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  1. My Star Wars PCs have found themselves assigned to Echo Base. The Imperial attack is a few weeks away, and I'm looking to run a couple of sessions before the big event. So far, I've come up with a few ideas, and I'm calling on the collective minds here for some help. 1. "Having trouble adapting the speeders." A couple of the more technical-minded PCs are tasked with working on getting the speeders working in Hoth's frozen environment. 2. Establishing outposts, one of which the PCs will be stationed in when the Empire attacks. 3. Search and rescue - like Luke, a scout goes missing. 4. Hunting and/or capturing a Wampa or three. What ideas do you have?
  2. tracker7

    Hyperspace Trials

    The store hosting a Hyperspace Trial here has a history of low-level hostility towards minis games, and, if they carry X-Wing at all, only started after Second Edition launched. This is darned curious.
  3. tracker7

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    Wiping out an opposing fleet late in our Corellian Conflict. Two scarred VSDs, one scarred Raider, one healthy Raider. I was more lucky than good with my MC30s and CR90s, and my bomber+rogue squadrons did so much work.
  4. tracker7

    To regionals BYE. Or not.

    D20 hosted a store championship a few months ago - two of us came in from Louisville and there was one Lexington player there, and that was it.
  5. tracker7

    GSP Appreciation/Discussion Thread

    Heck yeah. Gold Squadron is half of my X-Wing podcast intake, and I look forward to episodes, videos, and streams. Dion's doing a fantastic job promoting this great game.
  6. Last weekend, we had a 24-player Regional tournament, and there's another tournament on the 12th, and now for a casual day on February 16th! If you're in the area, come out to The Louisville Game Shop on February 16 for an afternoon of playing Armada.
  7. tracker7

    Thoughts on the TIE Aggressor in 2.0

    All of this is based on my limited experience with it: It's about the same ship in Second Edition as it was in First. In a standard 200-point squadron, you can better spend your points elsewhere. In the 400-point games we've played locally, it's more effective. I've used it to escort a Punisher, and it did well there. It's not a dogfighter by any means - leave that to the Fighters, Interceptors, and Defenders.
  8. tracker7

    Happy Friday - Just played First Order !

    I'm looking forward to playing against some First Order squadrons tonight. Won't be picking up either sequel-era conversion kit for a while. Also: Happy Friday!
  9. Exactly this. Both times I've played against it, I went after Roark hard. Got him out of the fight, and then was able to beat Dash at my leisure.
  10. tracker7


  11. tracker7

    What is your favorite 2018 X-Wing moment?

    Not a single moment, but I had a great time with local events around the release of Second Edition.
  12. tracker7

    Uh, soooo... I thoroughly enjoyed Solo

    Agreed. Less than 6 months after The Last Jedi, and close to Infinity War. A December release probably would have gotten a better box office. I have some complaints with it, but they're overshadowed by how much fun Solo was.
  13. tracker7

    Uh, soooo... I thoroughly enjoyed Solo

    Heck of a fun movie. In fact, I think I'll watch it again tonight.
  14. tracker7

    Happy Friday - Which of the five are you playing.....?

    I'm flying all five, with a strong bias towards Rebels. Gimme casual play over tournament anytime, so formats aren't anything I'm concerned about right now. And yes, be more than excellent.
  15. tracker7

    So the Aurore? Large or huge?

    Yep! I'm getting one or two of these, and I rarely play S&V. These look good!