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  1. We have gained tons here. I don't think we have reached the peak yet. Don't listen to the doom and gloom. It's happened before.
  2. Board game
  3. As it says in the article this is the first of the system.
  4. Yes it is a living document.
  5. I think adding it would be great. Likely a 2.0 type situation. It is one of Armada's strengths.
  7. I am more in than I have been in a while. Two years of local play has gone from being me to 9-14 every Tuesday and 32 player store champs. And I dropped one of the 3 L5R GenCon tournaments to take part in NA champs even though I know I will get stomped. Getting ships custom painted for the day too.
  8. Probably faction decks similar to Warmachine and Hordes.
  9. Meh. Let me guess Fan Expo again. Might as well be Narnia. To far for me from NS.
  10. Either make it apply to all ships or get rid of it but it cannot remain as is.
  11. Could you possibly be anymore ignorant.
  12. Find out who the TO is going to be and ask them. Some will rule differently than others. For mine I ruled jabba does not work when removed and you can stay cloaked. You would not get a token in your second post.
  13. Can always find deals on too.