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  1. I'm not seeing any way to place proximity mines on the map and I wish to do so.
  2. Apparently if your name is Paul Heaver its totally cool to just draw into the top 8.
  3. A new factions means new bad lists to try out! http://gamersansclue.blogspot.com/2015/02/initial-scum-lists.html
  4. I heard there was a new guy in Organized Play so I thought I'd bring out a dead horse. Why aren't you allowed to intentionally draw in the swiss rounds? Follow up question why are exceptions made for the best players at Worlds (according to rumor anyway)?
  5. Hello everyone, I've started incorperating X-wing coverage in my general gaming blog with a trunament report from last weekend at Common Ground Games, in Dallas TX. Check it out! http://gamersansclue.blogspot.com/2015/02/top-8-store-champs-tournament-report.html
  6. So just for my curiosity, does anyone know if the two the OP mentioned were ever actually reported to FFG or if any action beyond a store ban happened?
  7. I'm leaning to an Eldar with Dark Eldar support. Looks like some good synergy with Eldar abusing exhausted units and Dark Eldar routing units.
  8. Considering the hype at my FLGS during x-wing night I think they're justified. None of use even play the minis game.
  9. Do they? I don't think a line would have been entirely wrong. It would mean that both factions on the end get shafted I suppose.
  10. Why so defensive? I'm sure it'll be a fine shop. I mean who wouldn't want to go out to nowhere to play. After all you can grab a cheap flight on southwest to Tulsa, OKC, Albuquerque, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Little Rock, New Orleans... and not Tyler. Also check yourself. I never said they lied about the number of people they can support nor the centrality of their location. I mean the later is geographically provable to be false. In fact it'll make a fun term project for my class. I know off the top of my head of three game shops in (Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio respectively) that can easily host an event of 50+ people and have room for another 150 players of other games. I'm sure seating won't be crowded at this comic shop in Tyler. After all photos on facebook make it look like they have almost half a dozen tables. Maybe a full dozen if they convert the minis space.
  11. I hope you do. You've been given the chance to prove that your venue is superior to the some Very Good places. It would probably be bad if the only reason you were given the nod is that you lied on the application.
  12. I'm not really complaing for me personally. I live less than two hours out from Tyler making it an easy day trip. DFW is the only place where that's true though. Every other metropolitan center in region 5 (excepting Shreveport - and they only count as a metropolitan center in Lousiana) has to go to Dallas and then go another 90 minutes to get to Tyler. It just doesn't make sense.
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