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  1. Magnus Grendel

    Are Energy Tokens locked to that card?

    Spend X, receive one back a turn allows you to turn charge tokens into a 'cooldown timer' on an ability. Any icon - Charge, Force, whatever, with a little triangle means it regenerates once per turn. We've not seen shields with that notation yet but it's not an unreasonable thing to see for a putative epic 2.0 ship, for example. Exactly. Being able to spend charge tokens for a use other than their default is the sort of thing that specific pilot and crew upgrades can be expected to do. Which is why it's not a default ability.
  2. Magnus Grendel

    Does Failing an Action Prevent You from Performing its Linked Action?

    When talking about the TIE Aggressor. The TIE Aggressor is unusual in that it only has access to Evade as a linked action from Barrel Roll, not as a standalone action, and they pointed out that that meant if you didn't have the space to barrel roll, you couldn't evade.
  3. Magnus Grendel

    Lambda-Class Shuttle for 2.0?

    A Lambda with Rae Sloane and as many TIE fighters as you can muster might be rather impressive, too. It does rather put a bulls-eye on the shuttle, though (so something like Rebel Captive might be a good call).
  4. Magnus Grendel

    2.0 Design Space Discussion: Blue Actions

    No. A Calculate token isn't Calculation - I believe it's a 'mini-focus' that changes just one result (much like Force tokens).
  5. Magnus Grendel

    First Order and Empire ship archetypes

    The problem with that view (which makes sense) is the new-canon Black Squadron comics, which shows Black Squadron (specifically Jess & Snap) strugging* with how fast the things are in comparison with their T-70s - including Jess' T-70 which is specifically tuned up for straight-line speed. In short, the TIE/sf should be faster than the T-70 in background terms. In game terms, I'd suggest giving the thing a [red] straight 5 and leaving it at that. Technically that makes it faster, from a certain point of view, without messing with the essential in-game function of the ship. A more significant question - if Lightweight Frame has gone the way of the dodo - is whether the TIE/sf is going to be upped to a base agility of 3 or sticking at 2 like the striker. Lightweight Frame or Guidance Chips is one of the major design decisions with Quickdraw (one of the most popular pilots in the game) at the moment, after all. * There's a cliff and canyon rock formation. Things are exploding. There's an egg, a flying monster, and some monks. It's a long story.
  6. Magnus Grendel

    Triple Reaper Aces

    I like the Captain Feroph build. The initial list was written before I realised just how awesome Director Krennic is; as essentially a Shield Upgrade and a Fire Control System (on a ship with no Systems Slot), he's a bloody good choice to attach to the ship he's actually on - leaving the Reapers able to fly independently. Optimised Prototype + Expertise makes Feroph's offense ridiculously reliable, and his ability, slicer and lightweight frame makes him extremely tough. Vermeil - given his ability, Expertise seems a waste. Theoretically you should be getting one focus-to-hit anyway, so buying the most expensive elite upgrade going when you're probably getting the same mutually exclusive benefit seems a waste, especially since Vizier may well be throwing him focus tokens. Predator is a better deal, because focus modifiers and rerolls stack, and that spare point can net you an Intelligence Agent - not a bad choice given the Reaper's ability to shuffle its final position a bit with ailerons - or an Inspiring Recruit as good insurance against the stress brigade (I expect Reapers to prove as stress-prone as Strikers).
  7. Magnus Grendel

    Cluster mines gone?

    Probably makes them more tempting for a Striker, then. If I don't have reload as an action anyway, I'm not wasting points on an option I don't have.
  8. Magnus Grendel

    PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship

    For that matter, generic inquisitors. A Generic PS pilot with a force token is not something to take lightly, even without a force ability, since that essentially allows barrel roll/evade, or (with the predictive shot) barrel roll, linked focus, effectively target lock for reposition and double-modified missiles.
  9. Magnus Grendel

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Pilots' Lounge

    Maximum of 3 dice rolled.
  10. Magnus Grendel

    First Order and Empire ship archetypes

    The TIE Silencer is actually more like an updated TIE Advanced in a lot of ways. It's shields are more like the advanced - worse than the older defender, in fact. In game terms, it falls somewhere between a 'super' version of the Advanced and the Interceptor. The Defender (especially the TIE/x7) wants to do 'straight line' engagements - a predictable head-on pass with a silencer won't do you anywhere near enough good compared to its cost. The TIE/sf is...I dunno. In game terms, I'll agree the TIE/advanced. In background, somewhere between the Advanced and a turret-less Aggressor. It's short-range hyperdrive also means it's the Alpha-class equivalent; a ship capable of independent recon and short-ranged strike with ordnance as a force multiplier. The TIE Advanced Prototype - I wouldn't expect to see a first order version. After all, it's a prototype 'better TIE fighter' - its direct production successor was the 'proper' TIE advanced. TIE Bomber - a First Order bomber was mentioned around The Last Jedi and it wouldn't be too big a challenge to create. I wouldn't necessarily expect to see a Punisher equivalent as well so much as one ship covering both. Equally, with the striker becoming a 'light bomber' it might cover that role too, especially with the TIE/fo clearly being up to atmospheric combat (Takodana, Starkiller). The TIE Defender - maybe? The TIE Phantom - unless some serious re-writing is done, cloaking has extremely limited mentions. Without the cloak, it's not really a TIE phantom.
  11. Magnus Grendel

    Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    Because I really prefer the 'faceless hordes' of a generic TIE swarm to aces. Because I make a mistake in planned movement order and cause a train-wreck of sequential collisions Because I don't KILL MIRANDA DONI FIRST.
  12. Magnus Grendel

    Cluster mines gone?

    I'm going to have to experiment with mines and bombs myself. If the Striker has lost Lightweight Frame, then the new devices slot is the obvious thing to spend more points on. So have any mines or bombs been spoiled anywhere? I haven't seen them on any screenshots.
  13. Magnus Grendel

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Pilots' Lounge

    I tried once, out of curiosity. The game won't issue the order and actively tells you off.
  14. Magnus Grendel

    Old factions vs New factions

    Indeed. In addition to the odd missing thing: ~ The 'Star Wars Stories' are likely to keep adding OT era stuff for the foreseeable future. ~ Episode IX and the Resistance animated series can provide Resistance and First Order stuff. ~ They can always throw in CIS and Republic now if they want too. At the moment, I'm looking at Empire simply because my current squad of choice is TIE strikers. But if I decide I dislike the updated version, my other squad is a TIE/fo swarm.
  15. Magnus Grendel

    Corran only a 5!!!

    This. She is definitely an inferior pilot to Vader and Fenn Rau, because she fails to stop the former and gets her backside handed to her by the latter. She is good - and may have been involved in training Wedge but Wedge was an academy final year graduate before she met him; she may have taught him but didn't teach him everything. I would happily put her at I5, but not I6. Vult Skerris, by comparison, is a distinctly worse pilot than Hera (since he loses in a markedly superior fighter) so despite also being someone 'who trained wedge' I would put him even further down the chain at 4. That matches a Saber Squadron Veteran - i.e. an exceptionally competent 'nameless generic'.