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  1. Magnus Grendel

    You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...

    Quote of the week, being confronted by an imperial burueacrat and getting to pull out an ISB authority: "And you are?.." ".....In Charge."
  2. Magnus Grendel

    TIE/ln article is up

    Not given his track record of incompetence - beaten up by Rebels in person twice, having two TIEs (one a prototype) stolen, and letting a rebel cell escape because he didn't know the sewer hatch in the bar he was running was unlocked.
  3. Magnus Grendel

    TIE/ln article is up

    At least that means we know how the smug git dies...
  4. Magnus Grendel

    SW The Clone Wars is coming back

    she grows up. The hard way, when you look at some of the crud she goes through...
  5. Magnus Grendel

    Ruthless in 2.0?

    That looks rather tastier. Chiraneau's ability takes care of focus results, Ruthlessness takes care of blank results, meaning you can spend your action reinforcing or lining up your turret as needed. Sloane gives the squaddies rerolls, and hands out stress - probably the ability to stress an opponent as or more important as it messes with their dial - but the TIE fighters won't complain about rerolls to hit stressed targets, and - as noted, ruthlessness lets you leave a TIE fighter on 1-2 health - an easy kill, but stress, and rerolls, if the enemy takes the shot. Jerjerrod giving the decimator boost every few turns is nice, and the TIEs getting it too gives them a touch of manoeuvrability they don't normally get (although given their green dial, it's not that much use since they're nailed to a green dial not a heck of a lot better than an X-wing if you want to clear said stress). I would say Minister Tua is a better call than Fifth Brother. You need reinforce to trigger Chiraneau's ability, and if you have his ability going, Fifth brother's ability is kind of redundant (rolling multiple focus results with three dice isn't that common), plus reinforce is key to the decimator.....you know....not dying? That way, you've got focus results (Chiraneau), blank results (Ruthlessness), defence (Tua) and repositioning (Jerjerrod) all being taken care of without touching your perform action step, meaning the only thing you have to worry about is keeping your turret pointed the right way, and repairing criticals. Plus, 4 Intimidation TIEs is enough of a screen to block people and with intimidation & ruthlessness & the lack of focus/evade from colliding as a combination, getting blocked is going to be VERY painful - and makes it much more likely that the extra hit you've bought at a painful cost of self-damage will stick (or will push through a - very likely - critical that might otherwise have been dodged)
  6. Magnus Grendel

    Fenn Rau and Old Teroch need a Buddie v1

    You can probably manage without Vectored Thrusters, so it's not a bad idea. Engine upgrade is better because being able to boost into range 1 is so critical, and because it's a prerequisite for autothrusters, and you can sideslip with a decloak move (admittedly not reactively). Alternatively, if you plan to boost or barrel roll a lot with Talonbane, Intensity works too - but it won't give you mods when using a k-turn, so personally I think it's not a great buy for him. Push The Limit on Fenn is a good idea, though. Yes, stress. Yes, limited to green dial. But unlike Talonbane, he can pull a hard turn or a fast straight and still shed stress. More importantly, expertise lets you do any action and still have offensive focus, but Push The Limit lets you have any two actions - boosting to range 3 and still getting a focus you can spend defensively, for example, or getting boost and barrel roll (at a cost of no tokens), or focus/lock (making it functionally identical to expertise but better since you can spend the focus defensively if you don't need it on your own shot). It's really crucial for Fenn Rau because he needs, more than anything else, to be able to control the range to the target: At range 3, he's got 4 green dice and autothrusters and is functionally untouchable with a 'normal' attack. At range 1, he's got 4 green dice and concord dawn protector, and is near enough untouchable, too. At range 2.......he's almost exactly the same durability as a 15 point Hull Upgrade Academy Pilot. Without the option of the evade action. If you end up at range 2 after moving, you need to be able to close or extend the range with boost & barrel roll, even at the cost of not getting tokens. And that goes double because Fenn also gets his 5th attack die at range 1, so an unmodified attack at range 1 does significantly more damage than a focused attack at longer ranges. Plus, barrel roll and boost often lets you dodge an attacker's shot entirely.
  7. Magnus Grendel

    Ruthless in 2.0?

    I probably wouldn't bother taking Ruthlessness and Sloane. Once you're rerolling an attack die with focus it's got a 75% chance of coming up 'boom', so having ruthlessness on top (especially with what you point out as the rather steep cost of using it) seems like overkill. If you were to mix and match Black Squadron Aces and other named TIE pilots with Ruthlessness and Intimidation, I wonder how many you could fit in a squad?
  8. Magnus Grendel

    Fenn Rau and Old Teroch need a Buddie v1

    Main concerns: The Khiraxz doesn't have an especially awesome green dial, which means Push The Limit isn't so great. If you're likely to be stressing your face off turn after turn, Contraband Cybernetics is a nice thing to have in your back pocket, but makes you explode with stress even more. I've seen Cobra in a Scum Aces squad before, used very effectively. The build he had was: Talonbane Cobra Vaksai Predator XX-23 S-Thread Tracers Cloaking Device Engine Upgrade Vectored Thrusters Autothrusters It's a point more, but predator gives you rerolls turn after turn, stressed or not, and the cloaking device gives you - if handled correctly - even more manoeuvrability than the Fangs. Being able to decloak sideways and barrel roll lets Cobra pull a speed 4 'sideslip', whilst a decloak forwards and a speed 5 Koiogran is great for appearing unexpectedly on someone's tail. Thread Tracers aren't something you'd use that often, and a long range shot with tracers is more likely to hit than a range 3 primary shot; and trading the damage from the shot for a target lock on Fenn and Teroch might be worth it in specific circumstances. More importantly, they're free; why the heck not?
  9. Magnus Grendel

    The ARC-170 in 2.0

    Agreed. But what I mean is that they're unlikely to get cheaper enough that you can field 4 of them - and, given that the ARC pretty much lives and dies by its pilot abilities and multiple upgrade slots, fielding lower quality or lightly equipped ARCs in return for shoving in an extra hull feels like a poor choice compared to doing the same things with X-wings or B-wings
  10. Magnus Grendel

    MG-100 Starfortress for 2.0

    Hmm... Making it an offensive boost instead does sort of make sense too. I guess that crossfire is primarily making it harder to dodge, so maybe something to mess with green dice if you've got multiple ships with Crossfire Formation lined up on you (with the new bases, you could even specify the shots have to be coming in from different facings). After all, with Resistance, X-wings don't have Evade, and the MG-100 Star fortress and the Falcon are both large ships, so at the moment the faction has no access to anything with a similar effect to Juke. Knocking down green dice to focus results is nasty but not that nasty if you have a focus token.....but if you have a second attacker....and you've had to spend your focus token evading them.... ....which is, of course, pretty much the point of a crossfire.
  11. Magnus Grendel

    Jam token, ISB Splicer, and PTL

    This. The jam token 'burning' the token doesn't prevent the action from having occurred. So anything which triggers off the action or acquiring the token can still occur (like TIE/v1), and it stops you attempting the action again that round if you get additional actions later (Valen Rudor, for example).
  12. I doubt it would get past the licensing board, but the Art Of The Force Awakens book is laden with concept drawings for First Order TIE fighters. I'd love to see some of them.
  13. Magnus Grendel

    Bomblet Generator; Second Edition

    Plus, as noted, it means it can be taken on a ship with no reload action. It's the signature weapon of Captain Nym, so this gives you a way to put an 'unlimited bombs' weapon on a Scurrg without giving it Reload for whatever else you might equip it with. Yes, it burns shields, but it does give you advantages over a 'normal' reload as you say, and you can always stick a Gonk in the back seat if it bothers you that much.... I suspect (hope) it will be pretty cheap. 2 dice-take-the-hits was better than a 1-damage (because 'lumpy' hits are more likely to get kills, and criticals are a possibility) but the proton bombs are, obviously, causing criticals, and voluntarily taking damage to reload means it actually requires some judgement to use, even if you nominally have 'infinite ammo'.
  14. Magnus Grendel

    SW The Clone Wars is coming back

    There was also a rough-cut animation episode with Boba Fett & Cad Bane, at one point. Now there has been a book with Boba, his team, and Assaj, but getting to see him 'armour up' for the first time could be a nice offer to fans of the scummier side of things.
  15. Magnus Grendel

    Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Vader

    I don't think anyone is really suggesting Luke is better than Vader. There might be a question whether Vader is better enough than Luke to justify his extra point of threat, but I'd in a one on one, Tall, Dark and Asthmatic is going to beat the crud out of his son most of the time. "Come back here! Getting.....so.....angry......"