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  1. Both your arguments are valid for what you are looking for in a game. To me and I think to most serious war gamers (board or figure) it is the ability to employ realistic options that would be reasonable in the 'era/theme' being played. The ability for the game to have a real theme 'feel' in the way units act, fight and react all add to the feel and the enjoyment of your army of choice. The dice or decision making process are both critical in adding to the realism and feel of the game and the armies and so I did really enjoy the Red/Blue/green percentages on dice rolls and I think the D8s are a good improvement but as yet have not played enough to make an informed decision. I think the ability of the games to appeal to a wide range of players can only be improved with additional army choices and ability to customise your own preferences. They cannot go wrong if they include Dwarfs, Elves and Undead! How clear are those choices to throw in as expansions!! My 2c worth
  2. Ok thanks for that about the F&Q as I play with a friends set and was not aware of that. Could be a vast improvement on tactics then :-)
  3. Ok I have played board and wargames for 30+ years and I do enjoy and have purchased the C&C Napoleonics, BoW and BL (plus ALL BL expansions - I love the game!) systems but they are all unique to themselves and its what you enjoy that is important. However I agree with some of what Kilrah says in that they are NOT tactical games in the true sense of the word but they are tactical if you understand the rule mechanics and play to the system....I always try to keep the option of a L/C/R possibility specifically for the reason of the "tank" unit threat. Whether that be in card (C&C/BL) or in counters (BoW), yes its hard to do sometimes but that's part of the skill and capability to play the game/system, the opponent and his army set up . That's where the BoW is, IMHO, a GREAT command and control system that needs to be tweaked only slightly to make an exceptionally good tactical & strategic options game! Its options on counter and command use is great. Biggest issue is the figure loss v strength/moral effects needs attention as a priority - a single figure left from a unit originally 4 figures should NOT maintain the same capability/capacity as its original 4 figures! I have reservations about Terrinoth BL and its future expansions and races so am holding off until there is more info and detail of the games future .
  4. Yes I like the draw three and choose one. Definitely like the die roll idea too and will incorporate that. Have a BON game day tomorrow .
  5. Ok that secrecy one is very good! I like that idea and will propose it to my opponants. Good thinking Meta!
  6. If the arty has a lower atk order than the inf then they can fire first 'in melee' before the inf can fire and then 'melee'. I understand the abstract aspects of the melee segment however inf would never stop in front of guns once they got within range to close whilst the gunners are re-loading. Once in that range its unusual that arty would survive. Throw them behind a wall, on a hill then maybe they have a chance. Not This is what erks me so we're testing: We are going to class all arty in melee as 0 and arty start melee Disordered. Add arty to the modifiers - General ' Per inf, cav or arty fig in unit (max 2 if arty or in open order) - This means if they survive the initial melee their determination and resistance has an opportunity to repulse atkers but only if in a good def posn and supported. Target '+1 if arty against inf attacked frontally' So if they loose they rout. If they survive they cannot fire whilst in melee but can fight back.
  7. Use the QUALITY rating! We are going to allow lines to move only on Attack or Defence Orders and make it fairly easy based on unit Quality - Throw a D10 - Adjust with modifiers - Needing the minimum score indicated - If score is less then the unit moves but is Disordered. Quality of unit / Throw needed to move in good order */6+ **/5+ ***/4+ ****/3+ *****/2+ Modifiers: -1 Up or Downhill -2 Over hedge, wall, woods,orchard, redoubt,sandpit +1 UGC or CC in hex with unit We find that more realistic and historical :-)
  8. Yes thats not a bad idea. I would look at adding more cards with varying effects some good some only average.
  9. Yes some of the real historical does and don'ts seem to be taken into account. This is a major aspect of the type of warfare.
  10. Yes good idea but maybe seperate card decks for each nationality would be more productive and better suited to the game and the era? What do you think? That would cover national doctrine, tactics and command a lot better and be able to bring in specific abilities without throw aways and time wasting.
  11. Yes both your ideas are good and would be very workable. I have extensive experience with Napoleonic war gaming and have been looking at just these topics for expansion into Corps and Army level games utilising a vast amount of miniatures I have. Along with incorporating a campaign system. BoN system lends itself to quick games for both small and larger battles that are better for running a campaign than a full blown wargame as such. I look forward to expansions and rules clarity as time goes by.
  12. I too am a little worried about the rule restricting movement of lines. I like the idea of a line moving and having to die roll to see if it disorders. Also it cn do one action per turn not per segment. So you can move a line one hex or formation change or wheel. If you move one hex do the disorder roll based on the unit's quality and terrain. Makes sense to me and fits in nicely with column rate of movement.
  13. Great, that was my reading of it too.
  14. Yes thats my understanding/reading of it. That each segment is separate and therefore the markers are used to identify the unit action in each segment.
  15. Better still have them able to move one hex and do a die roll to see if they disorder. The die roll needs to take into account the quality of the troops and the terrain. Most trained troops of this era could do so without issue.
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