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  1. Asmodee North America has killed FFG. I am selling as much of their products as I can. FFG is dead long may they be remembered.
  2. Struggling as always. Theyve never gotten large enough to be self sustaining and people are too spread out. Too many LCGs doesn't help either.
  3. They were failing long before the split.
  4. You’re not really helping things by being a pedantic jerk in every post. You’re fine with it. Thats ******* great. But not everyone is nor will be. And that’s fine too. You can allow others to disagree and not belittle them for it. I get that is a foreign concept for many but it is possible. Your attitude will do more to hurt the game than anything else.
  5. lack of success with any LCG in our area. Too spread out a player base. And yes this game is for me. I applied to playtest it the minute it was announced. My name is in the rules and product. I live and breathe L5R story for a long time. I went ot GenCon specifically for it's launch. but if the game won't be a success here I cannot justify buying product that will just end up sitting unused. this amplifies much quicker the inevitable barrier to entry for LCGs
  6. Terrible idea. One more reason to bail now.
  7. And it’s already sold out with restock timeline unknown.
  8. Ahahhaha. wow. Rogue One was ******* awesome.
  9. Base size isn't just about ship size but ship maneuverability too. A U-Wing makes zero sense on a small base.
  10. Glad I won't be buying any of the Wave myself.
  11. Good a good director to finish off the new trilogy.
  12. I've been a ffg fan for along time and I gotta say their constant seeming bouncing from product to product with inconsistent level of support is really starting to wear on me. Since GenCon a lot of other games and companies have been getting my attention.
  13. Not at the expense of pissing off their more established and long term game base.
  14. It's a two player starter. The other starters are one player each.
  15. Product for an existing game line. Exactly like most of us thought