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  1. She was. Presumably something to do with the "when suddenly X-wings" materialising - I can't remember if she was referred to by rank in 'Crawler Commanders', the previous episode.
  2. The iconic ones from the 'legends' universe: Heir To The Empire Dark Forces Rising The Last Command The newer series: The Aftermath trilogy is....okay. Tarkin is better. If you can get them/don't mind the format, I can most honestly recommend the graphic novels - I think they're a more enjoyable read than Wendig's books: Black Squadron covers the first few issues of the Poe Dameron series Vader is just...well....firstly it introduces Dr Aphra (an interesting side character), 0-0-0 and BT-1 (two awesome characters) but it also shows off just how awesome the dark lord of the sith really is.
  3. Well remembered. I was trying to recall if any computer game or TV series ever shows you the 'in cockpit view' - I don't think you ever fly a phantom in any game - but Anakin's ship (what I think ends up becoming the Carrion Spike, or a ship very much like it) does allow you to see out whilst cloaked, but again doesn't allow you to fire for ill-explained reasons.
  4. We don't know, precisely. it's long been canon that non-combat 'flight mode' is S-foils closed. S-foils are deployed (immediately) prior to combat This appears to have been standard practice, even for ships which didn't have engines or weapons on the 'foils - like the ARC-170 or Jedi interceptor. This is usually explained as being somehow related to heat dispersal (essentially exposing panels which act as heat-sinks, like I always assumed the TIE fighter's panels did until I first got a cross-sections book), Which raises the question "why would you ever have them closed"? We have now seen someone close their wings in a combat situation. Hera Syndulla closes her S-foils prior to pulling an inertial snap turn in an X-wing at Lothal, so presumably this made her more capable of doing so. In the case of the move, increased engine power would make sense as the reason she'd do it, but I don't understand why covering up your heat sinks could help you go faster. As an aside, she was clearly able to fire with S-foils closed. Whether that fire was less effective than it otherwise would have been can be handwaved away with "maybe it was but Hera is amazing protagonist pilot +1 and therefore she hit anyway" Quite a few things have popped up in the comics over the last year or two. Khiraxz, Uglies (including the what the actual [censored] AT-STIE), you name it.
  5. Agreed, I'd say Predator/Expertise is probably better (or maybe intensity on Guri), giving you the attack modification without the stress.
  6. In the Heir To The Empire/Dark Forces Rising/Last Command series and Specter of the Past/Visions of the Future, that's exactly the case - a cloaked ship cannot see where it's going and has to work off preplanned moves and inertial navigation. That's why it needed devious plans by Thrawn using dirty tricks like cloaked asteroids and force-linked ships to make it actually workable on a capital ship. Certainly in rebel assault, phantoms only fire whilst uncloaked.
  7. On huge ships, it's actually not so bad - with Thug Droids being cheap and available - but it is brutal for everyone else. And yes, any 'your whole squad' stuff is potent as heck: Etahn A'Baht Youngster HotR Chewbacca Captain Kagi Operations Specialist Lieutenant Blount - but best of all with XX-23 S-Thread Tracers Hyperwave Comm Scanners Maul and Wookie Commandoes are awesome on large ships, as is Dengar, 4-LOM and Zuckuss (although scum are somewhat limited in not having a corvette). Harpoons are definitely harsh. Paired up with Vaksai Guidance Chips, it's easy to get the crit to detonate them, which makes them brutally effective. I'd agree that massed T-70s are probably the best thing rebels have going for them.
  8. How did it go? Swings and roundabouts. Howlrunner has to still be alive at the point you attack to gain her reroll (a non-trivial concern given that she's a TIE fighter) She only lets you reroll one die. Nice enough with 2 dice but in a range 1 shot (which you should be aiming for with TIE swarms) you will notice the difference. On the other hand XX-23s require you to hit. They use up someone's attack to do so. My main problem is that Kestal seems a little....confused? He wants a target lock to fire his turret and a focus token to fire thread tracers. I've tried a reinforced TIE swarm, and a nice balance of support ships was: Academy Pilot x 5 Scimitar Squadron Pilot x 2 XX-23 S-Thread Tracers Ion Pulse Missiles Long Range Scanners Two thread tracers with focus and target lock should net you a hit, which sets up a lock for everyone. Ion Pulse missiles are a surprisingly deadly weapon for a swarm, because you're not just delivering ion tokens; you're delivering enough ion tokens to ionize even a big ship and you're ionizing said ship directly in front of a TIE swarm that will be able to park at range 1 next turn.
  9. I'd agree. Whoever you stick with Push The Limit has a problem with stress and bumping - but Fenn seems more vulnerable to 'one-turn-without-actions' to me because one turn with no tokens at range 2 can realistically kill him stone dead, whilst you'd likely give up 1/2 points on Assaj, tops, in the same situation, and because he wants to be up close and in your face where risking bumping is quite likely. Assaj by comparison is generally trying to fly at range 2 broadside on to the enemy, so speed 3 moves aren't such a big deal. The only way you can feed both of them tokens easily is with Manaroo but that in turn requires throwing your mindlink buddy into the middle of a dogfight, which could result in both ships losing their support early.
  10. It depends what he's thinks it beats a dedicated recon craft at. It clearly won't be as good at actual recon (I agree with both the opinion and your reasons), but if something goes wrong, it's still (more or less) an X-wing. i.e. in the hands of an ace like poe or wedge who thinks in terms of dogfighting, an X-wing with a recon package is "better" because it's much more capable of defending itself if it gets spotted than a scout not designed for combat like a Longprobe Y-wing or some such. Given the position of the snoop, I'm guessing a putative title would replace the [torpedo] upgrade slot with [systems]?
  11. In the case of Boba Fett, because when he came out, you were either Rebel or Imperial and he clearly didn't belong in the former. He's an 'Imperial' hero in Star Wars Battlefront as well. But whilst I don't want even more turreted large ships for a faction that abounds with excessively good large ships, yes, Han begins the trilogy as scum, through and through. We'll presumably get to see some of this in the Solo film, but the original Saga is han's redemption story just as much as it's luke's hero's journey. In the origin point he is casual murderer and a freakin' drug smuggler. This is, at first impressions, not a good person.
  12. I didn't mind the storyline too much.
  13. Maybe star wars galaxies? They have reused that stuff a lot. I'm pretty sure Tansarii Point was an actual station rather than an asteroid, but I might be remembering it wrong.
  14. D&D Attack wing was surprisingly good fun, I must admit.
  15. Short bullet points: