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  1. Magnus Grendel

    Rebel conversion kit

    It does also give you duplicates of the generic cards in the imperial box, so if you wanted a squad with (for example) more than a couple of Fire Control Systems, you'd have duplicates.
  2. Magnus Grendel

    Temmin "Snap"Wexley and Daredevil

    For what it's worth, Snap would still get a perform action step, he just can't perform most actions in it because he will, as @thespaceinvader notes, be stressed (since "after you execute a manoeuvre" comes before your perform action step). Primed Thrusters would allow him to Barrel Roll, though - and following up a manoeuvre with both a 90' boost and a Roll could make Snap impressively squirrely.
  3. Magnus Grendel

    Once per Opportunity vs Force Charges

    This. Compare Rey's ability: "While you defend or perform an attack, if the enemy ship is in your you may spend 1 to change 1 of your blank results to a or result." Spending force 'normally': "While it performs an attack, a ship can spend any number of during the Attack Dice step to change that number of its results to results. While it defends, a ship can spend any number of during the Defense Dice step to change that number of its results to results." In both cases, the trigger for the opportunity is "I attack or defend" with a prerequisite that you have both some force charge and some rolled dice in front of you. Both triggers happen at once - you can trigger neither, either or both, but each one once and once only. However, nested within the latter is permission to spend as much force as you have available as part of that effect.
  4. Magnus Grendel

    What you been flying in FO and Imperial?

    Started back into the game with 2nd edition using a Ruthless TIE/ln Swarm. I love the upgrade - it's brutal as heck, but worth it, especially since it's automatic and available whether you got actions or not (or have already spent your focus) and across your full arc of fire, not just your bullseye. Trying to decide if I want to risk using Ruthless Black Squadron Scouts to get my eye back in with Strikers.
  5. Definitely. The more you hear of it, the more it's clear he went through almost exactly the same things as Anakin, but painful as it was did it "right" - picking either the Order or personal relationships. Whether it was the right choice is open to debate but he did at least choose, as opposed to Anakin's fundamental failing of wanting both.
  6. Magnus Grendel

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Yes. The "you may maintain 2 locks" bit it independent of the "after you target lock, acquire a lock" bit - you can have two locks, regardless of where you get the second one from.
  7. Magnus Grendel

    What happened to the Scurrg Bomber?

    Plus the generic Killergorilla is a Cartel Executioner - who has a higher initiative and a Talent Slot. Crack Shot or Predator and an R2 astromech doubles down on the Bullseye arc something fierce and gives the Kaijugodzilla a better green dial, whilst the Scurrg with a dorsal turret has markedly less killing power front and centre but has at least some guns over a 180' sweep, a better red dial and has both more damage capacity and twice as much of it is shields. You pays your money and takes your choice, I guess.
  8. Magnus Grendel

    Idea for a new gunner

    It could work - as noted, it's 'expanding' your arc of fire. Rather than creating an excessively wordy card, I'd make it only work front or rear 180 (which is still good) because those 'full arcs' have already been defined to support reinforce and exist in the rules reference, and rather than stopping you modding the dice if you do so, why not simply make spending the token the cost to trigger it? Observant Gunner Gunner Prerequisite: , Small or Medium Ship Before you perform a attack, if your is aligned with your or , you may spend to treat your or respectively as your turret arc instead.
  9. Magnus Grendel

    How do you knock out triple Up's?

    This. As with Arc-dodger versus jouster, if neither side is shooting in a given turn, the more manoeuvrable ship is generally winning, and in this game anything with boost is going to feel like Soontir Fel. If they're arriving via hyperspace tracking, make sure you're not deploying facing into the board - 45' is a good angle, letting you bank and roll in whichever direction keeps you clear of a suddenly-appearing shuttle - and consider trying to have the obstacles on your side of the board to mess up their approach. Don't forget that the safest way through their arc can sometimes be right through the centre of it - unless they've pulled a stop, their minimum move as a large based ship is 3 standard 'base widths' forwards, and if you collide that ship can't shoot you - and once past them you can koiogran , talon or segnor and they can't.
  10. Magnus Grendel

    Lists that better be legal after the points adjustment (Jan 28th).

    At the risk of poking a plot hole, no it doesn't. I'm not questioning the maths generated by Gate Of Storms, but rather the premise of the maths - 8 damage to a focused agility 2 target is not the same as killing two separate 4-hull ships with focus tokens each with a total of three attacks, because however you slice it, that result must include a one-shot-kill, and neither Luke nor Wedge have better than a ten to twelve percent chance of pulling that off on their own. (in fairness, since Biggs shoots last and will shoot at whoever survived, that does increase to more like 20% since one or the other pulling it off will be sufficient) The amount of overkill on the ship which gets double-tapped (which is what at least one or two points of damage in most combinations of dice results represent may be emotionally satisfying but it doesn't actually benefit you in the game. Secondly, as noted, you're not trying to get 4 damage, you're trying to get 5 because you can give every sentinel a shield or hull upgrade and still stick below the 40-point "x five" threshold. That means that out of that list, barring lucky criticals Fenn Rau is about the only pilot on that list capable of a one-shot-kill. True but Countdown is pointedly 44 points - more expensive than Duchess, in fact - and spending more than 40 points on one ship means spending less than 40 on another, meaning the remaining strikers will lack toughness-boosting modifications and - since your opponent will take the easy kills - are likely to be shot first. Plus, countdown's ability is great (no denying that) but if he's being shot by 2 attackers at once, it's not massively useful. He is. However, despite that, the assumption that someone would choose to try and remove luke when protected by Biggs via massed fire (meaning luke's ability and biggs' ability triggers against every attack) is questionable at best. Taking Biggs out first is painful because it's him doing his job, but you need to remove a ship as fast as possible and if the two aces are within range 1 of him you are wasting your time firing at them with 'just' 3-dice attacks. Interesting list. Del Meeko is a clever thought - I was talking to a friend about using him as a wingman in a "Vader & Stuff" squad because the fact his ability benefits any platform, not just TIE fighters like Iden Versio, seems very powerful once you get your head around it. He's also maybe not an obvious target like Wampa or Howlrunner would be. And whilst I agree, getting 5 bits of paint in 17 red dice is sacrifice-them-to-the-dice-gods level. The probability against that is sufficiently high (ignoring the green dice entirely) that even if you'd got two force/target lock aces lobbing 3 dice each, it's the equivalent of both of them completely blanking out at the same time. Obviously probabilities are always 100% for the individual concerned at the time, but I can only offer my sympathies and say that with the best will in the world that shouldn't have happened.
  11. Magnus Grendel

    R5 and R2 Astromech

    I can imagine. And the Executioner has enough points and slots left for predator, which paired with Dead To rights means you wouldn't even need actions for attacking much.
  12. Magnus Grendel

    Four Y counter

    Sorry - missed the hyperspace comment. Jamming isn't a bad one. The reaper has a white jam action capable of neutralising one ship's lock at range 1, and since a torpedo needs a target lock, the attacker is not going to simultaneously have a focus - meaning Captain Feroph's ability is 'always on' - meaning the reaper cannot fail to roll an evade. With an average of 3 hits per torpedo and 1 evade garuanteed per roll, Feroph can fly up the centre and with no arc-dodging, no jamming or obstructed shots, basically no effort made whatsoever to avoid fire it'd still take the entire fire of the four torpedoes to kill him and for the price of a hull upgrade, possibly not even then.
  13. Magnus Grendel

    Lists that better be legal after the points adjustment (Jan 28th).

    I'd like to politely disagree with some of these points. Note: I'm not saying that the striker couldn't use a leg up (and I very much feel the Scout is not worth 4 points over the Sentinel; make it 35 or 36 to the Sentinel's 34 and then try again with Hull Upgrade or Elusive), but I don't feel it's as bad as made out here. The wave 14 Crackshot Zealot was powerful, but it did give up both flight assist's repositioning and integrated astromech's extra hit to get it, which added to the lower pilot skill relative to the Scarif Defender meant the strikers did have a fighting chance of outflying them, and whilst they'd trade casualties, shooting first and getting to pull tricks like bank away/speed turn back gave them a nasty edge in a fight. Crack Zealots were a successful list but whenever I saw them were mostly with astromechs as well, which were no longer a 20 point unit, getting 5 ships thanks to the ludicrously potent for its cost Sheathipede command shuttle. I disagree that you're likely to loose two strikers before you shoot. One, yes, but not two - and at medium range four strikers can ventilate an X-wing or similar (Wedge or Biggs rather than Luke) in a single engagement phase without too much luck. Fenn is a bit of an exception but even taking the nasty alpha strike lists, they're not that killable - a big part of their appeal when they first came out relative to generic interceptors of the same price was the 4th hull. Added to Planetary Sentinels being able to equip a shield upgrade to reach 40 points, and you need 5 damage for a kill. I don't disagree that a striker pilot hit with multiple torpedoes is going home in a bin bag, but realistically, the most alpha strikey alpha strike delivers 3 4-dice attacks at high initiative, with two of them double modified with the force or focus/lock and the other just single modified with a focus or target lock (swarm wedge/dutch/luke, for example). Killing a 4-hull ship with a 4-dice attack requires perfect red dice and blank green dice, and even assuming the torpedo rolls perfect every time, theres something like an 85% chance of at least one evade, leaving the striker alive. And even that's not enough because of that shield token. There are exceptions, but stuff like Fenn Rau/Talonbane/Proton Rockets/Massed Heavy Laser Cannons/Launched Bombs is much more positioning-specific and you can try to outfly that in a way you can't outfly the range 2-3, full arc torpedo. Dropping Sentinels by a single point (33) is sufficient to allow you to field 6, and that by itself is a scary thought. 6 3-dice primary attacks is 18 red dice slung downrange per turn, more than a full 8-ship TIE swarm (more than any x-wing squad not using one-use missiles, in fact) and in larger, more effective chunks to boot. More to the point, losing a ship still leaves you with more red dice than a perfect cruise-missile-ace trio from the nastier bits of 1st edition. Making Black Squadron Scouts 32 makes it even worse since you leave enough points for Ruthless, adding in one of the most potent dice modifiers going, and with as many hits in the squadron as a full TIE swarm or T-70 baby blues, they have hull to burn, and shooting first. I'm not saying 6-striker squads cannot ever happen but it's something which needs to be approached carefully and certainly not by jumping to fielding the elite generics by the six-pack first.
  14. Magnus Grendel

    Lists that better be legal after the points adjustment (Jan 28th).

    Ah. Major Tournament Entry - to - Cut position. Fair enough.
  15. Magnus Grendel

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    Exactly. If they can take up positions and fire whilst hanging off rocks, then they can concentrate more fire on a given enemy (or concentrate fire more easily on a given enemy). The downside is that they have to split up to do so, which is normally a big no-no in concentration of force in a swarm, and that they lack agility compared to a TIE/ln* and hit points compared to a Z-95. * They can probably arrange for obstructed shots, but then that goes both ways, and you have to deal with Mining Guild TIEs who can dance around rocks just as well and are likely to come pre-loaded with trick shot. Also, for a quick note - closing the struts requires you to execute a manoeuvre (and the only legal manoeuvre to execute, whatever you reveal, is a 2-forward). That leaves a couple of interesting interactions with Tractor weapons - since you can only open the struts on a rock, the system kind of assumes you still will be when the ship activates. If you tractor a landed vulture and pull it off the rock, it's not stuck doing a speed 2 straight because it's not "at range 0 of an asteroid or debris cloud", but it is still "ignoring them as it moves" meaning it turns into Dash Rendar for a turn.