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  1. Magnus Grendel

    Galactic Empire Ship Rankings

    True, but the TIE/v1's dial is pretty impressive, given the speed 1 blue turn and bank. Their weakness is that Inquisitors only get 2 attack dice on a 4-a-squad ship, so they'll struggle to hurt high agility opponents, but aside from that they're crazy efficient little ships - focus/lock is nice and their ability to keep turtling up behind focus/evade on an agility 3 ship is equally crazy.
  2. Magnus Grendel

    What is the point of double modifications on tie interceptors?

    We'll have to wait and see. One thing which gives me some hope that there's a degree of sense being applied is the Decimator expansion: Technically, no card in there is new. However, if you're not buying out of faction, you couldn't get 0-0-0 and BT-1. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.
  3. Magnus Grendel

    Hyperspace: High Five, Imperials!

    Looks elegant. My comments: You've got a handful of points to spend. Whilst Initiative 5 is pretty hotly contested, I'm not sure you have enough repositioning ability on your ships to be desperate to control initiative (like you might be with, say, Supernatural Reflexes Kylo Ren). Howlrunner, Mauler and Scourge are a nice trio of mini-aces. Because Howlrunner benefits herself, you don't really need to have everyone stuffed inside her range 1 'bubble' to justify her existence - her and Mauler by themselves are enough to be at least slightly threatening. I would agree with flanking with Duchess. Without shield or hull upgrade, she's pretty fragile so needs to avoid going up the centre if at all possible. Maarek Stele and Scourge are interesting: Maarek is flying a TIE/x1 advanced. That means he needs - desperately needs - to target lock, which enables Advanced Targeting Computer. Doing so means he already has a reroll via Fire Control System (or just by spending the lock itself if you roll that badly), which means that Howlrunner's pilot ability is almost redundant in his case. As a result, he can also flank (a bit), which would be a good idea since on the initial engagement turn he needs to lock rather than focus, leaving him unpleasantly vulnerable (although admittedly he has two shield tokens over Howlrunner for not many more points so he's unlikely to be target #1) I would definitely not try too hard to fly Scourge in Howlrunner's bubble. Scourge wants to bullseye people. That's not as hard as some people think, but lining up a bullseye on a target whilst also tying yourself to a range 1 bubble at the firing end makes it a very awkward piloting challenge. My personal recommendation is giving him Crack Shot; Predator is nice but the thing is that even an elite TIE fighter is still going to get blown to dust bunnies if someone looks at him funny, so assuming you're only going to get one bullseye shot and treating anything else as a bonus seems like a good idea. With Crack Shot, if you can line up a bullseye - even if you have to roll out of Howlrunner's 'bubble' to do it - it's still worthwhile: 2 dice with focus and 1 reroll is slightly better than 3 unmodified dice, but not better enough that an automatic extra 'hit' by cancelling an evade with Crack Shot isn't better still. If you break formation without barrel rolling and line up a bullseye, 3 dice with focus and crack shot is massively better than 2 dice with focus and reroll If you somehow pull off a bullseye whilst still in formation, Howlrunner and Crack Shot stack effectively, whilst Predator wouldn't (because subsequent rerolls add much less effectiveness than the first). If I had to pick upgrades, I'd put Elusive on Duchess - Strikers S-Loop and Koiogran a lot, and it's the cheapest way to up her toughness - Crack Shot on Scourge (for the reasons mentioned) and then maybe Ruthless or Marksmanship on Maarek Stele - Ruthless' effect is way better and more powerful, but I'm concerned you lack any cheap punching bags. Mauler Mithel should be aiming for range 1, though, and since everyone's I5, you can chop and change firing order to ensure you end your shooting with Maarek's high-powered critical rather than wasting it on shields...and for that matter even if you choose to cause a friendly kill with Ruthless, the unfortunate collateral damage wingman will still get to shoot due to the simultaneous attacks rule.
  4. Magnus Grendel

    Empire - Slippy Ladies

    Agreed. I will acknowledge the point that none of Duchess' red moves are speed 3+, but she most definitely has the extreme flexibility at high speed; she essentially has a full range of 90' turn, 45' turn, straight and turns the other way at speed 3. Plus, with her ability to use ailerons whilst stressed, combining afterburners with the blue speed 3 straight gives her enormous flexibility when coming out of a red move. At the same time, consider as another option for extreme manouvres putting afterburners on Echo. Echo does have a full range of speed 3 moves (including a Koiogran turn), and combining those with a decloak and boost (and barrel roll if you keep 5th brother on Echo) means the TIE/ph's final position, even if you know what's on the dial, can best be described as "somewhere on the board, **** knows where" 5th Brother and Elusive is a very efficient combination on a TIE striker; normally a red move represents a vulnerable moment - and I guess it does here, too - but vulnerable is a very relative term given how squirrelly her loops and turns can be in the first place, and getting one reroll and one focus-to-evade modification even without an action is pretty impressive. Just a slight warning for what it's worth: Wookiepedia claims "Echo" is female but I've never figured out why; no reference is given. In comparison, each reference I've been able to find in FFG articles refers to "Echo" as a 'he' whenever gender is given. "Whisper" is consistantly referred to as 'she' but not "Echo".
  5. Magnus Grendel

    If you were a pilot, Happy Friday?

    Being very much a swarm player: Magnus Grendel TIE striker, Initiative 1 At the beginning of each phase, all friendly TIE strikers at range 0-2 treat their initiative as equal to the number of friendly TIE strikers at range 0-2 of you, until the end of the phase
  6. Magnus Grendel

    What is the point of double modifications on tie interceptors?

    Sadly not duplicatable, but afterburners are a really good choice. The fact you can pack 5 Alpha Squadron Pilots with Afterburners is kinda scary, and makes for a nice alternative (albeit not a hyperspace legal one) to 5 x TIE/sk. I agree that at the moment they have limited options for modifications. But then there really aren't many at all in the game yet.... Shields, Hull, and Stealth Device are too expensive to justify on anything but aces and frankly even then you're better off revelling in just how stupidly cheap Soontir Fel is for a manouvrable I6 pilot rather than trying to actually make him survivable. Ablative Plating, Calibrated Laser Targeting, Engine Upgrade, Synchronised Console, Tactical Scrambler, and Spare Parts Canisters can't be equipped to a TIE interceptor Randomly Ablative Plating is equipped to Alpha Squadron Pilots on their Quick Build card. Go figure. Advanced SLAM and Munitions Failsafe can be equipped but won't do anything. That leaves Afterburners, Electronic Baffle, and Static Discharge Vanes. Afterburners is an easy sell. Electronic Baffle - burning off stress is nice in theory but a point of damage is 1/3 of the ship's hit points. I wouldn't consider it unless you also had a hull upgrade, which makes the whole caboodle prohibitively expensive (See [1]) Static Discharge Vanes look nice in theory since passing off an ion token is great and hugging targets at range 1 is quite feasible in manouvrable interceptors, but since you're likely to be using autothrusters a lot, an Interceptor spends a lot of its time stressed and unable to use them. In theory, Shield Upgrade/Afterburners is nice. I think the double modification slots was kept because of the old Royal Guard TIE thing - although ironically none of the Royal Guard pilots remain in the game. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point we got them back - at which point a TIE interceptor specific "Royal Guard Refit" modification or modification/configuration not a million miles from the Delta-7b-specific cards might be rather nice.
  7. Magnus Grendel

    Get your Path Right

    Believe me, I understand. My family surname irked me a bit when I looked into the history, because it means "Cole's/Cowl's hill" - because the people who coined the place name didn't realise "Cole" is a generic word meaning "a hill" in an slightly older local dialect of cornish. So my name is technically Hillhill because a distance ancestor wasn't paying attention. The inconsistancy with how to form Vassal family personal names is another one. The tradition doesn't have to be the same as Japan - it just has to be consistent.
  8. Magnus Grendel

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Or have the price vary depending on whether you have the lock action natively or not. I kind of do, but I personally quite like what's now implied. After all, DS-61-3 "Backstabber" was Vader's left-hand wingman. Unlike DS-61-2 "Mauler" Mithel, we never actually knew what his name was pre-canon-reset. Backstabber's artwork is now used for Valen Rudor. Given that his major contribution to the battle of Yavin was flying into his boss in a moment of inexplicable ineptitude, I like the theory that the use of common artwork is because Valen Rudor is/was "Backstabber" post Lothal - his call number LS-60-7 is based on being assinged to Lothal and would have changed wherever he ended up post the end of Rebels. Baron Von Incompetence's track record certainly gives him the potential to screw up that way.
  9. Magnus Grendel

    ARC Article - Hammer the Opposition

    I'd be surprised if they included that many copies. If the ARC-170 had been in the 'starter box', maybe, but I'm less confident a standalone expansion will. At least you've got multiple options - Seventh Fleet Gunner in one, Clone Commander Cody in another. We know 8 upgrades, so far as I'm aware: Clone Commander Cody Seventh Fleet Gunner Synchronised Console Dedicated Expert Handling Proton Torpedoes Palpatine/Sidious R4-P44 The article also namechecks "Veteran Tail Gunner" when talking about Wolffe, which may indicate a copy is in there, since previews generally talk about stuff in the expansion pack.
  10. Magnus Grendel

    2.0 Errata-List Hall of Infamy

    Looking at it from the perspective of a 'big ship' with a bow-tie Turret Arc, it did, because getting to fire both arcs at once is not likely (no more than veteran tail gunner, really). But Turret upgrades getting cheaper at the same time, and the forward-arc-and-turret primary of the resistance bomber being released (which you can't 'swarm' but which can easily rack up a lot of modifiers on both attacks), makes it really nasty.
  11. Magnus Grendel

    つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

    Good. But in that case I can see the totally 'clean' vulture being 18 points or less, since it really has next to nothing going for it compared to...well...any other ship out there.
  12. Magnus Grendel

    つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

    They're essentially a de-shield-upgraded Z-95 (which would be 17) or a de-stealth-deviced TIE/ln (which would be the same, assuming it was an agility 2 ship buying the upgrade rather than an agility 3 one 'selling' it). A lot will depend on whether the landing gear is free, though; if it is, I can see it being closer to 20 points. also つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON PASSIVE SENSORS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
  13. Magnus Grendel

    Use of 'Lady Doji's Decree' during a duel?

    Agreed. And I would probably be quick to stop someone from trying to use it in that fashion. Fortunately, since it's a void shuji, you can't end up "accidentally" taking enough strife to trigger a finishing blow on the shuji check itself.
  14. Magnus Grendel

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Looked at as a "look, no range limits" on target locking, it's essentially equivalent to Colonel Jendon's ability, which is about 3 points for a squad, but only two uses. However, it's not just garuanteeing you get a lock, it's also garuanteeing you get a lock on someone you actually have a shot on, or else letting you retroactively trade that lock back in for a defensive calculate. So even for ships with a native lock action, that's got to be up there with extra-action-granting abilities like collision detector or afterburners. The fact that it doesn't have lock as a prerequisite is surprising - It's also going to be an option for the Lambda Shuttle, by the way - and will need to take into account the TIE Phantom.
  15. Magnus Grendel

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    The N-1's going to be pretty cheap and have torpedoes, isn't it? That could be painful for allowing low-initiative ships with torpedoes and free Full Throttle evades. As an aside; that's the old Sensor Cluster artwork, which pretty much knocks the nail in the coffin of the idea of that tech upgrade returning. I thought it unlikely since improved defensive modification is something they've shied away from. Well, the Phantoms can already get locks en masse from Tarkin, but that's a fair point. Since that's essentially adding a white Target Lock to the TIE phantom's bar (and a calculate, not that you'd use it very often in preference to 'proper' focus)when equipped to that ship, that's surely got to be represented in the cost of the upgrade? It might well be more espensive than I was thinking, then.