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  1. It would be in the book itself.
  2. Not happening. Been brought up many times.
  3. Radio TCX is 30 minutes episodes weekly.
  4. Radio TCX charges per month not episode and has good and usable rewards.
  5. Radio TCX is the best. Very professionally done.
  6. Neutrals usually come in multiples actually. Usually 2 sometimes 3. Three core sets should get you enough neutrals for two or more full playsets.
  7. It's highly unlikely to be that many releases in a year. It's normal for a month break between releases of cycles and deluxes etc.
  8. You get promos at the start too. You just get more if you stick around.
  9. Read Tarkin and Lost Stars.
  10. Newer versions of the artwork has the square instead of circle dish. Think you just found an earlier mock up.
  11. Assuming they bring one box per ticket and since they have said their will be a limit of one box per person no matter how many tickets they have I would expect extra boxes to be available. Still confirmation either way would be good. If they are charging $48 in generics it must come with a box however I would think.
  12. Then they lose out on the extra promos and playing more games. It is for fun ultimately after all and it's practice for a new game. Think of it as an insanely large learn to play event.
  13. You don't get eliminated. It is swiss rounds. You play every round. There is no cut for Thursday.
  14. Usually you get some at the start and more for playing through the event.