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  1. Kenshin pulls on his mount's reins, trying to evade the path of the charge. The boar picks up speed as it approaches, hunching in behind its brutal tusks.
  2. Assuming the letter is genuine, of course. There is a distinction between "it's genuine" and "I can't tell if it's a forgery" and Kakita Yoshi saying one when he was thinking the other, especially given the context, is dangerous and foolish in the extreme. Regardless though, of whether the letter is genuine or not, the sentiments in it are, so far as we know, true. Whether she actually wrote them down is a different matter but we know she did feel that way. How Kunawan would take the actual truth behind Satsume's death is a different matter entirely. One interesting question is who would be responsible: It could be a genuine letter that Satsume intercepted. But that does raise the question of 'how' he got a copy of it. Hotaru may be acting like a lovestruck teenager, but writing that letter and letting it be found by someone else would be really, really stupid. It could be Kachiko planting it. But so far as we know, her feelings for Hotaru are about as genuine as her affections get. So planting that is almost certain to hurt someone she cares about, whether the letter itself is genuine or not, seems off. I guess wanting Hotaru disinherited so she'd run away to her is possible, but feels off because I can't see Kachiko wanting to run away with her. It could be someone else, wanting to hurt Hotaru or wanting to hurt Kachiko by proxy. Shosuro Hametsu, for example, knows about Hotaru and Kachiko and does not approve, and has already been spotted (in the Palace of the Emerald Champion) trying to cast dirt on the pair. This. He really doesn't have any 'success' you can point to that we know of. He may have worked tirelessly to overcome Kachiko but he keeps losing. Even the suspicion "maybe it was Kachiko's idea to sell off Kakita artworks" ignores the fact that no, they're selling it because the clan needs money to hire ronin and it needs money because (a) the tsunami half-bankrupted them and (b) some doofus in the court hasn't managed to get the Emperor's Blessing repeatedly diverted to the Crane to rebuild in the subsequent years. So was Agasha Sumiko, as I recall. The kolat assassin who actually kills Satsume is one of the chief yoriki's assistants and a kitsuki himself (though actually Kitsuki rather than merely by marriage). The fact that he sees 'Kolat Everywhere!' and doesn't see the actual Kolat assassin right under his nose is rather a black mark, although whether of incompetence or treachery we don't actually know. I'd actually forgotten that he was born Matsu. It does actually say that in In The Palace of the Emerald Champion, but it's interesting to be remind of it, since we don't actually know anything about his spouse other than that (since he married 'out', they are presumably at least of 'clan magistrate' status or equivalent). On a side note: Do we know who Doji Satsume's rival was in the Emerald Tournament? Because that feels like the thread ends of something significant.
  3. I was thinking about that. I'm not sure that the Hutt's lifecycle is really outlined in new-canon stuff, so part of me is wondering if it might be Stinky, all grown up. Which would make for an interesting dynamic if the series features any of: Ahsoka Tano, to whom he arguably owes his life Ezra Bridger, who infamously kept using his father's name as an alias General Organa, who strangled his father to death
  4. That kind of makes sense. Dark Curse is, if I remember right, all, supposed to be the "I can't shake him!" TIE fighter, so an ability which limits the value of force charge would make sense.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me to see him be very cheap; his ability sounds nice but in practice is so-so because acquiring a lock is hard at low initiative whilst calculating is easy (Especially with Doofus - DFS-081 - on the field), and if you've got around the lock restriction by fielding Dorks - DRK-1 - you've got your lock a turn ahead and are probably already on double mods anyway. Yes, it applies to every friendly regardless of range, but since they need the lock it's in practice limited to range 1-3 of the target, and hitting with a Nantex's attack isn't a forgone conclusion. On the other hand, he is Initiative 5, which for an interceptor-esque ship is a justification for existence in and of itself; Chertek by comparison has an awesome ability but is only Initiative 4. Also note that it needs the calculate action but doesn't need Networked Calculations. Which may make him more suitable to fly wing for O-66 or Feethan Ottraw Autopilots
  6. つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON ALL THE TRACTOR TOKENS༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
  7. I agree. I'm simply observing that having seen the extra media, it improves the films. A big part of the originals, to be fair, was that when The Empire Strikes Back came out, we'd had a not-made-entirely-clear-but-significant amount of time pass (new base on new world, 'Commander Skywalker', a new general, 'the bounty hunter on Ord Mantell' - clearly stuff had happened off-screen, which writers could then retroactively fill in). Starting The Last Jedi what feels like only hours after the end of The Force Awakens is one flaw I can't quite understand. As an observation - I would like to correct something: I'd forgotten - at least the first part of that is supposed to be filled in, in that The Mandalorian is set (as I understand it) post-Jakku. So that's likely to show the New Republic coming into being - albeit from the 'outside' and 'underbelly'...
  8. Indeed. That's not going to happen. If you're betrothed to the Emperor's Heir, going outside the palace walls without a short battalion of either Seppun Honour Guard or Doji Empress' Guard as yojimbo flanking you probably qualifies as 'scandalously adventurous'. It's not necessarily the end of the character, but it would be the end of the character's potential to appear in non-courtly adventures. On the one hand; if you're breaking one 'rule' why not break another - but on the other hand, there's only so much 'unprecedented' one character can be allowed to do without distorting the universe unrecognisably. If I really wanted the character to still be playable - the Emperor's betrothed is essentially an Empress-in-waiting, and there's no reason they shouldn't be offered the job of roving diplomatic troubleshooter. It may necessitate a major shift in the campaign style - to a 'dealing with clan disputes, mediating wars and having everyone have advisor/yojimbo/etc titles' style campaign, rather than 'look, some goblins - let's stab them!'. We've not seen the current Empress (Hochiahime) 'on screen' in the fiction at all (unless she's in Winter's Embrace?) but given that whilst Rokugan may be a massively racist and classist society, it's not (apparently) sexist, especially compared to actual feudal-era cultures, and whilst she may be reclusive, we're told her health is fragile and (assuming her age is similar to Hantei Jodan) she's quite old, so that may not be representative of the 'average' Empress. There's a real argument for sending the Hantei's spouse as a representative to one event whilst the Hantei themselves is at another (or is remaining at the centre of things in Otosan Uchi). Obviously to reputable places and with a massive security presence, but that's no different (and probably much less onerous) than Winter Court turning up. For that matter, It's basically what Doji Konozobu is being used for the two times we've seen him (Wedding at Kyotei Castle and Tactical Manoeuvres) - acting as a legal stand-in for his wife, the Clan Champion.
  9. Given how thoroughly it seems to have gone wrong, it may prove a relatively depressing story.... but it'd be interesting to fill in the Jakku-to-Mirrin gap of time.
  10. Mine was always Dark Curse. I wouldn't mind getting him back too, though his ability was annoying to face. Unfortunatlely, I suspect the odds of any pilot with re-used artwork coming back is slim.
  11. Thing is, Resistance and the Poe Dameron comics help the Sequel Trilogy a lot. Fleshing out that 'cold war' feel where the resistance really is working on a shoestring and underlining Resistance=/=Republic helps to make more sense of it all. Without knowing how much time has passed between The Last Jedi and The Rise Of Skywalker, I get there being no more series: Rebels started five years before A New Hope, but is Hosnian has happened now, the events of the first two films will happen within a chronological week or so, so there really isn't much you can do without overtaking the films, and once The Rise Of Skywalker has been and gone in universe, one assumes the First Order won't be there to resist anymore.
  12. Black Sun named pilots are Talonbane Cobra, Prince Xizor, Guri, and Ketsu Onyo, plus any non-limited pilot with "Black Sun" in their name
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