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  1. I'd certainly be up for running a one shot locally to me. The living campaign element was something I really liked about Kyotei and I'd love to see it repeated. Of course, with the planned shift in publisher, they may not have been planning an event, but I'd like to think they were.
  2. Well, Ozaki essentially 'ran away from home', so something directly equivalent won't be a thing - I imagine they won't really have call to go to Shiro Usagi. Ozaki went looking for Matsu Akira, and given that he's almost certainly Kolat, either Ozaki is going to find the Lion dead or Akira is going to be dead shortly afterwards. That seems like a perfectly sensible crime to frame him for, and - if a sustained accusation of Maho is made - a reason for dis-establishing the clan. Plus, if he can ever get that scroll translated (or force Akira to tell him what it said), he's going to show up somewhere near Hirosaka.
  3. Suiren's player's response was not suitable for this forum. To his credit, Uiri offered to act on Suiren's behalf, and even more to his credit, Suiren refused the offer. Both of them got a fair chunk of honour for doing so. The Grey Crane, and Kakita Ryoku, were both waiting for Suiren in the Fantastic Gardens of the Crane. Since the magistrates were trying to keep out of it from Ryoku's perspective, they were stuck waiting at their guest-house for news. Suiren and Toshimoko talked - politely, despite Ryoku's clear anger - and Suiren maintained his claim he was worried the Scorpion were plotting against him and his friends (which, given Mei Lin's actions, wasn't even a lie), and he'd warned Doji Shigeru in good faith (which was). If he'd derailed some scheme of the Crane by doing so, that wasn't his intent. Of course, Toshimoko's claim was that casting Magami was Suiren's idea (which it was, but Ryoku had also wanted it to happen) and that he'd dishonourably pressured Doji Shigeru to achieve it. Suiren agreed with the former but denied the latter. Fortunately, the resulting challenge was only to first blood. The challenge was....short. Suiren is not a bushi and despite an impressive selection of skills, only has an endurance of 8. One Seize The Moment Crossing Cut later, he was incapacitated, and a second later a second strike left him bleeding and with the Nerve Damage scar. Suiren chose this rather than Ruined Visage as he already has the Unremarkable Appearance advantage - he's very much moving to being sneaky via skulduggery than via fitness. Regaining consciousness and recovering, Suiren apologised officially in front of Ryoku and the various Crane attendants she had brought ('privately' apparently not applying to her...) That was pretty much it for Winter's Embrace - the following day, Suiren would send a letter with his findings on Hitoshi to Kachiko, and then the PCs would all set out for Hirosaka. Ryu would be sent a letter ordering him to arrange moving the magistrates' household. Ikue would join them there once Suiren had arranged a post for her at a local Okiya ('stashing' her with the Poisoned Lilly until then). Finally, Goriate and Riku had their delayed talk. She had apparently used the intervening time to do some research in Kyuden Doji's archives and had learned some of the rumours about who and what the Kolat were supposed to be. There was a set to her expression very reminiscent of the one she'd had on the trading docks of Otosan Uchi. "If I understand correctly the thing I never heard you say, you are all actively hunting for a group of cultists who are supposed to have agents everywhere, and who are ready to assassinate anyone without a moment's hesitation, in a town near a haunted forest full of ghosts and monsters, between the disputed borders of two great clans, and full of both members of influential imperial families and ronin cut-throats." "...yes?" "And your plan doesn't involve the four of you being found as corpses inside a week?" "...Not ideally, no." "So...must we have to have this debate? I'm sure there will be some blunt objects in the Crab guest house if you feel it needs to be done formally." Goriate got the hint. Like Suiren, the PCs needed to arrange a pretext for Riku to relocate, especially since they didn't want to make it too obvious they were all arriving as a group. Fortunately, since they now had Ally (Seppun Ishikawa) it wasn't too unreasonable to get the Palace Guard captain to provide her a recommendation to one of the Seppun family households in Hirosaka as a sword instructor - she'd filled the role in the capital, done well at Winter Court itself, and was (grudgingly) looking to relocate to where her betrothed was being sent; a perfectly believable reason for the move. Next week is likely to be the 'spend XP and get all the honour, glory and allys' session before the story resumes. There's actually so much stuff for Hirosaka I feel at a bit of a loss...trying to figure it the order to attack it in. Journey there: The 'next' thing I plan to throw is on the journey to Hirosaka. First off, Giichi calling in his marker leads in nicely to The Itagawan Job. I'm not sure when they'll be passing through Lion lands again, so I'd rather run it now. I'm also considering running A Void in the Heavens. Setting it at the southern end of Scorpion lands means it'll be after the Itagawan Job. It'll be a chance to take part in a hugely important event (the Oracle's succession) The Highwayman is a nice simple one - I suspect I'll use that as a refresher from court politics but as magistrates it feels like something they'll get called out of Hirosaka to investigate (one of our merchants is missing) The Path of Waves Twin Blessings stuff (and much of Cresting Wave) should be done early - I'd like them to get to know the place well before Reju Jikai gets assigned to Closed Shell. Sins of Regret is kind of a 'mid-season climax' with a nice big battle. At some point I plan to run Twilight Honour or a version thereof. Rather than having Togashi involved, though, I was going to have the Crab commander be one of Goriate's relatives - possibly Kyno himself. Again, this is meant to be big deal spiritual stuff - rather than just random PTSD, I was going to link this to Satsume's warning of some horrific kolat/oni/elemental melange threat. Given their dealings with Yume-do and dreams, I was tempted to introduce some version of the Onisu (in this case fear) - the 'nightmare oni' from the previous version of the timeline. Path of Waves Hirosaka stuff will also be at the same time. It's a nice 'season arc', with the ultimate goal of finding Tamiko, the crime lord. At or around the same time, they'll find themselves embroiled in Bells of the Dead. That's the reason they'll end up leaving Hirosaka again when (formerly Usagi) Ozaki turns up. The Hare have survived Tomoharu, so we'll need the clan to fall some other way - to be honest, Usagi Tomoe accepting Tomoharu's proposal leaves Oda without an heir as long as Ozaki remains ronin, so the accusations could be against HIM rather than his clan.
  4. "Here, Hekasu-san." Says Kenshin, offering a short-pointed jitte. "Though I suspect Aruzhan-san was more concerned about the phrase 'burning water' than a stomach-ache when she saw you about to taste it." Hekasu takes the jitte and scrapes the residue from the side of the well. Looking more closely, and doing his best to keep it sheltered from the rain under the lid of the well, he examines it. It looks exactly like his first impression - a bead of dry, greenish wax maybe half the size of a pea. The surface looks slightly gritty and a faint smell - unburnt, this time, so far easier to identify - of beeswax and phosphor.
  5. Hekasu pushes the base of the bucket across the water to enlarge one of the in the floating scum, dips the bucket under the water, then lifts it out, tipping the top few inches of water back into the well. Several small water striders slither away from the splattering droplets - which must look like vast boulders to them, Hekasu's poetic half abstractly thinks. Two continue to float lazily in the path of the water droplets - clearly, on closer inspection, already dead and strangely blackened and burned. Hekasu half turns to mention this when an errant water drop catches on of the surviving water striders on the back of its carapace. The insect already had a tiny drop of waxy residue that had landed there previously and set. When the water touches it, there is an almost imperceptible hiss and a flare of greenish flame across its back.
  6. A good comparison - and one I've some experience with - is a Nantex Bughouse Swarm. 6 TIE/ag circle-strafing is quite a crossfire to try and deal with. Massed light turrets are awesome. Yes, you're capped at 1 damage, but you can pack 6 in a swarm, with ion turrets and either initiative 3, a named pilot or some missiles. Plus, you've got occasional ion hits giving you an even greater manouvre advantage. The Aggressor is a lot more mobile than a Y-wing. Yes, it's also more fragile, but 5 hits and agility 2 means even a torpedo or range attack shot isn't going to one-shot it. Their red moves are kind of irrelevant - playing a turret swarm, it's about not only time-on-target but time-with-actions; with a well-flown broadside turret you should rarely need a red move....which in turn always means a green token is available, and unlike droids it's a true focus not just calculate.
  7. The party went downhill a bit at this point, as you might imagine. Horonigai's position of "nope....not again!" meant she stayed well clear of Goriate and his betrothed, and the other PCs took her lead. Even Hida Kyno managed to pick up on his nephew's subtle hint ("Uncle Kyno-sama, please go away and stop saying things"), so Goriate and Riku were left to sort their latest spat out, with his uncle hovering in the background and 'not listening' so obviously it was kind of painful (assuming Hida Kyno and his brother were cut from similar cloth it's no mystery where Goriate inherited his 'diplomatic talents' from). Goriate's inebriated condition (to be fair, they all were) was a bit of a problem. He managed - by the skin of his teeth - to pass a fairly challenging water/courtesy check to calm his betrothed and avoid an angry explosion with some lucky chained explosive successes on ring dice. However, he ate enough strife to take him from start-of-scene half composure to compromised in the process, and the conversation wasn't done; Riku might not be planning repeat her iai demonstration from earlier in the day, but he needed to be able to use unrestricted dice to help fend the inevitable next question "Why are you moving to a rural town, and what am I supposed to do?" Which meant unmasking. This took a few moments for the players to think about, before Goriate went for the 'screw it, I'm tired of everyone else's secrets!' approach; Kyno was family and Riku was going to be, so he ate a load of lost honour for the unmasking to essentially snap "Because we're hunting members of the Kolat, and we're not supposed to be telling anyone anything, that's why." 'Kolat' as a phrase didn't mean anything to Riku (any more than it had to Daisetsu) but it definitely did to Hida Kyno - his wife was a Kuni witch-hunter, after all, and one of Kuni Haruna's favourite hobbies seems to be telling her guests and relatives disturbing stories of her experiences, so he probably had at least a passing knowledge of more strains of cultists, secret societies, monsters and unquiet spirits than your average Asako Inquisitor. When the massive crab responded 'Oh' and went very, very quiet, Riku had the sense to know this was something serious. Goriate and Riku finished the evening promising to discuss this the following day when calmer and sober. The following days were the last at Winter Court the PCs were attending and led into the high point from Suiren's perspective - the Tale of the Fisherman's Daughter. With Suiren's player here, the 'retroactive' debate was held about the plan for casting Doji Mioko. Suiren had always planned on offering the part to Magami after 'freeing it up' by suggesting the role of the Otomo Courtier that Ikoma Rumiko was now taking, and had previously more or less sold Doji Shigeru on the idea. He rather liked the idea of 'Empress Not-A-Crane', though, so wasn't really down with screwing Magami over (plus, given he'd be on stage with her, he pointed out, any poor performance would reflect on him, too). Uiri was still advocating siding with the Mantis. He'd had his fill of courtly faff, and frankly got on well with both Magami and Izen. Surprisingly, Goriate also wanted to side with the Mantis. Yes, he didn't want Riku personally to suffer for his choices, but as a member of the Crab, he should be supporting the Mantis - who provided the Crab with a non-trivial supply of weapons and jade ("not that any of you heard that, right?") rather than the Crane who'd done his clan a lot more harm than good recently. This left Horonigai. Horonigai's player was feeling a bit upset and outnumbered - Ryoku and Shijin had left her in no doubt that if they felt she'd not done their bidding, or done it halfheartedly and failed, they ensure she never found out about her parentage, see her publicly branded a cheat and a Scorpion spy, and more importantly spread similar rumours about the whole Kaito family - which would shoot the nascent family's reputation in the head and leave them totally unable to pursue the mission Shiba Tsukune had given them to investigate the elemental disturbance with other families. That's when Shosuro Suiren had a bit of inspiration. Horonigai didn't want to sabotage Magami either; she just didn't want the personal or political consequences of not doing so. "What does that mean?" "It means I may have a plan where everyone gets what they want. Except Kakita Ryoku, of course. How were you thinking of sabotaging Magami?" Horonigai had been thinking how to mess with the play. Rather than a short-notice casting, she'd hit on the idea of something even more scandalous and embarrasing - an on-stage 'wardrobe malfunction' in front of most of the Imperial court. Mioko's initial character was, after all, a fisherman's daughter, so would intially be wearing a - very, very stylised - version of peasant clothing, but on being presented to the first Hantei she had the idea of that coming away to reveal a beautiful court dress, in a 'practical effects' version of Cinderella's transformation. The effect would be striking - or, if the kimono was suitably rigged, would be shocking and embarrasing in a deeply cruel way. "Ouch. I thought we were going for ruining her chances of a betrothal, not 'commits seppuku in shame'. Remind me not to get on your bad side. That'll work perfectly." The other PCs were deeply concerned until Suiren explained. Goriate and Horonigai could proceed with this plan - telling Kakita Ryoku the plan, and getting the Crane dressmaker responible for Doji Mioko's costume on-side in a way Ryoku would know they'd done so. Surien was, after all, a member of the Scorpion who was known to have a bit of an ego (in his public persona, anyway) and was less than popular with his own clan - especially Kachiko and Tomoharu, and - by association with the magistrates - Mei Lin, and therefore naturally suspicious they'd try to mess with his big day at court. Not directly, of course, but they'd still like to ruin the play, especially since it was Doji Shigeru's play and therefore seen as a 'Crane' play regardless of the clans of the actors. So if he was to hear rumours of some conspiracy by the Scorpion to sabotage the play, and at the last minute....totally confidentially...pass a warning to his friend and director Doji Shigeru about the sabotaged costume so that the Crane could intervene and 'save the day', Shigeru wouldn't have time to consult anyone and would think he was doing the right thing - and probably be quite proud of stopping 'the plot', tell Kakita Ryoku as much, and lead to a "You Bloody Idiot!" argument and Goriate and Horonigai off the hook... For once, the plan went off more or less without a hitch. Horonigai told Kakita Ryoku the plan. Since everything she said was technically true (albeit accompanied by a slight loss of honour for knowing lies of omission), and throwing a hoarded Void point and Famously Honest, she was able to pass the air/courtesy check to sound convincing. The fact she did it by a confidential letter taken by Ryu rather than in person probably helped. Goriate passed his command/fire check to intimidate the seamstress into the sabotage, spending an opportunity to ensure it was - whilst discrete-ish, going to get back to Ryoku. Uiri's job was a water/courtesy check with Izen on the day. His job was to sit on the Mantis captain and discretely let him (and hence Yoritomo) know what was going on to avoid any ugly reaction as and when he heard some garbled version of what happened, or if Horonigai's letter ever materialised in a blackmail context. On the day, Suiren had the hardest job - his 'totally innocent' warning to Shigeru and 'suspicions' of the sabotage. The Air/Sentiment check passed well, and he timed it to perfection. Shigeru - on the edge of panic with time pressure - found the 'trick seam' in Magami's costume literally as she was waiting in the wings wearing it, and had to improvise a re-threading with Suiren's assistance, earning him the director's gratitude. In the process, Suiren was able to let Magami know it was his recommendation which had gotten her the part, earning him a favour from the Mantis courtier to call in in the future. The play went perfectly. Ikoma Rumiko didn't exactly play 'comic relief' but as the permanently rushed and much put-upon mortal courtier trying to accomodate and pre-empt the desires of the demigods she served drew a few laughs and quite a bit of admiration, especially from the 'real' Otomo in the audience. 'Mioki's' transformation into the First Empress in the pivotal scene brought suitable applause, and Suiren - able to throw his last void point and Winter Court Champion to mitigate strife - played the role of Hantei-no-Kami briliantly. Meanwhile, Shigeru (now Lady Shike was no longer needed on stage as the Island Spirit) went straight to Kakita Ryoku to warn her about the plot he'd discovered and thwarted.... The PCs were all very relieved and thought they'd gotten away cleanly - until Suiren, talking to Shigeru later, discovered the honest and honourable Crane had made sure Surien had also gotten the 'credit he deserved' for warning Shigeru about his suspicions the scorpion might sabotage the play. The letter from Kakita Toshimoko insisting Shosuro Suiren meet him privately in the gardens arrived about half an hour later.
  8. Indeed. Regardless, her personal response is what matters. Between the status of (acting) emerald championship and control of the Dragon Clan forces, she's currently one of only two people in a position to compel Shoju to do anything. There's also the very, very nasty possibility she's going to look at Shoju and hear the words "my friend and peer" in the back of her head. Because if the makes that accusation, even hypothetically, and Yoshi and Kuwanan hear of it... Seppun Ishikawa is the other, and he knows Toturi is alive - and that the assassination was clan-ordered, not the work of mercenaries. With Hitomi back in the capital, we can assume Sotorii is in the wind - Kuwanan and Hitomi both 'lost' him so heaven knows where he'll turn up again.... For maximum impact, only the truth, but selectively - that Kachiko was dealing with the body, that he wasn't present for the death, that he was told of the manner of the Emperor's sudden death by Kachiko and that he acted to avoid panic or scandal, and she didn't at the time mention the edict. Added to the fact that Yoshi knows Kachiko has ALSO pulled a vanishing act and the woman in court is a body double, and that looks extra suspicious - especially since no-one would believe Shoju never told his wife about the edict. Ultimately it depends what he wants; the full truth will comprehensively destroy Sotorii as a possible emperor, but the perception of a coup will potentially cause a civil war that could destroy the dynasty.
  9. I would say immediately. Receiving strife happens as part of performing a check, even if the check has no immediate effect. Now, how spiritual backlash works with wards is a different question. I'm still in the 'applies immediately' camp - it's triggered by keeping strife on the check, not by the result of the action.
  10. Most important choices do cost you honour either way. Choices like "do you brutally murder the innocent and steal her stuff....or not?" are bushido on easy mode. Also note that it's possible for a choice to cost you honour by one tenet, and give you honour for a different tenet. So, in your example, exposing the Daimyo would be a violation of: Courtesy (embroiling a higher-status individual in a scandal) Compassion (if you believe no-one could step in and see to the heimin's welfare) Meanwhile, covering up the crime is a violation of: Duty (their immediate duty is to the Magistrature, who will ultimately carry the can for enforcing tax law) Righteousness (because it's a violation of the social order and 'how the world ought to work') Looking at examples, I'd say it's probably a minor breach of each. So clan perspectives: Crab - expose (courtesy loss halved) Crane - conceal (courtesy loss doubled) Dragon - conceal (duty loss halved) Lion - expose (compassion loss halved) Phoenix - expose (righteousness loss doubled) Scorpion - neutral (duty doubled, righteousness halved) Unicorn - neutral (compassion doubled, courtesy halved) It's an interesting situation and games like this often turn into mini ethics 101. I've tried to assemble a list of ideas on conflicting bushido tenets here:
  11. Hiruma Aoi shakes his head as Hekasu makes his way to the well, responding that the well should be as disused as the rest of the shrine. Hekasu lifts a moss-covered lid, finding it moves easily enough - the joint is rough but it has not seized, and a few snapped strands of ivy implies it has been opened before - relatively recently. The water in the well is mostly stagnant - a few streaks of green algae and some insects flit or float on the surface - but there is a bucket on a stone shelf which looks at least slightly damp despite the lid sheltering it from rain overhead.
  12. The big question of Magami's starring role was not settled this week as Suiren's player was drafted into an all-nighter by work again. That evening was Magami's party at the Mantis guest-house. Uiri attended, partly to keep an eye on Hitoshi and partly to keep Hitoshi and Toshimoko safely apart. As an exuberant lover of sake (preferably strong and full-bodied), women (same) and song, it was inevitable the Grey Crane would attend, and the more they could keep Toshimoko and his illegitimate son separate, the better. The big thing the following day was the Kata competition, which Uiri had his eye on, so he chose to join Toshimoko - who'd be invigilating - as a drinking buddy, hoping to get a better view of the competition format or his rivals. That evening - post party - the guests spent an uncomfortable half-hour outside after a storehouse fire that - rumour said - was deliberately set. Several crane kimonos were destroyed, possibly to upset Chiyoe's ability to show off in the last few days of court ("or possibly because they were made with a specific pattern of silk" said a suspicious Horonigai...) The following morning (somewhat worse for wear in Uiri's case) they had the chance to hear a brief lecture on the legends and theology of Rokugan by Dori, the head of the Shinseist order. Some of it they'd either seen for themselves or come across in passing, but it was their first exposure to the history of the Elemental Dragons and their Oracles, the first war against Fu Leng and the fate of the Seven Thunders, Shinsei, and Shinsei's Crow, and some bits of the 'creation myth' had previously been skipped over. The kata competition turned out to be competitive demonstration - in each round, a competitor would perform a kata technique (either performing the action or performing a strike action with sufficient opportunities to trigger an opportunity technique). Success granted 1 momentum, 2 bonus successes (or opportunities if the technique has ways to spend them) a second. Toshimoko's 'biases' would affect TN based on rings - a bonus to air and penalty to earth. The contestants, other than Mirumoto Uiri, were Kakita Riku (with Goriate's very partisan support, to his comrade's slight annoyance), Tsume Itsuyo, Daidoji Gombei, and Bayushi Tomoharu. Itsuyo (who despite her position as a vassal family Daimyo is a Loyal Bushi as far as her stats are concerned) went out first; a water stance technique clearly not being impressive enough. Uiri used his newly-mastered Chaotic Scattering with a void point - using both blades to lift a spray of white sand into an obscuring cloud in front of him, then bursting through it in a sudden strike. The result was precise and impressed Toshimoko - and the fact it was an elegant version of a bar-brawl technique hardly left the Grey Crane (who'd seen his ahare of bar-fights) put out, after all. Gombei and Tomoharu (as Venerable Provincial Daimyo) were by far the more capable opponents, but Gombei stubbornly kept using his preferred earth katas, and paid the price with the higher TN, being asked to step aside after Itsuyo. Uiri would have struggled to keep up but You Taught Me This made up the shortfall, letting him use first Crescent Moon Style and then Crossing Blade with skilled assistance. Bayushi Tomoharu was doing far better than Riku or Uiri thanks to fire stance but quite simply burned through his composure too fast, leading to a flaw in his stance when he became compromised that Toshimoko called him on and asked him to step out. Claims this unexpected burst of strife were the work of Riku using fire opportunities to dump strife on the Bayushi general are obviously scurrilous and without foundation - and besides, Tomoharu had enough sense to know how laughable a Scorpion calling someone out for unsportsmanlike behaviour would sound... That brought it down to Riku and Uiri, in a straight opposed check. Both had used up all their dice-fettling tricks to get to this point, so it was a simple roll-off....which Uiri won by a single success! He pointedly congratulated Riku effusively - and found she was actually very happy: Yes, winning would have been nice but beating three of the strongest swordsman in the empire in front of much of the court would put a nail in the lid of Meh Lin's rumours about her losing at Tsuma for good. There was no specific prize this time, but since Uiri had finished his Magistrate title, he was eligible to take Winter Court Champion to replace it. This comes with a massive +20 glory, jumping him from 61 clear over Goriate and Horonigai to 81, and going from having no fame advantages to having two. "So...you need to pick. You are 'famously something' and 'famously something else." "I have some suggestions. Firstly, you're famously a [censored]...." - Goriate's player (who may be a little sore about losing the Sumai). He went for Famously Honest (which sort of works with his Bluntness disadvantage) and Famously Successful. He then invited people back to the Dragon Clan guest house, where - he said - he intended to spend the evening achieving a state of 'thoughtlessness and oneness with the void' "You mean you plan to get very drunk." "Pretty much." Horonigai, Riku, and Goriate all turned up to congratulate him and help celebrate. Hida Kyno, Goriate's uncle and the Sumai champion, came too - there was sake on offer, and his nephew took the opportunity to pick his brain on Hirosaka before they relocated there, which sat not far from the Crab Clan's borders on the edge of the Shinomen forest. Hida Kyno had never been there, but knew about it as an imperial holding. He was able to confirm a lot of ronin passed through the town whilst waiting to participate in twenty-goblin-winters, so more than one soldier he'd commanded over the years had called it home briefly. One thing he knew is that it was remarkably unfortified by Crab standards - numerous local ronin served to discourage rogue bandits and the Imperial governor made it an illegal target for warring clans, so it had little need of a strong wall. He knew the governor by name, but knew little more than that. Seppun Sora was an Imperial-born daimyo, so obviously was a worthy and honourable samurai, but Kyno knew basically nothing about him. The town wasn't that close to the Shinomen (though it was a lot closer than Shiro Usagi), but some of its outlying villages like Kawacho were a lot closer still. There were quite a few villages - other than Kawacho, there was a strong fortress called Closed Shell Castle currently ruled from Hirosaka, and two villages, Twin Blessings Village and Nestled Village local to the castle. "Closed Shell? That's that huge castle down near Maemikake and Fox Clan lands, isn't it, Kyno-sama?" Asked Riku, returning with fresh drinks. "Yes." responded Kyno, before Goriate got a word in edgeways. "Goriate-san was just asking what I knew of the area around Hirosaka before he and his friends move there." "...Thank you, Uncle." Goriate managed to mutter as the temperature in the room dropped like someone was using Dance of the Seasons. "So...I feel like I owe an explanation here..." I fear the infamous Foot-In-Mouth Style shuji strikes again.
  13. "So... The ghost took the Ryoshi no Yari here and then bargained with... something...to escape through another realm? I would have thought some sort of flaming spectre able to escape this realm on its own accord." Says Aoi. "Perhaps the priests at the market would be more helpful if I was to approach them. A scared and babbling heimin is easy to brush off in the midst of the chaos of 'First Cloud' celebrations, but a Hiruma samurai is a different matter. I cannot help wonder if there is still some danger here."
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