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  1. Magnus Grendel

    How many monsters are there?

    And because a Kami, by definition, isn't exactly a monster in the way Oni or Kansen are. A Kami is a 'natural' supernatural being (if there is such a thing) and is - or should be - a broadly neutral or even benevolent spirit; if it's angry and destructive you may have to stop it but there's a good chance someone else has made it angry, and you should really be doing something about that. And yes, the sky's the limit for what shape they choose to take.
  2. I would recommend it. Essentially, it's a lot better at the non-hitting-things-with-swords bits than D&D; if all you're planning on doing is going into the shadow cave/forbidden forest/evil fortress and hitting things with swords because they have (a) fangs and (b) treasure, you'll get pretty much the same pay-off from both systems. L5R is better if you're likely to find yourself doing devious political intrigues and intensive 1v1 duels as well. Oriental Game Of Thrones is not a bad analogy - albeit noting that you're likely to be some way down the pecking order.
  3. Magnus Grendel

    TIE strikers at Store Championships [picture heavy]

    Pretty much the same thread from earlier in the month: Short Version: Yes, the 'bumping on an aileron move' ability is dependent on rules text that does not exist (yet) in 2.0, so colliding on a pre-manoeuvre-manoeuvre is still colliding and will cost you your action.
  4. Magnus Grendel

    Black Crusade Campaign Thread

    The Lord Ravager has agreed the plan is interesting but has politely declined to participate, on the grounds that "creating a stampeding herd of daemonically possessed psychic Godzillas" apparently seems like a bad idea. More importantly, the Lord Deceiver has also (less politely) declined to participate, which is why he's using hireling daemonologists rather than the Chosen's more competent sorcerer PC. Which obviously improves the odds of things going "well".
  5. Magnus Grendel

    Cream of the crop.

    I agree. My comment isn't that he can't but that he shouldn't have to; since he can't pick up stress from flying through debris and is much less constrained in how he needs to fly to line up shots, whilst he can do a "pseudo-white" k-turn it's not as valuable to him as it is to something like the TIE Defender. Probably far more important against the right opponent is the Outrider title's ability to burn off target locks....
  6. Magnus Grendel

    1.0 upgrades you hope will find their way to 2.0

    Never really worked without the ability to tag stress or similar conditions on it (R3-A2, Rhymer/Tactician, etc), because it was so bloody flimsy as an attack. You could make it a touch better (maybe 3 dice un-modifiable, or 2 dice but modifiable only by focus) if you restricted it to a bullseye arc? That kind of makes more sense to me; you're not lining up a shot, someone has literally parked directly in front of your guns (but maybe only for a moment if they then boost or barrel roll).
  7. Magnus Grendel

    Cream of the crop.

    The ability to have 4 Sigma Squadron Aces with Juke is nasty. Yes, they don't have 4 attack dice anymore, but they're a credible imperial equivalent to the X-wing as a medium-weight fighter; 5 hits, agility 2, and the ability to reposition really fast. The fact that their ability to bounce in and out of cloak is dependent on not getting shot at, rather than getting shots themselves, feels more appropriate. Dash is a pain in the neck, but: He is proportionately more expensive You now get + defence dice at range 3 He shouldn't need to be gaining stress in the first place because ships with a turret shouldn't have to pull red moves, so the ability to lose it doesn't really matter He now doesn't have the ability to boost, or to gain access to boost.
  8. Magnus Grendel

    Ships and pilots you were wrong about

    You missed the expletive. It's "how the **** did you get there!". If you want extra comedy value, and have 8 points spare, try her with Afterburners; adaptive ailerons looks a lot like, but is not, a boost action. It leaves her fragile because you're not packing a cheap(er) hull or shield upgrade but Her Grace can dance like nothing. Because she can aileron whilst stressed then pull a blue move, she works well alongside Ciena Ree, too.
  9. Magnus Grendel

    1st turn lock on friendly ship to avoid first jam

    Now that Punishing One removes the crew slot like Havok, I think so. I actually meant if attacking a slicer-crewed target; using freelance slicer requires you to spend a lock, so you'll only have one if the result comes up jam. Although, again: "the player whose effect caused the ship to gain the jam token chooses for the ship to either remove one of its green tokens or break one of its locks" So if your own Freelance Slicer backfires and jams you as well, it's still your effect so you can force yourself to break your other lock rather than discard a green token (if you've somehow gotten two target locks plus a focus).
  10. Magnus Grendel

    I really like the new interceptors...

    I don't see why not. You're fragile as heck, but with initiative 4 and autothrusters, each of your ships has a credible chance against most small ships in a dogfight, and 5 3-dice attacks coming in as a pack can do for most large ships fast enough that you shouldn't loose too much of your squad. It's not a million miles away from 5 TIE strikers, and I assure you that's fun to fly. Compared to a quintet of black squadron scout strikers: You get a (much!) higher initiative - matching the best of any non-limited ship, in fact, and equalling or beating a good 2/3 of unique pilots, too. The striker is only I3, but is a touch cheaper, albeit only enough to equip a really cheap upgrade like predator, ruthless, or crack shot. The Striker doesn't get stressed by using ailerons and has a better red dial, but doesn't cope well once stressed, either. By comparison, autothrusters stresses you to use it, but the interceptor can burn off stress very easily with a brilliant green dial. Interceptors have 3 hits behind 3 green dice. Strikers have 4 behind 2 - you are tougher against the 'odd pot-shot' but the strikers are better against hard-to-dodge things and concentrated fire. You are faster in a dead run (speed 5 straight plus boost if unstressed, speed 5 if not) and in tight turns (speed 1 turn if unstressed, speed 2 if not). The striker is better at long swooping turns (aileron plus speed 3 bank, available turn after turn) The key with a heavy swarm like this is knowing when to fly as a block of 5 and trust to rate-of-fire with 15 attack dice per turn , and when to split up and fly like a dragnet. The latter is a good idea when facing an elusive target (e.g. Dash Rendar), other aces (but be careful not to split up too far) or to put a ship likely to be using reinforce in a crossfire.
  11. Magnus Grendel

    Scum Questions...

    Electronic Baffle only triggers during the end phase of a turn. But other than that, yes.
  12. Magnus Grendel

    Collision Detector

    Although equally note that it only applies to that obstacle that you flew through - which somewhat limits its usability in the subsequent combat phase unless you either have a rear arc, a turret or koiogran turned across the rock.
  13. Magnus Grendel

    Advanced Targeting Computer

    Agreed - there is at least one quick build for the TIE/x1 which lacks Fire Control System, so it's worth noting, though.
  14. Magnus Grendel

    1st turn lock on friendly ship to avoid first jam

    Yup. It works if you have a low initiative jammer versus a high initiative pilot, and the latter doesn't actively 'need' their lock. "When a ship becomes jammed, the player whose effect caused the ship to gain the jam token chooses for the ship to either remove one of its green tokens or break one of its locks." On a related note, you can force me to break a lock rather than discard a green token, but you cannot specify which lock. Which means that R3 astromech gives you a quite impressive resistance to jamming; lock the target you care about plus a rock, or a friendly, or something, and break the irrelevant lock if jammed. A nice insurance policy against something like Freelance Slicer.
  15. Magnus Grendel

    Question about the Hyperspace Marker

    And more than range 3 of any already placed hyperspace token. Also note that some placement (i.e. range one of a board edge with one 'foot' pointing at that board edge) means any ship arriving at that point is automatically destroyed unless it has a speed 1 turn and is on a small base!