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  1. You can use them. You don't have to.
  2. All 7 clans are on the box if you look closely. The most prominent three makes sense when you consider they are the Left Hand, the Underhand and the Right Hand of the Emperor.
  3. Plaque is more like the years before. I hated the plain ones with just words.
  4. Look again. Crab and Unicorn both are there too.
  5. The mon avatars were added right after the sale and used the aeg avatars.
  6. That's a big token.
  7. There's tokens to remind you about critical hits. We've got all kinds of palp tokens etc. I see no issue with a Kallus token.
  8. I like it if true.
  9. This is true. All alt arts are done in house using their own printers.
  10. Weekly is the norm for new games with ffg.
  11. They give out errata cards as prizes in IA. I see no reason that wouldn't happen in X-Wing too.
  12. There is cut ones in addition to the uncut sheet.
  13. Cardgamedb we are getting the forums added and I'm sure deck builder is already under construction.
  14. Correct, since the names are printed in the rulebook after all.