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  1. Honestly however you and your group want to do it is fine as long as you can all come up with something you agree on. As long as you're not trying to turn this into some sort of measurement/grid based combat system I don't think it matters too much.
  2. I think you should revise your estimates. Extreme range isn't doable except for upgraded rifles, sniper rifles, and heavy weapons and you estimate that to be just a tad over half a football field in length? I think your descriptions of engaged, short, and medium are fine but long needs to be revised way up. Edit: I got curious so I looked up the effective ranges of some modern equivalents for comparison. Hand gun up to 30-34 meters (30 yards) carbine/rifle up to 400-500 meters (roughly 4.5 football fields) Marine/Army Sniper rifles up to 1500-2000 meters (roughly 18 football fields) The book also describes medium as several dozen meters so that feels right. We can also see why moving from medium to long or long to extreme takes up your whole turn and why it's so hard to hit from those ranges.
  3. I personally really like the spec as is after the changes in update 5. I'm currently really looking forward to being a darkside brawler and using the enhance power and Talisman of Iron Fists to augment the play style. Schii-cho knight or marauder would then be good 2nd or 3rd specs to pick up.
  4. To me it reads than that you would need to use the power again if you wanted to affect a different item or gain another effect on the same item.
  5. It's a talisman that channels the force into your body. So you could probably still sunder it by targeting it with the aim action.
  6. I plan on using this system for Dark Heresy. Works almost as a straight port. Just add elemental damage to the telekinesis force power for psychers and modify the weapon tables slightly(mostly changing rarities) and we'd be good to go.
  7. HappyDaze is correct. Vicious does not add extra damage. Vicious gives +10% bonuses when rolling on the crit chart.
  8. I had a much longer post typed up before I did something dumb to get it erased. TLDR: Game mechanics aren't designed to reflect realties of the universe in any game. They are designed so that when something happens in a game and you ask does this feel right, the answer is yes. If a rule/mechanic doesn't give you that feeling then it's badly designed or your opinion is a minority.
  9. You're prices are a little off. Han wants to charge them 10,000 credits after Obi'wan says they want to avoid imperial entanglements. Luke says they could almost buy their own ship for that. Normal transport is probably more in the 1-2k credit range. What you need to factor in is rarirty. It's like the difference between a car and a mint condition babe ruthe rookie card. The price tag may be similar but one is a lot harder to get your hands on.
  10. That's correct. With some abuse it's possible to get some extremely high stats or skills.
  11. Have you tried simply telling them out of game that it's ok to talk more and bad things won't always happen to them.
  12. Routa-maa said: OW corebook p.191 Weapon Customisation - Home Material: +5 to any fear test. just like Kasrkin should have by Grenadier Doctrine auxiliary grenade launcher weapon upgrade in their starting equipment. Always go through homeworld, regiment, doctrine, special equipment and drawback to check that everything is correctly marked if you use premade regiment. Kasrkin are extremely weird. Almost none of their equipment makes any sense when you just look at the regiment creation rules used to make them. The designers took massive liberties to make them match the fluff.
  13. Alekzanter said: EDIT: The "fluff" of Kasrkin has been butchered in HotE. Kasrkin are Cadia's Storm Troopers, not a regiment unto themselves. So much about Only War makes me want to flip the table… That's going to be a problem with any game system that tries to mimic the huge variences that 40k has. Rules are always going to be too general for all the sutbleties that the source material has. With a lot of this I think a GM just has to make some reasonable desicions so that the fluff isn't butchered. Example: The players are playing as Kasrkin from HotE. In my campaign they would be a small detachment that is seconded to a larger cadian mechanized infantry regiment. I'd use the Cadian regiment from OW core book to represent this larger regiment. Specialists would be part of the larger regiment while guardsmen and stormtroopers could use the kasrkin rules. It's not RAW but it should work well. All the pre-made regiments work great when the players only choose guardsman classes. Specialists screw a lot of things up from a fluff perspective.
  14. Good to know. I just skimmed it earlier but I know that section looked funny.
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