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  1. I have two 3'x3' FFG mats - starfield and Endor - and two 3'x6' mats from different suppliers.
  2. You bet I will. More chances to use my Gozanti, and to finally figure out the GR75? Heck yeah.
  3. The FLGSs that we play at here both posted pictures of their Wave 4 shipments this afternoon.
  4. I'm getting a Resistance Transport. That's my only purchase from Waves 3-5.
  5. Fingers are crossed for the Epic Battles expansion and Huge Ship Conversion box. Also, Rebellion in the Rim for Armada, because I'm one of those people.
  6. tracker7


    Not even remotely.
  7. tracker7


    At a guess ... or more than one guess: 1. The wingman has to drop out of the formation. 2. Good question. 3. You may not need to remove the tool unless you have multiple wings of the same size. Move the leader, place the tool, place the wingmen. Next round, repeat.
  8. tracker7


    Need to? No. But a C-ROC kitted out to support a whole swarm of droid fighters? Might want it a whole lot.
  9. tracker7


    Please have some at GenCon Please have some at GenCon Please have some at GenCon
  10. tracker7


    CANNOT WAIT. Well, can. Will. Must. But not patiently.
  11. Star Wars Armada: Small Fleet Tournament We’re doing something out of the ordinary for this tournament – smaller forces and faster matches! Build your fleet using standard rules, with the following changes: 200 points maximum, no large ships. Your fleet must include an admiral, and matches will be played on a 3’x3’ area. Prizes will come from the current season kit. $5 entry fee. Held at The Louisville Game Shop, 925 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky. https://www.facebook.com/events/1013172992405647/
  12. The team's daily driver is the Leap of Faith, a trusty YT-1300 with a few upgrades here and there. Back at a Rebel-friendly shadowport, there's a Gozanti carrier undergoing refit.
  13. I'm still a Rebel player at heart, but I've had a lot of fun playing S&V lately, and that was my least-played faction in First Edition. Oh, happy Friday!
  14. Five. Not getting into the Clone Wars factions for X-Wing (maybe for Armada, though). I'm having more fun playing S&V than I expected!
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