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  1. Dear Fantasy Flight Games, I own and have played every LCG you make (save the new Warhammer 40k). I've been using CardGameDB for the entire time for every LCG, though I must admit that in the last year I shifted over to NetrunnerDB. Now, before you think this has anything to do with the recent C&D, I'll ask you to stop right there, because it doesn't. Why did I switch? Because I'm an avid Netrunner player; I play competitively, as often as I can. I want to play around with builds as soon as I can. I'm a player that's more than willing to use the service you provide; all I ask is that it is up to date so that I can. If CGDB is going to be my go-to deck builder it has to have all the cards, and honestly they should be available before anywhere else. It should be the source for the cards, second only to the previews shown on FFG.com. It should be the first place I think of when I want to build a deck simply because the cards are there for me to do so. I always have my new pack in hand and still cannot use CGDB to build with because those new cards are not in the system. I'd like to close by saying I have a lot of respect for Drew (Darksbane) and the amazing contribution he's made to the LCG community. I've always been a believer in CGDB, and I would love to come back to using it for Netrunner, if only I had access to all the cards. Here's to a bright future for Card Game DB, Dave Kudzma Originally posted: www.boardgamegeek.com/article/16899450#16899450
  2. If you plan on playing casually, why not just use a squadron builder and print out the squad, needing nothing? Competitively, well, that's the buy in then isn't it?
  3. If this is Jebb, then I have your number. I'm sorry that I hadn't called yet. I have two other people interested in playing on sundays, one of those said only the evening would work. Dorsey is supposed to be talking to a couple more people, so at this point, even if it's just to meet for casual play, I'm still definitely interested in getting any number of people together to play.
  4. I'm looking to start a league for Netrunner in Salisbury, MD at Phoenix Rising Games and Comics. I spoke with the owner about it last night and he'd be supportive and obtain the game night kits as long as we have the participation. At this point I was thinking tentatively Sundays, but it's simply a question of all the participants availability. If you're interested I'd ask that you do a couple of things: - Reply here and/or message me directly if you're interested so I can start making a list of participants - Call the store itself and express interest, letting the owner know you heard about a league starting up and that you're interested in participating. Store Information: Phoenix Rising Games and Comics 327 Civic Ave Ste B Salisbury, MD 21804 Phone: 443-944-8207 Owner: Brooks Dorsey (everyone calls him Dorsey) Manager: Chris Miller Phoenix is a clean, friendly store. The owner is wonderful, helpful, and always gets anything for me that he can. Thanks for reading and here's hoping we can get things going soon
  5. Thanks for actually posting this here. I hadn't gotten the chance. There's a huge thread over on BGG about it yeat no one else came over here to ask. I'm curious to hear the actual answer.
  6. Serazu said: it would be much better (and easier) to just ommit "choose to" in the (potential) errata. Completely agree. Unless they add a clarification to the FAQ that this is a intended design decision (and I'm uncertain why they'd create ambiguities intentionally) then I'm completely in favor of the above.
  7. That's how we played it. The token even appears to be made out of stone. We've tried not to have too many hang ups over little things like this. A quick group consensus and off we play!
  8. Locusshifter

    Create Wall

    When you create a wall, is it a stone wall?
  9. papalorax said: Locusshifter said: I saw Bara won Joust. What I didn't see was which house took Melee, not have I seen which was overall. Can anyone clue me in? Martell Maesters So Bara Maester took Joust and Martell Maester took Melee? Jeez. Maester dominance.
  10. I saw Bara won Joust. What I didn't see was which house took Melee, not have I seen which was overall. Can anyone clue me in?
  11. Nope. Hadn't considered the fact that I'd draw the card that remained. It's becoming painfully obvious the designers considered someone manipulating the top of their deck to circumvent the luck of the draw on certain gobs. Shame that...
  12. I was just mulling over the idea of a Gobbo deck given the most recent preview. Because some gobs use a reveal and x or y effect I thought it would be useful to have some top deck manipulation. Think Advanced Engineering might be best suited to that purpose; thanks very much!
  13. Are there any cards, preferably destruction, that allow a player to return a card to the top of a player's deck, or better yet allow a player to look at the top X cards and return them in any order?
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