be better) Ready for Anything x2 (great card. as long as I play a foundation before an attack, it gets faster and stroner. Also, it lets me draw more cards ) Actions (5) Rock Crush (Horrible. No reversals. *sniff* Definitely going to be removed.) Kung-fu Training x2 (probably my favortie action in the deck. Makes my attacks much faster; on average about +5 speed or so) Work in the Restaurant (decent. Makes my attacks faster based off of their difficulty, giving Tiger Fury another +7 speed ) 39th Bushin Master (Another one of those cards I just don't like in this deck. *sniff*) Well, that's my beginner's deck. Any advice/ideas? I'm seriously considering making the deck Fire and Earth, as opposed to just Fire. Also, cards I'm considering adding are things like Origins Unknown, Tiger Wave, and Fury of the North. If you can help at all, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you! Kryzen Beastfang
  12. Yeah, even if it's eventual, I'd still like to see some of the "lesser" races... I know there's not going to be a starter, or that it may be hard to support so many races, but I mean hey, the other races deserve some love too I just hope that they get their turn in the spotlight.
  13. Yeah, I run a Sagat deck And thanks for answering the question. I figured it was something like that, but I wanted to be sure so that I didn't get the wrong idea stuck in my head. Last time that happened, I made a real fool of myself... lol Thanks
  14. Ah, I feared as much. Okay, thanks for your help.
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