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  1. No, you just have to make a WP-test if you want to disengage or back out of a fight, "...but disengaging from combat or backing down from a fight is difficult for them to stomach, and as such requires a successful Willpower Test." - OW core p. 144
  2. Yes, you definetly need to read the core-book, there are alot of little rule-changes through out the system. Especially the aptitude-system of using xp is totaly new.
  3. As far as I can read there is nothing mentioned in the Core book about this, and it is also not adressed in the Errata. *Edit* And apperently i cant read...
  4. You could let a senior commissar punish him in some way, for damaging troop-morale. And then maybe let him expirience that in the heat of combat, he needs the squad to stay alive more than they need him.
  5. Besides being physicaly better than space marines, the Custodes are made to function independantly, where as the space marines are made to function as part of companies and armies, and to rely on other space marines for tactical reasons. So I think that that should at least be reflected when it comes to solo- and squad mode abilities and cohesion. Maybe give them some new speciel solo mode abilities and no squad mode.
  6. Since parry is a skill it is not a ws-test, it is a skill-test.
  7. I like the idea, but it doesnt really sound like something a Death Watch kill team would be tasked with. First of all the The Mechanicus would most likely deal with it them selfs, and if they had to call in assistance they probably call the most senior tech-marine from the Death Watch, or a chapter closly connected with The Mechanicus. That kind of knowledge is for high ranking members of The Cult of Mars only. But if your group like to play super high level stuff, which can be really fun, then I dont see why it shouldn't work. For me it would depend on whether or not the fluff around the campaign seemed right, especially in regard to the extreme secrecy of The Adeptus Mechanicus. Would my character be allowed to have this knowledge?
  8. Great idea! But maybe this thread should be in the GM-section.
  9. We have always ruled that one PC can give +10% to another PC by slapping him or something like that. Also there are a couple of talents, like jaded, fearless etc., that help or makes PCs and/or comrades immune against fear or pinning.
  10. In Deathwatch you roll hit location and damage individually for each person affected by the blast, but they changed it in Black Crusade and Only War, so that you only roll damage once and apply it to all affected but don't say anything about hit location.
  11. The rules are the same as in Deathwatch. OW Core p. 249 line 7-8: "Ranged attacks cannot be made if the attacker is engaged in melee, unless he is firing a pistol-class weapon."
  12. Why do you need lightning attack?
  13. True, but when the rules in an older system doesn't work, I think it's a pretty good solution to look to a newer incarnation of the rules.
  14. The Scatter-rule was changed in the errata for Only War, so that it now reads: “At Point Blank Range, this weapon gains +10 to hit and deals +3 Damage. At Short Range, this weapon gains +10 to hit. At any longer ranges, this weapon suffers –3 Damage.” One could argue that the Astartas Assault Shotgun is a different weapon then the ones the Guard has access to, but it is a good fix for a somewhat broken and overpowered rule.
  15. A perception-check against the ratlings stealth-check, would be my opinion.
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